Does Hawkeye get divorced?

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He has since been a prominent member of several Avengers teams, founding the West Coast Avengers, briefly marrying and subsequently divorcing Bobbi Morse / Mockingbird, adopting the Ronin alias after his death and resurrection before mentoring Kate Bishop as his successor as Hawkeye.

Are Clint and Laura together in Hawkeye?

Laura met and fell in love with Clint Barton, whom she married. Both Laura and Clint were S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, codenamed Agent 19 and Hawkeye, respectively.

Is Hawkeye’s wife Mockingbird?

Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye hinted that Hawkeye’s wife Laura Barton is the MCU’s version of Mockingbird, but that doesn’t actually cause any problems for Agents of SHIELD’s version of the character.

Does Clint Barton have a wife?

Laura Barton, played by Linda Cardellini, has been a part of the MCU since Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron, where she was introduced as Clint’s off-the-grid wife. Living deep in the middle of nowhere on a secluded farm, she’s been raising the Barton kids while Clint’s away saving the world.

Who is Agent 19 Mockingbird?

In the comics, Agent 19 is the alias used by Bobbi Morse before she leaves S.H.I.E.L.D. to become a superhero. Eventually, Bobbi starts using the codename Mockingbird and joins the Avengers. Like Clint, Bobbi has a pretty long history in the comics, and for years the pair were in a relationship.

Who becomes Kate Bishop?

Kate Bishop is now officially the new Hawkeye of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Clint Barton fully embracing her as his partner and protege in Hawkeye episode 6 – much to the chagrin of her mysterious mother Eleanor Bishop, unlike Eleanor’s former fiancee Jacques Duquense who seems to revel in Kate’s skills.

Who is Hawkeye’s wife Agent 19?

Hawkeye’s finale made canon for the MCU something fans have been theorizing about for quite some time: not only is Hawkeye/Clint Barton’s (Jeremy Renner) wife Laura Barton (Linda Cardellini) a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, she’s actually Agent 19, also known as Mockingbird.

Is Kate Bishop queer?

Kate Bishop is a Queer Fan-Favorite In the comics, Kate is categorically straight. In many storylines, she’s a casual-sex queen, and all of her partners are men. But her close, intimate friendship with legendary comic book lesbian icon America Chavez has many fans sailing under the AmeriKate ship flag.

Why did Clint give his wife the watch?

The watch in ‘Hawkeye’ means that Laura Barton could have been a superhero. When Clint finally makes it home for Christmas, he gives the mysterious Rolex watch to his wife, Laura. “I want you to take better care of your stuff,” Clint jokes as he gives it to her.

Does Laura Barton have powers?

Just like Clint, she doesn’t usually possess any powers of her own, but her fighting skills and baton prowess makes her more than a match for her husband. Looking back, there were plenty of clues to spot regarding Laura’s secret identity.

What was the point of Hawkeye end credit scene?

What is Hawkeye’s Current End-Credits Scene? Hawkeye kept up with Marvel Studio’s typical brand of humor and other elements that anchored the series to the MCU. The series’ end-credit scenes were a direct callback to one of the show’s earliest moments and feature an extended clip from the satirical Rogers: The Musical.

What was the watch Hawkeye gave to his wife?

After drawing out the mystery for several weeks, Hawkeye Episode 6 confirms that the Rolex watch Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) was so intent on recapturing from the Tracksuit Mafia did, indeed, belong to his wife, Laura Barton (Linda Cardellini).

Will Kate Bishop return?

Disney Latino confirms that Hailee Steinfeld will be back as Kate Bishop/Hawkeye for an undisclosed number of projects in Phase 5 of the MCU. Hailee Steinfeld’s time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is far from over.

Did Hawkeye and Black Widow love each other?

Hawkeye and Black Widow never dated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The love they have for each other is very strong but purely platonic. On the other hand, it grew to something bigger in the comics, where they did eventually date before splitting.

Did Hawkeye lose his family?

The Death of Ronin Then Thanos happened and his family ceased to be. Clint lost himself to the Ronin identity and it took Natasha Romanoff to bring him back from the brink. He brought back his beloved family, but at the cost of his best friend.

How is kingpin so strong?

Kingpin doesn’t have any previous training in close-quarter combat, but due to his sheer size and muscle, he has an incredible amount of strength. Of course, as mentioned previously, Fisk is still human, which means he can only take a certain amount of damage.

What’s the deal with the Rolex in Hawkeye?

As it turns out, though, there’s been another potential superhero in front of us the whole time, and that Rolex watch is what finally gave us the reveal. It’s all about that ending scene, where Clint “rescues” the watch from the Avengers compound rubble and brings it home to give to his wife, Laura.

What’s the Rolex watch in Hawkeye?

While the narrative has focused on the Ronin gear and sword, there was also a watch discovered. It was a Rolex that the Tracksuit Mafia was sent to specifically steal away from the auction.

Are Yelena and Kate dating?

A Hawkeye Fan Ship of Yelena and Kate Bishop May Not Happen – and That’s Okay. Fans of Disney’s Hawkeye series have been shipping Yelena Belova and Kate Bishop as an LGBTQ+ dream couple. But this should not happen.

Will Yelena become an avenger?

Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) is an MCU legacy hero but there’s a simple reason why the Black Widow is better in the Thunderbolts, not Young Avengers. Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) is more likely to join the Thunderbolts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not the Young Avengers.

Will Yelena return after Hawkeye?

Hawkeye has placed Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) in the perfect position to become the new Black Widow in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the release of Natasha Romanoff’s (Scarlett Johansson) Black Widow, Marvel president Kevin Feige has notably said that Yelena will not become the next Black Widow.

What does Laura’s watch mean in Hawkeye?

Why Does Laura Barton Have an Important Watch in Hawkeye? The final moments of Hawkeye show Laura flipping the watch over to reveal a S.H.I.E.L.D logo and an indication that the watch belongs to Agent 19.

What’s next after Hawkeye series?

“Echo”: summer 2023 The “Hawkeye” spinoff will star Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez (aka the superhero Echo) and feature the return of her uncle Kingpin (Vincent D’onofrio). The series will show how her actions in New York City at the end of “Hawkeye” affect her in her hometown.

Who else could use Thor’s hammer?

  • The Unbeatable Avenger Proves Why She’s Unbeatable — Squirrel Girl.
  • Fighting in Thor’s Memory — Ultimate Valkyrie.
  • A Noble Warrior With the Face of a Horse — Beta Ray Bill.
  • The Power of Love — Red Norvell.
  • Worthiness Through Rejection of Power — Storm.

Is Yelena Belova asexual?

Yelena Belova is made her debut to mainstream audiences in Black Widow. What some fans may not know about Yelena, however, is that she is asexual. In an interview on the official Marvel website, writer Devin Grayson discusses the differences between Natasha and Yelena.

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