Does Brad leave Alex?

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With Alex, Brad is the father of Peter and Paisley. Brad had a vasectomy after Paisley’s birth, which gives credence to Randall being the father of Alex’s newborn son. At the start of Season 5, Brad officially divorces Alex and begins dating Marcie.

Does Marcie and Brad have a baby?

In the third season, it is revealed that Marcie is pregnant, but with Brad’s child. Although in the Season 3 finale, it is revealed that Randall may be the father of her baby. At the end of season 4, Marcie finally gets the divorce from Randall and suffers a miscarriage.

What happens to Randall in If Loving You Is Wrong?

In a panic, she grabbed her purse and fled the scene, just as Bennett pulled up and decided to pay Randal a visit. He stumbled upon the bloody scene. Brad was stunned to see Marcie who was bloody and incoherent and she informed Brad that Randal was dead and she killed him.

What episode does Brad Find out Alex is cheating?

“If Loving You Is Wrong” The Randal Connection (TV Episode 2015) – IMDb.

Is Alex’s baby Randall’s?

Randal’s shed is the last place Alex thought she’d ever be again, but her ex-lover’s tirades have put her in an awful situation. Randal has just discovered that the DNA results were tainted and that he is, in fact, the father of Alex’s baby.

Did Kelly get out of jail on If Loving You Is Wrong?

“If Loving You Is Wrong” Recap: ‘The Pardon’ – San Francisco News. Kelly found got her freedom thank to Lushion on the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.”

What happened to Eddie in If Loving You Is Wrong?

Not many characters on this show would defend Eddie, but three of them — including a police officer and an FBI agent — watched her murder him in cold blood. How is this possibly going to end well for her?

Does Marcie go to jail?

Marcie unknowingly avoids Viki, but a worried Michael figures out where she is and the authorities follow. After a standoff with the police and FBI at the diner, Marcie surrenders; “Tommy” is returned to Todd and renamed Sam. Ultimately, Marcie does not serve any jail time.

Who is Claudia from If Loving You Is Wrong?

“If Loving You Is Wrong” The Will (TV Episode 2016) – Claudette Ortiz as Claudia – IMDb.

What happens to Alex’s baby on If Loving You Is Wrong?

* Henao confirmed that Esperanza’s daughter is dead, saying that Eddie “took away the only thing that [Esperanza] lived for and the only thing that [she] loved.” Unlike the other characters, who presumably have long lives after the show is over, Henao believes that Esperanza’s story is over.

How does loving you is all I want end?

Mauro and Florencia must separate despite their big love. Mauro marries Lucrecia without loving her, and he procreates 4 children with her. Florencia, on the other hand, marries David, el Paraíso’s administrator with whom she has a daughter.

What happens in season 2 of If Loving You Is Wrong?

In Season 2 of “If Loving You Is Wrong,” Randall’s (Eltony Williams) actions horrify his mother (Andrea Frye) and Brad (Aiden Turner) commits to making Alex’s (Amanda Clayton) life a living hell as punishment for her betrayal.

What happens to Alex in Season 5 of If Loving You Is Wrong?

Oops?) Upon realizing what she’s done, Marcie confesses her crime to Brad, who decides to pin the whole thing on Alex — all part of a much larger plan for them to run off and start a new life together. It works like a charm, naturally, and Alex is dragged half-conscious into a police car.

Did Natalie and Lushion get married?

Lushion is engaged to Natalie and they have a son named Frank. It was mentioned by Natalie that he has two other children, meaning he was married before or he had a long term relationship with another woman.

Is there season 10 of If Loving You Is Wrong?

It was confirmed by OWN in early 2020 that If Loving You Is Wrong would end with season 5, and the series finale aired in June. Sadly for fans, “Boom” proved to be a largely disappointing ending, leaving the fate of several major characters up in the air.

Who plays Natalie On If Loving You Is Wrong?

In 2014, Parker Jones was cast as one of leads in the Oprah Winfrey Network prime time soap opera, If Loving You Is Wrong. She plays the role of Natalie Henning, the single working mother. The series also stars Edwina Findley, Zulay Henao, Heather Hemmens, and Amanda Clayton.

What happens in Season 3 of If Loving You Is Wrong?

The Maxine community is left reeling after an incident threatens the children in the neighborhood. Kelly finds herself in legal troubles that threaten her freedom; Randal continues to antagonize Brad and Marcie. Lushion goes to the aid of Kelly as she is wrongfully accused of a serious crime.

Where is If Loving You Is Wrong filmed?

Although most of the filming for the OWN Network’s “If Loving You is Wrong” takes place at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, film crews took a field trip to Rome in 2014 to capture shots of the Floyd County Administration Building so it could stand in as a police station.

What episode did Eddie get shot in If Loving You Is Wrong?

Eddie is rushed to the hospital after getting shot in the last episode.

Who is Julius In If Loving You Is Wrong?

Octavio Pisano: Julius, Randal Holmes, Julius Escada Jr.

Is there a season 6 of If Loving You Is Wrong?

If Loving You Is Wrong has ended so, there won’t be a sixth season.

Is If Loving You Is Wrong on Netflix?

Is If Loving You is Wrong on Netflix? Netflix does not offer If Loving You is Wrong streaming.

Who is Claudia to Lushion?

Lushion tells her the truth: Claudia is an FBI agent who was brought in to investigate the corrupt local police department—and so is he.

Does Marcie get pregnant in If Loving You Is Wrong?

Now, it’s Marcie’s turn to even the score. Not only is she pregnant, but the father is—surprise! —Alex’s husband, Brad.

What happened to the have and have nots?

‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ Canceled: Why the OWN Show is Ending. After eight seasons on the air, The Haves and the Have Nots is coming to an end tonight on OWN.

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