How do I divorce my Egyptian husband?

Wives in Egypt can petition for divorce but must clearly demonstrate that one of several legally stipulated reasons (fault) is present in the marriage. These include mental illness, lack of financial support, imprisonment and mental or physical abuse.

How long does divorce take in Egypt?

ِِAbdicative divorce (khul’) These cases usually take up to six months or sometimes less depending on your case of course.

Can a woman file for divorce in Egypt?

“The majority of divorce cases in Egypt are initiated by women seeking to unilaterally divorce their husbands, often for trivial reasons such as the husband snoring at night,” he told Al-Monitor.

How is divorce viewed in Egypt?

– The Personal Status Laws give men the right to divorce without their wife’s consent. However, if the divorce is obtained without cause or the wife’s consent, she is entitled to compensation of at least two years’ maintenance. Women have to go through court to obtain a divorce from their husband (4).

What are the marriage laws in Egypt?

Same sex marriages are neither recognized in Egypt. Witnesses at the marriage have to be two men or one woman and two men all of Egyptian nationality. According to Egyptian law a Muslim man can marry a woman who is Muslim, Jewish or Christian. A Muslim woman on the other hand can only marry a man who is Muslim.

How can I get Khula in Egypt?

To receive khula, a woman must renounce any financial compensation and return her dowry. It can leave many women in financial dire straits, but given divorce through a civil court can take over seven years, it is the only option for many who are severely abused and just need to get out.

Who gets custody of children in Egypt?

Presumptive Custody: Under Egyptian law, the courts generally favor the mother. Mothers are most commonly considered to be the appropriate custodians of children up to age 15. Normally, if custody disputes arise between parents, Egyptian courts uphold presumptive custody.

What is the divorce rate in Egypt?

A study by the Egyptian Cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center found that Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan and Qatar are the four countries in the Arab world with the highest divorce rate, which rose to 48% of all marriages in Kuwait, 40% in Egypt, 37.2% in Jordan and 37% in Qatar.

Can you remarry in Egypt?

Please note that if you are a female American citizen previously married, you may only remarry in Egypt at least 90 days after your divorce or 130 days after the death of your former spouse. If you are pregnant, you can only remarry after the birth of the baby.

Is adultery legal in Egypt?

Is adultery a criminal offense? Yes. Penal Code, Article 274: A married woman whose adultery is established shall be punished with detention for a period not exceeding 2 years. However, her husband may request staying the execution of that ruling by his consent to her sexual intercourse with him as was the case.

What are women’s rights in Egypt?

Women were guaranteed the right to vote and equality of opportunity was explicitly stated in the 1956 Egyptian constitution, forbidding gender-based discrimination. Labor laws were changed to ensure women’s standing in the work force and maternity leave was legally protected.

Do people get divorced in Egypt?

In Egypt, there has been a rise in the divorce rate, with 2020 in particular seeing a growth in the number of divorce and domestic abuse cases in the courts.

How many wives can a man have in Egypt?

According to traditional Islamic jurisprudence, monogamy is the rule, and polygamy is an exception, since a Muslim man has the right to have multiple wives (up to four), in case he obey conditions of fairness.

Who pays dowry in Egypt?

Egypt, where both the bride and groom’s families invest in providing materially for the new couple, is thus a dual dowry and dower system. In addition, many Muslim Egyptians follow the practice of giving mahr, the traditional Islamic brideprice, to the bride herself.

Can Egyptian men have 4 wives?

Islamic law allows a man to have up to four wives at one time, provided he treats them all fairly. The Quran, however, advises men to marry only one wife if the men think they cannot treat the women they marry fairly. It warns men they will be unable to ensure such a fair treatment.

Is Egyptian divorce Recognised in UK?

The UK courts have held that an overseas divorce is capable of recognition in the UK only if the divorce has been instituted and obtained in the same country outside the UK.

What age can you marry in Egypt?

Egypt’s Child Law 126/2008 sets the minimum marriage age at 18 years for both females and males. However, it does not criminalize perpetrators. Therefore, girls continue to get married without registering or reporting their marriages, or without registering children born out of these marriages.

What Islam says about divorce?

The Qur’an promotes reconciliation, through negotiated settlements between the spouses themselves or the use of arbitrators from their families. However, when “mutual good treatment” is not possible, there should be an amicable parting. Thus, the Qur’an treats divorce as something permitted but not laudable.

Can a woman divorce her husband without his consent in Islam?

In Islam, a woman who wishes to terminate her marriage contract without the consent of her husband must do so by applying to the Shariah Council. This type of divorce is commonly referred to what is known as a Khula.

What are the rules of Khula in Islam?

Khula is a divorce with mutual consent and at the instance of a wife in which she agrees to give some consideration to her husband. It is basically a “redemption” of the contract of marriage. Khula or redemption literally means to lay down. In law, it means laying down by a husband his right and authority of his wife.

Can a wife divorce her husband?

Women can legally file for a divorce without the consent of their husband in the event of infidelity, cruelty, physical and emotional violence and more, under Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1995.

Does Egypt have child support laws?

As it turns out, the parties Egyptian divorce decree makes no provision, nor even a mention of, child support. This is in total contrast to Florida law which requires that child support be established in every divorce decree when minor children exist.

Is there child support in Egypt?

In Egypt, child support is calculated based on the father’s net income.

Is Egypt a Hague country?

Egypt is not a signatory to the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (Hague Abduction Convention).

Which religion has the highest divorce rate?

  • Born-Again Christian: 27%
  • Jewish: 30%
  • Muslim: 31%
  • Protestant: 34%
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