Does Illinois allow joint custody of pets?

A: Yes, thanks to the new law, the court can issue a shared custody order if it’s in the best interests of the animal. This can also be useful for allocation of parental responsibilities. For instance, a judge might decide a dog will be shared on the same parenting time schedule that the children are on.

Who owns the dog after divorce?

While we may consider them family members, in a divorce a pet is considered property. This “property”, e.g., Fido, is usually awarded to one spouse, although this is changing with some judges now awarding shared custody of pets.

When couples split Who Gets the dog?

As property, the dog is subject to distribution as property. Thus, if the dog belonged to one of the spouses before the marriage, it will likely remain that person’s property after the divorce. However, if the dog was purchased after the marriage, it will be considered a marital asset.

What happens to the family dog in a divorce?

In some divorce cases, custody of the family pet has been resolved by transferring ownership and pedigree from one person to another, or sharing custody of the pet as well as sharing maintenance costs. Courts can order transfer of ownership, as an animal is considered a chattel in the same way as a car or a possession.

What proves legal ownership of a dog?

Proof of ownership of a dog will vary from family to family but can include such matters as evidence of a purchase, registration with the Kennel Club, evidence that the dog in question is micro-chipped with the micro-chip registered to the family, veterinary records, insurance etc.

How can I legally get my dog back from my ex?

Consider filing a police report The police may take action or they may say they don’t get involved in “civil” disputes (which means you have to pursue your dispute in court). If you are able to file a police report for your dog, make sure you keep a copy of the police report.

What happens when a dog is separated from owner?

Many but not all of these dogs crave a great deal of physical contact and attention from their owners. During departures or separations, in addition to vocalization, destruction and elimination, they may be restless, shake, shiver, salivate, refuse to eat, or become quiet and withdrawn.

How do you get a dog through a divorce?

To win a pet custody fight, the most important thing you will need to show is that you spent the most on your pet. Gather any evidence you have of bills you have paid, time spent with your pet, and other factors that show you have put the most money and time into your pet and their well-being.

Can my ex take my dog?

In general, although there are some exceptions, you would not take legal action until or unless your ex physically takes the pet from you without your permission. In this case, you would have to sue your ex for the pet under a property-recovery legal theory, such as replevin.

Are dogs personal property in Illinois?

Pets remain property under Illinois law. The court awards ownership of the pet, not custody or visitation. However, the new provision allows courts to consider some factors similar to those that play a role in child custody determination, and to order joint ownership of a pet where appropriate.

Are dogs considered property in Illinois?

Pets are technically considered property, but under Illinois law, they are treated differently than a house, car, or other physical assets during a divorce. Therefore, it is important for pet owners who are divorcing to understand their rights regarding who gets to keep the family pet.

What happens to animals in a divorce?

Whereas the laws are designed to protect the best interests of human children in divorce (allowing for shared custody, visitation, and alimony), the laws for pets are intended to benefit the owner instead. Under the law, pets are considered to be personal property, capable of human ownership and control.

Is a dog an asset in a divorce?

In every state except for Alaska and Illinois, the family pet is classified as property – just like the living room couch or the kitchen oven. What that means is the dog can be sold, just like any other piece of furniture, between the divorcing spouses.

Is a dog considered an asset in divorce?

No matter what state you live in, companion animals are still considered personal property. And that property is subject to distribution in a divorce. Most states use the rule of “equitable distribution” to divide marital property in divorce.

Do dogs Coparent?

Dog co-parenting allows dog owners to split costs and allows the dog to be with the owner who has the most free time to give. What is dog co-parenting? It’s a relatively new idea of literally sharing a dog with someone else who doesn’t live with you! The dog has two owners and splits time between their homes.

Is a dog Microchip proof of ownership?

This means this person has legal responsibility for their dog and can be held responsible if the dog falls foul of any law, including straying or causing injury, but it does not prove legal ownership.

How does co ownership of a dog work?

In this regard, although one person registered the dog, they are under co-ownership of the whole family. Some people decide to have co-ownership of a dog by allowing them to live between two homes. In these cases, two friends can share the care of the dog by keeping them during alternate time periods.

What is responsible pet ownership?

Make sure pets get regular veterinary care along with a good diet, fresh water, shelter, and exercise. Many pets need routine vaccinations, de-worming, and flea and tick control to protect them, and their owners, from certain diseases.

What do I do if my ex wont give me my dog?

Answer. People who believe that their animal is being wrongfully withheld can sue (replevin action) to try to get the animal returned. The police can also be contacted, although the police typically do not get involved in pet custody disputes between ex’s.

Can my ex sue me for my dog?

Yes, she can sue you for return of the dog or money damages. If you return the dog to her, then you will have to sue her for return of the dog or for your expenses for caring for the dog. You may have a difficult time regaining possession if proof…

What do you do if someone won’t give your pet back?

The pet owner’s recourse follows two main courses of action: you can attempt to negotiate for the return of the pet. Or you can also file a court action to determine the legal ownership of the pet and mandate return of the pet to the rightful owner.

Should I let my ex see my dog?

There is no right or wrong answer, and you should do what feels right for you and your furry friend. If you’re concerned about your dog’s wellbeing, consider sharing custody or giving your ex visitation rights and take steps to create a schedule that allows both you and your ex to spend time with the pup.

Who is the rightful owner of a dog?

When you register and license your dog, the paperwork asks who the primary owner is. The person who submits this paperwork is typically recognized in court as the primary owner.

Can my husband take my dogs in a divorce?

In the legal system, a dog is regarding as a ‘chattel’, a chattel is an item that is owned, similar to a car or item of furniture. For married couples that are divorcing, the court may be able to decide who will keep the family pet. The court can order transfer of ownership, the same way they would for land or car.

How do you share dog custody?

  1. Decide if there will be a primary caregiver.
  2. Make a calendar or spreadsheet for sharing time.
  3. Create a savings account for expenses.
  4. Keep the dog on the same routine in both homes.
  5. When in doubt, get legal advice.
  6. Get a prenuptial agreement for dogs (i.e. a “pupnup”)
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