Does Kcstauffer have a husband?

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When Katie Stauffer began sharing photos of her children on social media, it was just for fun. A way to let family and friends keep up with her growing brood, which included, at that point, husband Charley, and three children, Kaitlin, Finn and Charles.

Is Katie Stauffer still married?

Katie Stauffer was married to her first husband, Charles Stauffer, a physician by profession. As of 2022, Katie Stauffer is now married to her second husband, Nick Anderson. Katie’s children are Kaitlin Stauffer, Charles Stauffer, Finn Stauffer, Emma Stauffer, and Mila Stauffer.

Who is the Stauffer twins dad?

“Up until about two years ago, I was working full-time so it has actually brought us way closer together because I was working,” the 41-year-old beauty — who is the proud mom of Kaitlin, 16, Charles, 12, Finn, 10, and 4-year-old twins Mila and Emma, with husband Charles Stauffer — exclusively shared.

How many kids does the Stauffer family have?

By 2016, Myka was homeschooling — a trend among top family vloggers — and James had started a car-detailing channel, Stauffer Garage, restoring his Honda Civic for early material. With their three kids, the family moved to Ohio. They remained on the lower rung of influencers.

Where are the Stauffers now?

After the infamous video, the Stauffers deleted their family channel (The Stauffer life) and maintained their two other channels. James is still posting regular content to the Stauffer garage. And Myka’s personal channel is still available on youtube, although she hasn’t uploaded anything since this time last year.

How old are Katie stauffers kids?

Katie Stauffer is an American vlog YouTuber who has 5 kids named Mila, Emma, Finn, Charles Jr, and Katlin. Mila and Emma are twins who is born on October 31, 2014 (2014-10-31) [age 7], and there are both 6 years old. Charles Jr is 14 years old, and Katlin is 18 years old. Finn is 12 years old, and they live in Arizona.

Why is the Stauffer family famous?

Today, the Stauffer family Instagram account has 4 million followers and counting, along with a sizeable audience on YouTube and Facebook. Fans love photos of the Stauffer kids and the cheeky video scripts that feature the toddler twins.

How did Mila Stauffer became famous?

Stauffer once posted a video shot with a professional camera but people preferred the amateur-style ones. Her healthy Instagram following of 150,000 ballooned to millions almost overnight. The Instagram account has 4.1 million followers and her YouTube channel has 509,000 subscribers. Everyone loved the videos.

Are Mila and Emma Stauffer twins?

Mila and Emma Stauffer, 2-year-old twin sisters who live with their parents and three older siblings near Phoenix, were sitting on the floor, having a discussion about what they might be when they grow up.

How many siblings does Emma and Mila have?

When asked if they’re famous, in one hilarious episode of Localish’s My Go-To, Mila’s enthusiastic “Yes!” is met with silence from her siblings, Charles, Finn, Emma and Kaitlin.

Who are the Stauffer twins?

Katie Stauffer’s four-year-old twin daughters, Emma and Mila, are YouTube stars with nearly 4 million Instagram followers. They also have their own kids’ clothing line at Target and—full disclosure—they’re the cover stars of Parents’ November issue.

WHO adopted Huxley Stauffer?

Four-year-old Huxley was adopted from China by US YouTuber Myka Stauffer and her husband James, but the couple struggled to cope with the autistic boy’s high needs.

What happened to Myka Stauffer adopted son?

In an article she wrote for Parade (opens in new tab) in May about adopting Huxley, Stauffer says that she and her husband were told by the agency that Huxley had a “brain tumor” and “brain damage.” She explained that, at first, they weren’t open to a special needs adoption, but “as we let the idea soak in, God …

Who are the Stauffer kids?

She also regularly posts videos and photos to her Instagram account chronicling daily life with her children: sons Onyx Trey, 11 months, and Radley, 4, plus daughters Jaka, 6, and Nakova, 8.

Where do Myka and James Stauffer live?

Myka and her husband, James, who live in Ohio, have been sharing their life on YouTube since 2014. Myka’s channel has 717,000 subscribers, and the family’s channel, The Stauffer Life, has 332,000.

Has Huxley Stauffer been found?

Huxley Stauffer Is Safe And Happy In His New Home, According To Authorities In Ohio. Deputies in Ohio have closed the case investigating the family YouTubers after confirming Huxley is “very happy and well taken care of” and his new adoption is legal.

How many followers did Myka Stauffer lose on Instagram?

Myka Stauffer “Rehomes” Adoptive Son Social media analytics site, Social Blade, also said that the YouTuber would lose around 73,000 views on average each week. However, her Instagram account, which has over 192,000 followers, seems unaffected by the issue.

Who is Charles Stauffer?

Charles Stauffer is a well-known famous American celebrity family member. He is also a popular and trending celebrity known as the husband of Katie Stauffer. She is a famous Instagram star and a photographer. On April 9, 1976, Charles Stauffer was born in the United States.

Is Mila Stauffer a twin?

I have never seen them more excited than at this photo shoot.” While Stauffer has never really dressed her two youngest children alike despite them being twins, she admits “They really are similar in style.”

Who is Mila the little girl?

Mila Stauffer from Arizona is an internet diva famously known for her amusing rants and theatrics. And, she is just a three-year-old girl! If you are a social media junkie, you must have come across her hilarious feeds.

Who is Mila The little girl on Facebook?

Mila Stauffer is gaining fans all over the internet. Videos of the two-year-old American shared by her mother show the little girl talking about living on a budget, being a mom, and other grown-up issues. As vicious as the internet can often be, it can also serve dollops of cuteness from time to time.

Why was Huxley Rehomed?

Tearfully, Myka Stauffer admitted that the family had chosen to “rehome” Huxley in order to provide him with better care catered to his special needs. “Once Huxley got home, there were a lot more special needs we weren’t aware of,” James Stauffer said in the video.

How many kids does Myka Stauffer have?

She Has 4 Biological Children Myka and James share daughters Kova, 8, and Jaka, 6, and sons Radley, 4, and Onyx, 11 months.

What is Myka Stauffer YouTube channel?

First video Myka Stauffer is a vlogging family based channel that revolves around parenting and other activities around the house. Some of the videos have closed captions, and the videos are over 10 minutes long.

When should you tell kids they’re adopted?

There is no perfect age to tell your child that they were adopted, but most experts agree that starting around four to five years old is best, 3,4 Around this age children begin to understand the concept of time, so you can explain adoption as an event that occurred in the past.

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