Does Tom leave Lynette in Desperate Housewives?

Tom separates from Lynette at the end of Season 7 and dates Jane for the greater part of Season 8, however, Tom and Lynette reunite at the end of the series.

Do Lynette and Tom get back together after their divorce?

After Roy (Orson Bean) reminded Tom how important it is to say things to the one you love when you still have the chance to, Tom told Lynette that even though she’d moved on and was in love, she’d always be the love of his life. She told him the man she was in love with was him. They got back together.

What episode do Lynette and Tom break up?

In “Where do I belong” (E12/S7), it is revealed that twenty years ago, Tom and Lynette were engaged, and had broken up for one week. Over the weekend, Lynette left to clear her head, and went to visit her mother Stella Wingfield.

Does Tom cheat on Lynnette?

Once, Lynette thought Tom was cheating, but it turned out he just had a secret love child, Kayla (Rachel Fox). Lynette’s uncontrollable kids morphed into uncontrollable teenagers during the five-year time jump.

Who does Bree Van De Kamp end up with?

During the breakdown of her second marriage, Bree had an affair with Karl Mayer, her divorce lawyer and ex-husband of her friend, Susan Delfino. However, Bree did remarry in the series finale to her lawyer, Trip Weston, making him her third husband.

What happens to Orson Hodge?

Orson’s injuries leave him paralyzed (though he may walk again), but he is unwilling to live with Bree, who still wants a divorce. He moves in with Mrs. McCluskey and Roy before returning to Bree.

Does Kayla Scavo come back?

However, the idea was scrapped, as the series has ended and Kayla never returned.

Does Tom get back with Lynette?

– Lynette (Felicity Huffman) got back together with Tom (Doug Savant), realized he was all she ever needed to be happy and promptly took a job in New York.

Who does Susan end up with in Desperate Housewives?

In the season three finale, Susan marries her boyfriend of three years, Mike Delfino and he moves in. Susan and Mike have a son named MJ Delfino and he lives with them.

Who gets divorced in Desperate Housewives?

The two talk for a while and Lynette confesses that when she thought Tom had left, she felt relieved, leading the pair to finally decide to separate.

What is Tom’s secret on Desperate Housewives?

In the second season finale it is revealed that she had apparently conceived his child, a daughter named Kayla Huntington, from their one night stand. This is news to Tom as the one night stand took place about eleven years ago and Nora had never told him about her pregnancy.

Does Lynette lose her twins?

Back in reality, Lynette wakes up to find her husband by her side. He tenderly informs her that the surgeons were unable to save “Patrick”. However, Tom reassures his wife that the other surviving twin is still alive and growing strongly.

How do Desperate Housewives end?

Lynette and Tom move to New York, where Lynette works as a CEO; they move into a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park and spend the rest of their lives happily together with their six grandchildren.

Is Tom cheating on Lynette in season 2?

The secret was not revealed or even revisited until late in the second season, when Ed told Lynette that Tom’s expense reports seemed to indicate he was having an affair with a woman in Atlantic City. She then tailed him, saw him in what appeared to be a compromising situation, and took the kids and fled their home.

Does Tom sleep with Claire?

Towards the end of Season 4, Claire and Tom sleep together — which has probably been a long time coming. His fascination with Claire was born last season, though he had a better relationship with Frank (and and had a relationship with Kate Baldwin) while writing what boiled down to propaganda.

Who shoots Mike Delfino?

Donny shoots Mike Delfino. One day, while sitting outside, Susan decides to come see him. They talk about Mike’s paranoia, but the conversation ends with Susan telling Mike how much she loves him, as she thinks he would do anything for his family.

Who does Gabrielle Solis end up with?

After four series of rowing, sex and affairs with their gardener, their surrogate, the town’s mayor, Nicollette Sheridan and then each other, Gabrielle and Carlos Solis finally got back together.

Who strangled Julie?

In the episode “Epiphany”, Julie’s attacker is revealed to be Eddie Orlofsky (Josh Zuckerman), who mistook her for Susan and was planning to attack her for rejecting him.

Who sent Bree Van De Kamp the letter?

It is revealed to the viewers, but not to Bree, at the end of the episode “Get Out of My Life” that it was Orson, Bree’s second husband, who wrote this letter and the one that proceeded it.

Who ran over Mike Delfino?

Orson, then, ran over Mike Delfino with his car, to cover his tracks in the Season 3 mystery about Monique Pollier, Gloria Hodge, his mother, and his ex wife, whom everyone thought he killed, but really didn’t, she faked her death, Alma Hodge, subsequently putting him in a coma.

Is Bree an alcoholic Desperate Housewives?

Bree struggled with alcoholism throughout the show, beginning in Season 2, due in part to her extremely tempestuous children. Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom), whose homosexuality Bree refused to accept in Season 1, tried to blackmail his mother for his trust fund and falsely accused Bree of hitting him.

What happened Penny Scavo?

She ends up dying in the wreckage because there was no room left for her, and so she was killed saving the Scavo family.

What happened to Parker Scavo?

In the episode “Like it Was”, Lynette learns that Parker has quit the baseball team because he didn’t like it very much and wasn’t good at it, which doesn’t please his mother, because she doesn’t want her kid to grow into a “quitter”.

Why does Kayla Scavo leave?

Tom is upset at the situation regarding Kayla and Lynette, and Kayla confesses that it was all a lie to get rid of Lynette. Tom tells her that Lynette is not going, but her. Kayla says she will lie if it means going, but the psychiatrist hears the whole thing on the phone, and Kayla is forced to leave the Scavos.

Does Carlos forgive Bree?

Andrew, Bree and Gaby find him at his mother’s grave as Andrew talks to him about what happened and Carlos decides to forgive him. When Bree comes to thank him, however, Carlos coldly says that he can’t forgive her knowing the truth all these years and hiding it from him and tells Bree their friendship is over.

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