Does Jay own half of Uncommon James?

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“I am involved in every facet of the company, from measuring out the actual jewelry to overseeing all of the shipments to creating the line sheet.” As for Jay Cutler’s part in the business? At this point, Kristin herself admitted he was responsible for half of Uncommon James.

Are Jay Cutler and Kelly Henderson together?

Henderson, meanwhile, clarified in May during iHeartRadio’s “All’s Fair With Laura Wasser” podcast that she had “nothing to do with their divorce and [is] not dating Jay Cutler.” Hear the Us Weekly editors break down the most surprising celebrity births during the pandemic in under 2 minutes!

Are Kristin Cavallari and Kelly friends?

Kristin Cavallari has been finding comfort in friends since separating from estranged husband Jay Cutler earlier this year, but her former best friend Kelly Henderson isn’t one of them.

Is Brittany and Stone still together?

Taylor and Stone are now broken up. He stated, “no,” implying the relationship was over. Taylor’s own Instagram page also revealed that the couple had split after she made a post in early January 2020 about having a difficult year. She wrote, “This year I have made and lost friends.

Did Kelly sleep with Jay?

When asked if she’s dating Jay, Kelly replied, “No.” “I’m just gonna go ahead and put this out there, there was never an affair, I have nothing to do with their divorce and I am not dating Jay Cutler,” Kelly said.

What does Kelly Henderson do?

By day, she’s a celebrity makeup artist, hairstylist, and wardrobe director. You can find more about her day job, including Kelly’s portfolio of stunning makeup and flawless outfits, here. By night, she’s a lifestyle blogger for the ultra successful Velvet’s Edge.

Why did Kristin Cavallari stop being friends with Kelly?

The way they were. Kristin Cavallari had a major falling out with former BFF Kelly Henderson before her messy divorce from Jay Cutler, but the gal pals were once inseparable. Cavallari, 33, started feuding with the celebrity stylist, 37, after rumors surfaced that she was having an affair with the retired athlete, 37.

Who is Kristin Cavallari’s bestfriend?

Kristin Cavallari says her estranged best friend Kelly Henderson hasn’t reached out amid her split from Jay Cutler. There were rumors that Kelly and Jay were having an affair, which Kristin says she doesn’t believe.

Why did Kristin Cavallari and Kelly Henderson stop being friends?

The falling out occurred after rumors started circulating that Henderson was having an affair with Cavallari’s then-husband, Jay Cutler. Henderson has always denied the rumor and Cavallari never believed it anyway. But she didn’t appreciate how her friend responded to the drama.

Who got pregnant on Very Cavallari?

Read on to hear what went down on Sunday’s episode! Star Kristin Cavallari decided to step away from her Uncommon James shop to attend a meeting across the country just when one of her employees, Taylor Monaco, discovered that she’s PREGNANT. How the model found out the news was even more bizarre.

Who is the father of Brittany Taylor’s baby?

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor have been documenting their baby boy’s early days since welcoming him in April 2021. Giving birth to the little one was one of “the most beautiful and rewarding” experiences of the Kentucky native’s life, she told E! News after her infant’s arrival.

What is Jay Cutler doing now?

The professional athlete continued to play for the Bears for eight seasons until he was released by the team in 2017. After being let go from the team, Jay announced his retirement and pursued a career as a sportscaster for NFL on Fox.

Is Shannon still with Uncommon James?

The model was let go as the social media director of Uncommon James during the season 2 premiere of the reality series. She claimed, however, that she was supposed to stay on the show after being fired from Cavallari’s company. “It extended past just being fired from the job.

Are Kelly Henderson and Kristin Cavallari still friends?

It’s no secret that Kristin Cavallari and Kelly Henderson had a falling out. Once BFFs, the former duo is no longer on speaking terms. Cavallari has shared her side of the story. She didn’t like how Henderson responded to the affair rumors.

How did Kristin Cavallari meet Kelly Henderson?

Became friends in 2012 While Kristin runs her jewelry business Uncommon James from the city, Kelly works as a stylist and blogger. The pair’s strong friendship has been documented on Kristin’s reality show, Very Cavallari.

What does Justin Anderson do for a living?

Justin Anderson is a hairstylist who has worked with such celebrities as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Margot Robbie, Brie Larson, Miley Cyrus – and Kristin Cavallari. He is one of the most “sought-after professional colorists in the world,” according to his online bio.

Did Bobby Bones date Kelly Henderson?

Kelly Henderson and Bobby Bones dated for a quick minute a couple years ago (Kelly termed it “loosely dated”). They had great chemistry, and the relationship moved along to a “middle ground” stage, where it wasn’t casual, but not super-serious either.

Who is Kristin Cavallari still friends with?

Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti’s friendship is like no other. The world first met Cavallari, 35, and Colletti, 36, in the early 2000s when the MTV show Laguna Beach debuted on TV. Years after their on-and-off relationship ended, the pair have a friendship that’s still going strong to this day.

Have Kristen and Kelly made up?

Kristin Cavallari’s ex-BFF Kelly Henderson has no plans to make up with the star — now or ever. Kristin Cavallari’s ex-BFF Kelly Henderson has no plans to make up with the star — now or ever.

What is Kristin Cavallaris net worth?

Kristin Cavallari’s net worth is about $30 million.

Why did Kelly and Kristen fall out?

According to The Hills alum, Henderson only reached out to her to talk about the show’s production schedule and poorly handled cheating rumors on social media. “When season two was airing, there was a lot of talk on social media about Jay and Kelly having an affair.

Who is Steph Biegel?

Her best friend, Stephanie Biegel, aka Steph Biegs, is a marketing powerhouse and entrepreneur who has worked with Kristin on many successful projects. Stephanie is the proud female founder of Key, a fan relationship platform that helps creators “understand – and monetize – their fans”.

Did Taylor from Very Cavallari have a baby?

On April 1, she announced that, “Plot twist,” she and Mike were having a baby. On April 29, she posted an adorable pic of her and Mike enjoying pink ice cream cones to announce that they’re expecting a little girl to be named Walker Rose Monaco. And on May 10, Taylor became Mrs.

Is Brittany from Very Cavallari still with PJ?

From her breakup with her ex, Jon Stone, to her new relationship with current beau, PJ Kellogg, she’s been through hell and back. But, she’s now happier than ever with PJ, and the couple have been going strong since their social media and onscreen debuts.

How many kids do Jax and Brittany have?

The former Vanderpump Rules stars welcomed their 15-month-old son, Cruz, in 2021, but as Jax revealed during a recent Instagram Live Q&A, he and his wife intend to expand their family in the future. “We’re definitely going to have another baby,” Jax responded to a fan question. “We’re just kinda waiting a little bit.”

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