Do You Have To Sign Divorce Papers? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Separation is an undoubtedly tough time for both parties involved. The process of divorce is a rollercoaster of emotions, decisions, paperwork, and legal agreements that can be overwhelming to handle alone. One major aspect of the entire procedure includes signing legal documents. Divorce papers typically include agreements regarding property division, child custody arrangements, spousal maintenance, … Read more

Did Tracy Morgan and his wife have a prenup?

While there is a prenuptial agreement between Morgan and Wollover, there is a clause that Morgan is to pay Wollover alimony. The amount of alimony is not yet determined. What happened to Tracy Morgan? Morgan suffered several broken bones and a traumatic brain injury when the speeding truck crushed his limousine on the New Jersey … Read more

How no-fault divorce impacted victims of domestic abuse

Domestic abuse and divorce It was claimed by Rights of Women, who assist women through the law, that the previous divorce law was “not fit for purpose”.  Previously, in order to divorce you had to wait for a period of two or five years before a divorce could be granted. The only other option was to … Read more

FAQs – Business ownership and divorce

Reaching an agreement and dividing assets during divorce can be complicated, even more so when you or your ex-partner own a business. Whether you’re a sole trader or a director of a limited company, it’s increasingly common for matrimonial assets to include business assets, so what do you need to know? Read our FAQs for an overview … Read more

Mediation and the Family Courts backlog

The Family Justice System is currently undergoing significant changes to try and reduce the strain and backlog faced by the family courts. The introduction of no-fault divorce and extended funding for mediation for disputes concerning children (£5.38million this financial year, raising the total invested in the scheme to £8.68million since March 2021) demonstrates a continued … Read more

What is spousal maintenance?

What is Spousal Maintenance? Spousal Maintenance is an ongoing obligation for a specific sum of money to be paid by a husband or wife to their former spouse following a divorce. This is usually made by way of periodical payments or interim periodical payments on a regular basis, whether weekly, monthly or annually. How is Spousal … Read more

The cost of financial uncertainty on relationships

As energy bills and household costs look set to break further records, the financial impact of the cost-of-living crisis is well known. Families across the UK are adjusting budgets and cutting costs, and many are having to use savings or take on debt to make ends meet. The impact is widespread. A recent Stowe survey revealed … Read more

Taking control of finances – guidance from an IFA

An event-led recession The combined affect of rising inflation, soaring energy bills, increased petrol prices, and food inflation are squeezing household budgets and taking their toll on UK families and households. A recession may be on the way, but unlike others we have experienced which were led by financial institutions i.e. banks, this will be … Read more

9 divorce myths debunked by a divorce lawyer

Top 9 divorce myths When you decided to get divorced you might have heard or read lots of conflicting stories about what to expect about the process. It can feel very confusing. Based on my years of practice, I have put together a list of the 9 most common misconceptions I hear from my clients … Read more

How to change your name after divorce

If you took on a new surname when you became married or entered into a civil partnership, and you’ve recently been through divorce or civil partnership dissolution, you may now be considering whether to change back to your previous name. After all, names are an integral part of your identity. For some, keeping their name is an important … Read more

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