Do Ben and Miranda stay together?

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Miranda Bailey is a general surgeon and the former Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She is married to Ben Warren and has one son, Tuck, with her ex-husband, Tucker Jones.

Does Ben and Bailey get Pru?

Named after the former Station 19 fire captain Pruitt Herrera, Pru legally belongs to Ben Warren and Miranda Bailey. Dean made sure of that by filing legal paperwork before his death.

Why did Bailey and Ben break up in Season 15?

Ben tried hiding his new passion from Bailey as long as he could, but eventually he had to tell his wife the truth. Both enraged by her husband’s “commitment issues” and scared for his life, Bailey didn’t take it well and told Ben he could drive himself home in the firetruck.

Why did Bailey break up with Ben?

Bailey, played by Chandra Wilson, insists it’s just a break to improve her health because she is concerned that her worry over Ben’s safety while fighting fires is causing her blood pressure to rise and literally breaking her heart.

Do Warren and Bailey get Pru back?

Warren finally gets a win in the custody battle for Pru when her grandparents agree to give them full custody.

Does Bailey adopt Pru?

He and Miranda adopt Pru in the Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy crossover episode. As a promo for Season 5, Episode 6 suggests, however, they might face further complications. “Pru got the mother she never had, and Bailey got the daughter she always wanted.

Who is the father of Vic’s baby on Station 19?

Ben and Vic delivered Ava’s baby and after a brief complication when the amniotic sac didn’t rupture, Ava and the baby were both healthy and stable. When a crash caused a tanker to overturn, Station 19 responded.

Does Andy get transferred back to Station 19?

Andy Is Likely Returning Home To Station 19 However, unbeknownst to Jania Lee Ortiz’s character, Natasha was looking for a place to trim the budget, and Andy’s comments about her current gig led to the decision to shut down Station 23.

Does link Get with Jo?

Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 9 had Jo and Link finally hook up after episodes of building up the pairing, but Link (Chris Carmack) was wrong in saying that them being together would have been a bad idea, especially after everything they’ve been through.

What happened to Ben Warren on GREY’s anatomy?

This leads to a lot of tension between him and Miranda, who’s not only his boss but the chief of surgery. His wife eventually lifts the suspension in order for him to help April deliver her baby. A risk taker, Ben has changed career paths and now works as a firefighter.

Who does Dr Bailey end up with?

Ben and Bailey’s Wedding is the wedding between Ben Warren and Miranda Bailey.

Does Bailey get divorced?

Previously married to Tucker Jones, Bailey is divorced, and she has had several significant relationships on the show, including Nurse Eli and Doctor Ben Warren, whom she eventually married.

What happens to Ben and Bailey?

They got divorced after he disapproved of her applying for a fellowship. Bailey later married Ben. She found out in season 16 that she was not only perimenopausal but pregnant. Ben started his new career on Station 19 by then.

Does Bailey quit being Chief?

Her quitting as chief of surgery, despite loving the job very much, showed that the Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale delivered justice for Bailey, as she finally did what she needed to preserve her physical and mental health.

Does Bailey get fired in season 9?

Grey Sloan could keep its funding — but Bailey was fired! Adding insult to injury, he asked Catherine to take her somewhere else to “have her feelings,” because he had calls to make.

Did Vic and Jack sleep together?

They didn’t play it the Shondaland way by having Vic and Jack sleep together. We don’t have to question who this child’s father is; we know it’s Theo. Instead, we must wonder where things stand between Theo and Vic and how she’ll handle this revelation moving forward.

Why did the character Dean Leave Station 19?

According to a source, Onaodowan asked to leave “Station 19,” which is now in its fifth season, feeling it was time to move on. In a statement about his departure, he said: “It’s been a pleasure being Dean.

Does Torres date the cop?

In the aftermath of her divorce, Callie also went on a date with was Dan Pruitt. Fans will have to cast their minds back to season 11 if they want to remember Dan. He was a police officer who was admitted to the hospital after he and some colleagues were shot in a bank robbery gone wrong.

Who gets custody Sofia?

The reason Arizona won that custody battle is because she was the better person to raise Sofia. Callie decided to run off to New York with her girlfriend of a few months and thought it would be fine to drag her child across the country, away from all her friends, away from her school, and away from her other mom.

Who does Amelia Shepherd end up with?

Later, she marries Owen but expresses doubt and second thoughts before the wedding in the season 12 finale.

Does Richard cheat on Catherine?

Catherine is convinced Richard is cheating on her with his colleague and friend Gemma (Jasmine Guy). Richard is not having an affair, and Catherine’s anxiety likely stems from her insecurity over her icy marriage.

Does Vic go to Ripley’s funeral?

After a gorgeous scene in which Maya and Andy help Vic get dressed for the funeral — it’s very Grey’s Anatomy season 2 when Cristina and Izzie cleaned Meredith post-bomb — Vic gets to the funeral to stand next to Jennifer, up at the front, the two most important people in Ripley’s life.

Who does Andy end up with 19?

Main. Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andrea “Andy” Herrera: A Lieutenant at Station 19 and the headstrong daughter of Captain Pruitt Herrera. She was a Co-Acting Captain of Station 19. In the season 2 finale and in season 3, her new love interest is the new captain, Robert Sullivan, whom she marries prior to her father’s death.

Does Miller ever tell Vic he loves her?

Vic warned Theo not to say “Happy Anniversary.” Miller never got around to telling Vic he loved her, but she figured it out in the end. It didn’t sound like she would have been willing to leave Theo anyway, but Miller’s death is definitely going to complicate that relationship.

Do Andy and Sullivan actually get divorced?

Andy and Sullivan are getting a divorce on Station 19 Season 5. During Station 19 Season 5, Episode 2, we found out exactly what Andy had decided to do. She filed for divorce.

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