Does Andy and Robert get divorced?

She is the daughter of Elena Herrera and the now deceased Pruitt Herrera. She is divorced from Robert Sullivan as she believes his actions led to her transfer and Maya Bishop’s demotion.

Why did Andy break up with Sullivan?

When Beckett’s arrogance led to the rig dedicated to her father going up in flames, Andy did some soul searching and realized that she was holding on to something that was making her miserable — so she dumped Sullivan.

Who does Andy end up with Station 19?

Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andrea “Andy” Herrera: A Lieutenant at Station 19 and the headstrong daughter of Captain Pruitt Herrera. She was a Co-Acting Captain of Station 19. In the season 2 finale and in season 3, her new love interest is the new captain, Robert Sullivan, whom she marries prior to her father’s death.

Does Andy get pregnant in Station 19?

Fans have suspected for the last few episodes of ‘Station 19’ that Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) is pregnant. But while fans couldn’t be more delighted, from the trailer of the upcoming episode, it looks like Andy and her husband Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) are not in the best space perhaps to have a baby.

Does Sullivan became a drug addict?

Ronnie O’Sullivan has described his drugs addiction when he was younger as “horrendous” with his difficult spell costing him “quite a few years”. O’Sullivan told Eurosport’s The Breakdown podcast that struggled when both of his parents went to prison during his teenage years which affected him on the snooker table.

Who becomes captain after Sullivan?

| We learned that Sullivan had not remained captain of Station 19; he’d been replaced by Beckett, who seemed intent on vying with Dixon for the title of the series’ most unlikable character ever.

Does Sullivan get fired on Station 19?

Robert was a Battalion Chief for the Seattle Fire Department. He oversaw about five fire stations, including SFD Station 19. However after he overdosed on fentanyl and had a court case regarding whether or not he should be allowed to continue working for the SFD, he was demoted back to his original firefighter rank.

Does Andy Herrera become captain?

Andy lost the captain promotion to Maya, she learned her father’s cancer is back and he’s dying, and then she and Sullivan decided to quickly get married so that Pruitt can be at the wedding.

Is Andy Herrera going to jail?

Although officers arrested Andy Herrera in Station 19 Season 5 Episode 15, the character still serves a significant role in the upcoming episodes. In the season 5 episode 16 preview, Judge H. Pendleton informed Andy that the court is charging her with manslaughter in the first degree.

What happens to Andy Herrera in Station 19?

Andy Herrera: Over the past few episodes, Andy has been dealing with the legal ramifications of defending herself against an attack from fellow firefighter Jeremy. In the finale, she works with her attorney in trying to locate other survivors of Jeremy’s previous assaults.

Who gets custody of Pruitt on Station 19?

Warren finally gets a win in the custody battle for Pru when her grandparents agree to give them full custody.

Does Andy on Station 19 go to jail?

“There’s so many things going on this episode. I got served this great episode,” he tells TV Insider of “Death and the Maiden.” Remember, last we saw, Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) was arrested after the attacker she fought off died. Now, her fate remains unknown as a trial date is set.

Who was the father of Vic’s baby on Station 19?

Ben and Vic delivered Ava’s baby and after a brief complication when the amniotic sac didn’t rupture, Ava and the baby were both healthy and stable. When a crash caused a tanker to overturn, Station 19 responded.

Does Jack come back to Station 19?

The good news is that Jack returns to Station 19 for season 6 on October 6. Station 19 Seasons 1-5 are available for streaming on Hulu.

Who plays Baby Pruitt 19?

Janai Kaylani played Pruitt Arike Miller in season five of Station 19 and season eighteen of Grey’s Anatomy.

Is Sullivan paralyzed?

No. The Gigi & Nate true story reveals that the real young man, Edward ‘Ned’ Sullivan, who inspired Charlie Rowe’s character in the movie, ended up paralyzed following a car accident, not from meningitis.

Does the PRT get shut down in Station 19?

‘WELCOME TO 19, PROBIE’ | As the episode neared its conclusion, Sullivan bumped into Ben in the bathroom and apologized for getting the PRT shut down.

Does Sullivan get reinstated?

It was clear that they wanted to see him back, and eventually, the higher-ups did listen. They opted to allow him to get his job back — and that’s the good news.

Do JJ’s parents take Pru?

Fortunately, she survives. Dean Miller (Okieriete Onaodowan) suffers an injury during a gas explosion, and he loses his life. Ben and Miranda immediately take in his daughter, Pru. Pru’s mom, JJ Lau (Brenda Song), made her first appearance in Season 1, Episode 2.

Why did Sullivan leave 19?

Robert Sullivan was nearly fired for stealing drugs and lying on ‘Station 19. ‘ Robert arrived at Station 19 in the Season 2 premiere, playing the fire station’s new chief — and later, the battalion chief overseeing multiple stations.

Does Bishop Leave Station 19?

‘Station 19’ Maya Bishop realized she wanted to have a baby However, the wedding night was tainted because of a text the entire team received. The Battalion chief removed Bishop as head of Station 19 because she defied his orders.

What happens to Robert Sullivan?

Sullivan was executed in 1983 and maintained his innocence to the end. Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Florida State Prison, Raiford, Florida, U.S.

Does Miller ever tell Vic he loves her?

Vic warned Theo not to say “Happy Anniversary.” Miller never got around to telling Vic he loved her, but she figured it out in the end. It didn’t sound like she would have been willing to leave Theo anyway, but Miller’s death is definitely going to complicate that relationship.

Does Dean ever tell Vic he loves her?

Dean finally got up the nerve to tell Vic (Barrett Doss) that he loves her, but it was still too late. When he went to go find her to make the confession, he caught her getting back together with Theo (Carlos Miranda).

Why does Maya get fired Station 19?

Finally, when we got through all the flashbacks to two days ago, we learned that Maya had disobeyed Incident Commander McAllister to rush a badly burned child from a house fire rather than risk his life by waiting for an aid car. Livid, McAllister was ready to fire all involved and shut down 19.

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