In what order should I read Jo Nesbo books?

Where do I start? The chronological order of the Harry Hole novels available in English is: The Bat, Cockroaches, The Redbreast, Nemesis, The Devil’s Star, The Redeemer, The Snowman, The Leopard, Phantom, Police.

Will there be a 13th Harry Hole book?

Killing Moon is the 13th novel in the Harry Hole series, although each title reads as a standalone.

What is the latest Jo Nesbo book called?

  • Headhunters (Hodejegerne), 2008.
  • The Son (Sønnen), 2014.
  • Macbeth, 2018.
  • The Kingdom, 2020.
  • The Jealousy Man and Other Stories, 2021.

Do you need to read the Harry Hole books in order?

Kerry The Harry Hole books do all work independently though if you read later books first they contain ‘spoilers’ relating to the regular characters, primarily the officers and their families.

What should I read after Jo Nesbø?

  • …then try one of these similar authors!
  • Quentin Bates. Popular books: Frozen Assets; Cold Comfort; Winterlude; Chilled to the Bone; Cold Steal.
  • Thomas Enger. Popular books: Burned; Pierced; Scarred; Cursed; Killed.
  • Karin Fossum.
  • Ragnar Jonasson.
  • Mons Kallentoft.
  • Lars Kepler.
  • Camilla Lackberg.

What is Jo Nesbø net worth?

While the 2019 figures are yet to be released, Nesbø’s wealth stood at NOK 276 million ($31.1 million) in 2018. On top of income tax, Norway charges an annual wealth tax of 0.85% on personal wealth above NOK 1.5 million ($169,000).

Is Jo Nesbø going to write any more Harry Hole books?

December 11, 2021 July 21, 2022 – by Gregers Møller – 2 Comments. Norwegian author Jo Nesbø is known primarily for his crime novels featuring Inspector Harry Hole. In a recent interview with local media VG, he reveals that he is working on yet another Harry Hole book which he plans to write in Thailand.

Is there a new Harry Hole book coming out?

This year looks just as busy. Last month, Nesbø told Norwegian newspaper VG that he has started writing the 13th Harry Hole novel, although a publication date is yet to be set. In the meantime, work is also underway on a Norwegian TV series of his novel Headhunters, which was turned into a successful movie in 2011.

How do you say Jo Nesbø?

Jo is pronounced like ‘you’, and Jo says the ‘o’ in Nesbo is similar to the vowel in Inspector Clouseau’s pronunciation of the word ‘bomb’.

Is Jo Nesbo a good writer?

Nesbø has won many awards for his writing in his native Norway, from Best Norwegian Crime Novel for his debut book The Bat to the Norwegian Book Club Prize 2008 for The Snowman. He has also thrived internationally too.

How do you pronounce Harry Hole?

Harry Hole (the surname pronounced as “HOO-leh”), whose name translates to “Harry Hill” in English and is also called “Harry Holy” by allies in the Australian police force, is the main character in a series of crime novels written by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø.

How old is Harry Hole?

Harry Hole is in his late thirties. Born in Oppsal, Oslo, he is unmarried, with one great passion and several smaller ones behind him. No children, but on occasion a kind of father to Oleg, Rakel”s son.

Is the kingdom a Harry Hole book?

In THE KINGDOM, Nesbø departs from his beloved Harry Hole series with a standalone novel that trades serial killers and police procedure for long-buried interpersonal secrets and the fallout of their resurrection.

Can I read the snowman first?

You can read THE SNOWMAN as a standalone—you might have a few questions about characters’ backstories, but overall, there really won’t be an issue!

Who is the best Scandinavian crime writer?

Norwegian author Jo Nesbo is perhaps best known for his brilliant, bestselling Harry Hole series – eleven thrillers featuring the Oslo Crime Squad detective.

What should I read after Harry Hole?

Henning Mankell Outside of Larsson, Mankell is probably Sweden’s best-known crime novelist; his philosophical police procedurals feature the gloomy homicide detective Kurt Wallander.

Do you have to read Joona Linna in order?

Books similar to Jo Nesbø Collection Pack a Harry Hole Mystery Set: Redbreast, Nemesis, the Devil’s Star, the Redeemer, the Snowman, the Leopard, Headhunters.

Where did they film the snowman?

Production on “The Snowman” took place in London and Norway. The film is an adaptation of the Jo Nesbø crime thriller of the same name and stars Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, JK Simmons, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Toby Jones, Val Kilmer, and Chloë Sevigny.

What order are Karin Slaughter books?

  • Blindsighted (2001)
  • Kisscut (2002)
  • A Faint Cold Fear (2003)
  • Indelible (2004)
  • Faithless (2005)
  • Beyond Reach/Skin Privilege (2007)
  • Short Story (2018) (short story) — Jeffrey Tolliver meets Joe Pritchard from the Lincoln Perry series. Co-written with Michael Koryta.

What is the order of Peter James Books?

  • Picture You Dead. by Peter James. Buy the book.
  • Dead Simple. by Peter James. Buy the book.
  • Looking Good Dead. by Peter James. Buy the book.
  • Not Dead Enough. by 4815.
  • Dead Man’s Footsteps. by Peter James.
  • Dead Tomorrow. by Peter James.
  • Dead Like You. by Peter James.
  • Dead Man’s Grip. by Peter James.

How many Lars Kepler books are there?

THE SANDMAN is part of Kepler’s Joona Linna series, but don’t worry: it absolutely can be read as a standalone.

How do you pronounce Jo in Norwegian?

How do you pronounce Jo?

Who was the killer in the Snowman movie?

Mathias Lund-Helgesen, also known as The Snowman Killer, is the main antagonist in the 2017 British crime thriller film The Snowman, based on the novel of the same name by Jo Nesbø. He was portrayed by Jonas Karlsson.

Where do Jo Nesbø books take place?

Fans of crime fiction from all over the world have devoured Jo Nesbø’s famous novels about the detective Harry Hole, and many of them long to experience the city where so much of the books’ plot takes place.

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