How do I get a divorce in Cameron County?

  1. Find and fill out forms relevant to your case.
  2. Bring your paperwork to a divorce court.
  3. Pay the filing fee and take the copies of the documents.
  4. Give a copy of the paperwork you filed to your spouse.
  5. Ask that your spouse signs the Answer or Waiver and a Decree.

Where do I file for divorce in Brownsville Texas?

Call 956-589-7074 Brownsville, or 956-247-3510 San Benito. Submit all other requests by mail to: Cameron County Clerk Recording Department, P.O. Box 2178, Brownsville, TX. 78520 with payment.

What is Cameron TX known for?

Cameron has a large number of historic sites and buildings, such as the Milam County Courthouse, the Milam County Historical Museum, Old Town Cameron & Railroad Miniature Museum, and historic jail built in 1895.

Who is the judge for Cameron County?

Eddie Treviño, Jr. was sworn in on November 23, 2016, as Cameron County Judge. A passion for politics and civic engagement Judge Treviño has been at the forefront of many of the decisions made in the local community.

How much does it cost to change your name near Brownsville TX?

Visit your county’s courthouse and file the Petition, fingerprint card, and a copy of your ID with the court clerk. The clerk will ask for a filing fee, which ranges from $250-300.

What happened in Cameron Texas?

On February 23, 2021, an 18-wheel flatbed tractor-trailer truck hit a BNSF freight train carrying chemicals and fuels in Cameron, Texas, United States, causing a huge explosion and starting a fire.

Is Cameron TX a good place to live?

Cameron is the county seat located on the Little River in North Central Milam County. Our hometown is a peaceful, friendly and civic-minded community nestled in the heart of an abundance of rivers, lakes, and wonderful outdoor country living. Cameron is a great place for a home, family and business.

Who is Armando Villalobos?

Armando Villalobos was a 2012 Democratic candidate who sought election to the U.S. House to represent the 34th Congressional District of Texas.

How many district courts does Cameron County have?

Cameron County, Texas contains eight judicial districts, one county court, and three county courts at law. The United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas has jurisdiction in Cameron County.

How do I change my last name after divorce in Texas?

In Texas, if you have been divorced for some time and want to change your last name later, you will need to file an Original Petition for Change of Name in the county where you reside.

Can I change back to my maiden name without a divorce in Texas?

How to get a legal name change in Texas via petition. In order to change your name without a recent marriage or divorce, you need to get a court order approving your name change. You will need to file an Original Petition for Change of Name of an Adult and an Order Granting Change of Name of an Adult.

Can I change my daughter’s name without father’s consent?

Can the parent and stepparent alone change the child’s name? A. No, they must have the written agreement of anyone else with parental responsibility or if not, consent of the Court. Q.

What happened to the Collins family in Houston Texas?

Mark Collins and his four grandchildren were shot and stabbed to death, according to Crime Stoppers of Houston director of victim services and advocacy Andy Kahan, who says he met with the Collins family in the days after the killings.

Who founded Cameron Texas?

In April 1846 the Texas Legislature authorized a seven-member commission to find a permanent site for the Milam county seat. The commission purchased a sixty-acre tract of Daniel Monroe’s headright on the Little River later that year and named the new town Cameron, in honor of Ewen Cameron.

What is Cameron TX close to?

Cities near Cameron, Texas: Temple, TX. Belton, TX. Taylor, TX.

What is Caldwell TX known for?

Caldwell was the smallest town in Texas to have a full infantry company; its soldiers were all volunteers from Caldwell, Somerville, and the rural parts of the county. Many of these men were captured by the Germans at Salerno, Italy, in 1943 and were prisoners of war until the Germans surrendered in 1945.

What is Yoakum Texas known for?

The First Baptist and First Methodist churches were built in 1889. Yoakum is a division point for the railway and also the site of a Texas highway department office. Since 1960 the town has sponsored an annual wildflower trail in the spring, which includes a guided tour and wildflower art exhibits.

When was Rockdale TX founded?

Founding of Rockdale On May 18, 1874 an election was held in which a majority of voters favored incorporation. In June or July the justice declared Rockdale as incorporated.

What did Armando Villalobos do?

Villalobos was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison for his role in a South Texas bribery and extortion scheme announced United States Attorney Robert Pitman.

Who is the district attorney for Cameron County?

Luis Vargas Saenz Jr. is a Cameron County district attorney in Brownsville, Texas. However, the path to a seat at the front of the courtroom wasn’t easy. Saenz was born Aug. 8, 1951, in Carrizo Springs, Texas, to Luis Saenz and Filomena Vargas Saenz.

What is the highest criminal court in Texas?

The Court of Criminal Appeals is Texas’ highest court for criminal cases. The Court consists of a Presiding Judge and eight Judges. They are elected by the voters of the entire state, and they hold their offices for terms of six years.

What cases go to county court?

The County Court deals with civil (non-criminal) matters. Unlike criminal cases – in which the state prosecutes an individual – civil court cases arise where an individual or a business believes their rights have been infringed.

What are the two lowest courts in Texas?

At the lowest level are the local trial courts of limited jurisdiction which come in two types: municipal courts which enforce municipal ordinances and justice of the peace courts which handle small claims and other small civil and criminal matters.

How long was Omar Lucio sheriff?

Lucio’s last time in office was in December 2020. Many officers said they will remember him for his loyalty, passion and commitment to his job. Lucio, whose law enforcement career spanned nearly 60 years, was first elected to a four-year term as sheriff in January 1997, according to the county’s website.

How do I find an inmate in Cameron County Jail?

You can acquire information about inmates through the jails search page on their official website. If you can’t get the information you seek on these sites, you can call the Carrizales-Rucker Cameron County Detention Center at 956-554-6701 or send a fax to 956-554-6701.

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