How do I apply for a Decree Absolute in Trinidad and Tobago?

The public is reminded that applications for a Decree Absolute can be filed using the Judiciary’s e-Services portal at

How do you access a virtual court in Trinidad?

To request access to a matter, send an e-mail to: [email protected]

What is the court system in Trinidad and Tobago?

The Trinidad & Tobago Judiciary is made up of the Lower Judiciary (the Magistracy) and the Higher Judiciary (The Supreme Court). The Supreme Court is made up of the High Court and the Court of Appeal. The highest court is the Privy Council in England.

Does the High Court have a criminal division?

High Court Judge – Criminal Jurisdiction High Court judges can hear the most serious and sensitive cases in the Crown Court (for example murder) and some sit with Appeal Court judges in the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal.

How do I get a copy of my divorce decree in Trinidad?

To apply for a divorce, either spouse may file a Petition through the Family Court, asking the Court to end the marriage. This document provides the Court with the required information that supports the ground for divorce.

Where can I get a copy of my decree of divorce?

You can only get a copy of the divorce decree from the High Court in which the decree was issued. The court would require as many of the following details as possible to look up the particular decree: The divorce case number; The date of the divorce (day, month and year);

How do you get an extract in Trinidad and Tobago?

The Application for Certified Copies, Extracts and Inspection require an appointment. Persons interested in accessing this service can click this link to book an appointment ( ).

What is virtual hearing in court?

Virtual Courts is a concept, aimed at eliminating the presence of litigant or lawyer in the court and for adjudication of cases on a virtual platform. The concept has been evolved in order to efficiently utilize court resources and to provide litigants with an effective avenue to settle petty disputes.

Which is the highest court in Trinidad and Tobago?

The Supreme Court of Judicature is made up of The Court of Appeal and the High Court, as is provided under section 99 of the Constitution which states: “There shall be a Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago consisting of a High Court and a Court of Appeal with such jurisdiction and powers as conferred on these Courts …

Is Trinidad common law or civil law?

The law of Trinidad and Tobago is based upon the common law of England and statutes of general application in force in England in 1848 as modified by subsequent local legislation.

What is a restraining order in Trinidad?

A Protection or Restraining Order is a court document which restrains a person from engaging in abusive behaviour of any type.

Can a person directly go to High Court?

Yes it is a right guaranteed by the Constitution of India. As per the Judgement of Honorable Supreme Court an Accused can directly approach the High Court for Regular Bail, not necessary that accused should apply to the Magistrate first.

What crimes go to High Court?

Serious cases, such as murder, are dealt with by the High Court, heard by a judge and jury. Examples of cases which the High Court can deal with are: murder. rape.

Who decides whether a person is guilty or not?

The judge decides whether the accused person is guilty or innocent on the basis of evidence presented and in accordance with the law. If the accused is convicted, then the judge pronounces the sentence.

What cases do High Court deal with?

  • disputes relating to business, property or land.
  • disputes over trusts.
  • competition claims under either European or UK competition law.
  • commercial disputes (domestic and international)
  • intellectual property issues.
  • disputes over the validity of a will (‘probate disputes’)

How soon after a divorce can you remarry in Trinidad?

After decree nisi has been pronounced, the petitioner must wait for three months or such other date set by the court usually six weeks before applying for the decree nisi to be made absolute. In order to be able to remarry, a decree absolute has to be applied for and obtained.

How much does a divorce cost in Trinidad and Tobago?

Filing Your Petition for Divorce: After completing the petition and statement of arrangements (if there are children involved), you have to hand deliver the form with the ORIGINAL marriage certificate and pay the necessary fees, which is around $100 for a simple divorce.

Do you have to be separated for 2 years to get a divorce?

They must have lived separate and apart for at least two years. This view is taken by the courts to give the parties time to look back on their relationship and try to reconcile without having to be concerned about prejudicing divorce proceedings.

Can I get my divorce decree online?

There seem to be many false rumours spread on the internet that lead people to believe that divorce records can be downloaded from the Department of Home Affairs. But this is unfortunately not possible. Divorce decrees must be obtained from the court where the divorce was finalised, which can be a tedious process.

Are divorces public record?

As a legal document, you can’t have a public record erased. However, it’s important to note that as only the final order is classified as a public record, all other information pertaining to the divorce file is kept private and retained only by the court and the legal teams involved.

How do I know if my spouse has been served divorce papers?

Your spouse is supposed to mail a copy to you. You can also check with the Family Court Central Intake Center after the 21 days are up to see whether your spouse has filed an Answer. You can check in person or you can call (202-879-1212). You can also go to the Family Court Self-Help Center and ask them to check.

How long does it take to get a court extract in Trinidad?

Usually it takes approximately two (2) to three (3) weeks after the application has been made, however, in certain circumstances the time period may be shorter.

What is a petty civil matter?

The Petty Civil Court Division of the Magistracy deals with civil matters involving small money claims of less than $15,000.00.

What is the meaning of magistrate court?

noun. 1. a court having limited jurisdiction over minor civil and criminal matters, as matters of contract not exceeding a particular amount of money.

How do you attend a virtual hearing?

  1. Signing up and downloading Zoom.
  2. Joining a Zoom Meeting.
  3. Joining and Configuring Audio and Video.
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