Is Malaysia Pargo still on Basketball Wives?

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In the latest episode, Pargo shared with OG Jackie Christie that she’ll no longer be part of the group. “I had to take a day to myself and really sit and pray. I ended up going to church and talking to my pastor,” she told Christie while furniture shopping.

How much is Malaysia net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Malaysia is worth an estimated $3.5 million. Although she receives a salary from Basketball Wives, the series isn’t how she got her fortune.

What is Malaysia’s real name?

According to outlets like Celebrity Net Worth, Malaysia’s real name is Laquisha Pargo. In a 2015 episode of Basketball Wives, the jewelry designer explained to Jackie Christie that she prefers to go by her middle name: Malaysia.

How long was Malaysia married?

Malaysia was married to Pargo for 10 years, before she filed for divorce in 2014. The pair share joint custody of their three kids. During a 2015 interview with RollingOut, Malaysia said, “After divorce, it’s not about you. It’s about the kids.

How much do they get paid on Basketball Wives?

Jennifer Williams The star, who has appeared on the show’s Season 1-4 and Season 7-10, is also the founder of lip gloss line, Lucid Cosmetics and online fashion boutique Classy Girl Wardrobe. For Basketball Wives, she was paid $300,000 per season and reportedly an extra $40,000 for each reunion show.

Where does Malaysia Pargo live now?

The duo share three children who have been with Malaysia now for quite some time. They live in a small house in LA, and the star felt that it was time for a bigger house.

Did Malaysia quit Basketball Wives?

Before the Season 10 premiere of “Basketball Wives” aired, there were rumors about the cast icing out Malaysia Pargo. It was revealed that Malaysia fell out with Brandi Maxiell. And the cause of their issues would be broken down on the show.

Why are Brandi and Malaysia not friends?

After a failed attempt to hash things out, Brandi and Malaysia nearly came to blows. This happened at DJ Duffey’s dating event. Malaysia was so heated that she opened up about the demise of their friendship. And she alleged that Brandi was upset with her because she was fired from the show.

What does Malaysia Pargo earn?

Malaysia Pargo net worth: Malaysia Pargo is a reality television star and jewelry designer who has a net worth is $3.5 million dollars.

Is Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell still friends?

Pargo said in the recent episode, “I feel like the real reason Brandi and I aren’t as close anymore is because she got kicked off the show and for some reason she blames me for it.” “I am not the reason why you wasn’t on the show,” Pargo said in the recent episode.

Who is the richest woman in Malaysia?

Puan Sri Datin Chong Chook Yew As the only woman to have made it on this year’s Forbes Malaysia’s Top 50 Richest list, Puan Sri Datin Chong Chook Yew has earned the number one spot on our list.

Which basketball wife is the richest?

Shaunie O’Neal According to The Cheat Sheet, Shaunie stands to be the wealthiest cast member of Basketball Wives. Sources share that she has a net worth of $35 million that has been accumulated from her work on the show, her marriage, and other business endeavors.

Are Bambi and Malaysia still friends?

Bambi is still one of my best friends, as well. Nothing has changed just because she’s on Love & Hip Hop [Atlanta]. We speak at least twice a week and we’ve just seen each other in Miami, so yes. We grew up together, I’ve known her since I was about 16 years old so there is no way that I would not be in the wedding.

Who is Malaysia dating now?

Last season of Baskebtall Wives LA Malaysia toyed with the idea of dating (and denied that she was moving on with Mally Mall) but now it appears that she has taken the leap back into a relationship with rapper O.T. Genasis.

How old is Malaysia this year?

KUALA LUMPUR (XINHUA) – Malaysia marked the 64th anniversary of its independence on Tuesday (Aug 31), with a scaled-back celebration due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation in the country.

Does Malaysia have custody of her kids?

They have twins and one son. The pair will share joint custody of their kids. He’ll get to keep a 2015 Mercedes Benz G550, the profits from the sale of a New Orleans property, the remaining half of his 401K and pension plan and two checking accounts.

Why did Malaysia move to Atlanta?

Malaysia was stressed being so far away from her children and they missed their mommy so she flew to Atlanta to bring her kids back to Los Angeles.

How old are Malaysia’s kids?

Prior to tying the knot, they dated for four years. Their kids are Jannero Jr. (born in 2006) and twins Jayla and Jayden (born in 2011). Sadly, Malaysia and Jannero split in 2014.

How much money did Malaysia get from divorce?

According to Bossip, Malaysia scored a ridiculously huge payday in her divorce from Jannero Pargo. The documents show that Malaysia — whose real name is Laquisha — will get half of her ex’s NBA player’s pension and half of his 401K savings plan, but that’s not all.

Is Jennifer and Jelani from Basketball Wives still together?

They instantly hit it off and even shared a cheeky smile on their second date. The romance is still in the making.

Why did Eric and Jennifer divorce?

It was reported the pair, who wed in 2007, split in December, due to Eric’s admitted infidelity. “I really wanted it to work and believed he would change,” Jennifer explained. “This whole lifestyle is dysfunctional; it’s not a typical marriage. The bad just started to outweigh the good.”

Why is Evelyn not on Basketball Wives?

Lozada announced that she quit the show for good last year as is the case with co-stars, Kristen Scott and Tami Roman as well. The reality star explained that she made this informed decision because she felt ready to move onwards and upwards, thereby opening herself up to more opportunities that come her way.

Where does Jennifer Williams get her money?

Jennifer Williams is sitting on a remarkable net worth. This figure is linked to her work as a reality TV star, real estate broker, and entrepreneur. Not only has Jennifer remained a permanent fixture on Basketball Wives for quite some time, she is also the founder of the fitness brand Flirty Girl Fitness.

What is Jannero Pargo doing now?

During his two years at Arkansas, his 16 professional seasons as a player and his two-plus years in coaching, Jannero Pargo has always done the Razorbacks proud, something he continues to do in his latest endeavor, an assistant coach for the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers.

Does Malaysia still live in Atlanta?

Jannero also was ordered to pay $14,580 in child support for the former couple’s three kids, plus an additional $800 for child care. Since the divorce, Malaysia has relocated to Atlanta, GA.

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