How long is the divorce process in Turkey?

the party seeking for divorce must file a petition with the court; the court will accept evidence from both spouses and hear both parties; the court will also hear witnesses from both parties and make a decision; the court will issue the final ruling on the divorce within 16 days from the decision.

Is divorce legal in Turkey?

Divorce briefly in Turkish Law; can be defined as the termination of the marital union by the court decision. The basic condition for divorce to take place is the existence of a valid marital union between the spouses. There is no obstacle to divorce before the Turkish Courts for spouses with a valid marital union.

What is an attorney called in Turkey?

There is only one category of lawyer (avukat) in the Republic of Turkey. Under the Attorneyship Act No. 1136 (AA), lawyering is a public service and an independent profession. Lawyers can represent their clients before courts and provide legal services.

Is it better to get a local divorce attorney?

A local attorney is the best choice because they will give you great legal advice for this particular jurisdiction and court system with direct knowledge of local laws and customs.

Is there alimony in Turkey?

Most people in Turkey fail to pay alimony to their ex-spouses, data have shown, as the government is working on a new legislation on those entitlements. According to the data, in 49 percent of court cases, the parties agree on consensual divorce, while contested divorce accounts for 48.5 percent of divorce suits.

Is 2nd marriage allowed in Turkey?

Turkey is a predominantly Muslim nation that has abolished polygamy, which was officially criminalized with the adoption of the Turkish Civil Code in 1926, a milestone in Atatürk’s secularist reforms.

Who gets custody of child in Turkey?

If the parents are married, they will exercise the right of custody jointly during the marriage. If one of them dies, the right of custody passes to the survivor. If they divorce, they must either decide between themselves who will have the custody right or the court will appoint the custodial parent.

How do I find marriage records in Turkey?

Obtaining records from the government of Turkey Local Birth Records: You may obtain a family registry (nüfus kayıt örneği) from the Family Registry Office (Nüfus Müdürlüğü). Marriage documents: You may get a marriage registry document (evlilik kayıt örneği) from the Family Registry Office (Nüfus Müdürlüğü).

How is nikah done in Turkey?

Registry Office or Nikah After the ceremony, which is quite short and simple in Turkey, the bride and groom line up in the registry office to receive congratulations and gifts, usually in the form of money and gold. After the ceremony, the bride and groom try to step on each other’s foot.

How much does it cost to get a lawyer in Turkey?

a) 4.220,00 TL for cases heard in the first instance. b) 2.550,00 TL for works that have a hearing through appeal. c) 5.100. 00 for works that require more than one hearing through appeal or procedures that require a lawyer to be present, such as discovery.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer in Turkey?

The legal service fee for lawyers is 2.500 USD + 18% VAT. It may vary depending on the attorney and purchasing process details for your case and legal entities. Our multilingual lawyers and property experts will provide you with full assistance if you think of applying for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment.

What law system does Turkey use?

With the founding of the Republic, Turkey adopted a civil law legal system, replacing the Ottoman Sharia courts. The Civil Code, adopted in 1926, was based on the Swiss Civil Code of 1907 and the Swiss Code of Obligations of 191l.

What should I ask for in a divorce?

  • Your Marital Home. Think about what you want from your marital home.
  • A Fair Share of Assets.
  • Retirement and Investment Accounts.
  • Fair Debt Division.
  • Parenting Time.
  • Child Support and Alimony.
  • Your Child’s Future Needs.
  • Take the First Step with Coumanis & York.

What do divorce lawyers do?

They deal with matters such as divorce proceedings, adoptions, and child custody. Common tasks include drafting custody agreements, wills, prenuptial agreements, and other documents. While some family lawyers engage in litigation, it is a less prevalent aspect of this practice.

What is a pro bono lawyer?

To qualify for free legal assistance, a person must comply with a ‘means test’ (a maximum monthly or no income) and have a legal problem with merit. You will be referred to an attorney by the Legal Practice Council who will assist you free of charge (pro bono).

Why do you need a blood test to get married in Turkey?

A report of medical examination includes applicant’s blood type and results of blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and Syphilis and indicates that the applicant has no contagious diseases. Medical reports without the applicant’s photo and doctor’s stamp will not be accepted.

Can siblings marry in Turkey?

Article 129 of the Turkish Civil Code also says marriage between relatives of second degree, including adopted children, is forbidden.

Are Turkish marriages arranged?

A recent survey released on April 1 by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK) has shown that 56.8 percent of first marriages across the country in 2021 were arranged marriages, with individuals or their family’s decisions.

Can a foreigner marry a Turkish citizen?

According to Turkish Marriage regulations, a Turkish national and a foreigner or two foreigners with different nationalities can be married by Turkish authorities. Two foreigners of the same nationality can be married either by the offices of their own Country’s Embassy or Consulate or by the Turkish authorities.

How do I marry a Turkish woman?

  1. Marriage declaration form (evlenme beyannamesi)
  2. Five passport-sized recent photographs.
  3. Your passport and its photocopy.
  4. Residence permit (when applicable)
  5. Permit to get married.

Can I marry a Turkish man in Turkey?

Foreign citizens marrying a Turkish national It is possible for a foreign citizen living in Turkey to marry a Turkish citizen provided that the former has been living here based on a residence or work permit.

Who pays Turkey dowry?

You may be surprised a lot about this , as in Turkey there is no such thing as a dowry , that is , expedited and postponed . Rather , it is the responsibility of the groom to bring a set of gold for the bride to dress it on the wedding day .

Do Turks wear wedding rings?

So the wedding rings in Turkey is actually a tradition of the engagement ceremony. On the wedding day, and sometime after the official ceremony, usually the couples need to be reminded to take the rings off of their right hands, and put them on the fourth finger of the left hands.

What is a dowry in Turkey?

Turkey. Dowry is known as çeyiz in Turkey. Çeyiz is the property and/or money the bride’s family gives the couple at marriage. Çeyiz is different and separate from the Mahr, which is paid by the groom to the bride, or traditional baslik in some parts of Turkey.

How many lawyers are there in Turkey?

There are about 95,000 practising lawyers in Turkey. About 90% are generalists, covering most or all aspects of the law. All of them are professionally qualified and regulated by the Union of Turkish Bar Associations (Türkiye Barolar Birliği or TBB).

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