Does California recognize international divorce?

Conclusion: A foreign divorce decree will not be recognized in California as a matter of comity even if valid where rendered unless “domicile”‘ 17 can be shown in establishing jurisdiction, i. e., that it can be shown that the court had jurisdiction according to the laws of California which require domicile as a matter … … Read more

How do you divorce a spouse who is in a foreign country?

As long as one of you fulfills the residency requirement, you can file for divorce in the state you’re living in, even if the other spouse is living abroad. Filing a divorce with an international spouse usually proceeds like a normal divorce where both spouses are living in the same state. How much is an … Read more

Does China discourage international marriage?

Transnational marriages accounted for 0.47 percent of all marriages in 2018 in China, much lower than the 3.7 percent in Japan that year, official statistics showed. China’s limits on the residency of foreign spouses is stricter than most other countries. What are the divorce laws in China? Under Chinese laws, there is no prohibition for … Read more

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