What are considered liabilities in a divorce?

Your liabilities include any you’ve accumulated during your marriage as well as during your divorce. How are assets and liabilities split in divorce? Usually, judges will assign each spouse a percentage of the total value of all the couple’s marital property (sometimes called the marital or community estate), minus their debts. Then, the judge will … Read more

Can I get benefits if I am separated from my husband?

Yes, you can potentially qualify for spousal benefits even if you’re separated from your spouse. Does Ohio allow spousal refusal Medicaid? Under Ohio law, spouses have a duty to provide life necessities, including medical care, to the other spouse. To implement a Spousal Refusal, the community spouse will refuse to use his or her assets … Read more

What is considered an asset in divorce?

The legal definition of an asset in a divorce is anything that has a real value. Assets can include tangible items that can be bought and sold such as cars, properties, furniture, or jewelry. Collectables, art, and memorabilia are frequently over looked assets because their value is often hard to ascertain. Is furniture an asset … Read more

Are you a single parent if you’re divorced?

So, even if you are divorced, you are a single mom — no matter how much you want to distance yourself from THOSE PEOPLE who never married. How can a single mom Survive a divorce? Try new things and explore new passions. Do not let other people’s opinions sway you. Forgive yourself for the mistakes … Read more

Is arbitration a good idea for divorce?

Arbitration has some of the same advantages as mediation does, including speed, efficiency, privacy, cost-effectiveness, and informality. Arbitration has been used for many years in other kinds of lawsuits, and it’s starting to gain favor among divorce lawyers as a good alternative to a court trial. What is the difference between mediation and arbitration in … Read more

What effect does domestic violence have on the divorce rate?

If you are guilty of domestic violence, you may lose the right to have spousal support, visitation, and custody of your children. According to Steve Smith, San Diego Divorce Lawyer, “The divorce rate in California is higher by 10% when compared to the national average. Does emotional abuse affect divorce settlement? Emotional abuse can lead … Read more

Is there an app for people going through divorce?

Encore. Encore – Single Parents & Divorced Dating & Chat has over 6,000 downloads on Google Play. The Android-based app caters to individuals who are single, widowed, and separated, as well as parents who are divorced. What is divorce app? The Divorce App allows you to select the ages of the children and quickly gets … Read more

Is a house considered an asset in a divorce?

In many situations, the family home is the most valuable asset in a divorce. It is common for spouses not to agree on how to treat this asset that they both may have been paying for during a number of years. However, determining the equity of a home is a vital component to reaching a … Read more

Is cash an asset in a divorce?

Yes. Marital property can include cash, checking, savings, insurance policies with a cash surrender value, retirement accounts, and investments including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Marital property (and community property) is divisible in divorce. How are assets typically divided in a divorce? Usually, judges will assign each spouse a percentage of the total value of … Read more

What forms are needed to file for divorce in Florida?

Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage (Form 12.901(a)). Family Law Financial Affidavit. Marital Settlement Agreement for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage (Form 12.902(f)(3)). How do I file my own divorce in Florida? Meet Florida Residency Requirements for Divorce. Get a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Sign and Submit the Petition. Deliver a Petition Copy to Your … Read more

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