Is Shannon from channel 955 divorced?

Shannon and Andrew have been divorced for just over a year and they reached another big milestone in their relationship.

Did Shannon from Mojo get divorced?

Shannon announced her divorce a few weeks ago on the air. First off, thank you for all of the kind words towards her and her family.

Why is Spike from Mojo in the morning getting a divorce?

I just figured out that he got divorced over the pandemic, because I wasn’t driving my kid to school and hadn’t been listening.

Who is Shannon on mojo in the morning?

Shannon is the Co-Host of ​”The Mojo in the Morning Show” on Detroit’s #1 radio station, channel 95.5. One of our Co-Founders, Lauren is from Detroit and has been listening to her show for years. If you listen, you know that Shannon makes the show fun and entertaining every single day.

Who is leaving Mojo in the Morning 2022?

But recently, the show has been teasing that someone is leaving the show — and now we know who it is. On an episode of the show that aired on July 27, 2022, Ellen McNally (aka Producer Ellen) announced that she would be leaving Mojo in the Morning.

What is Mojo in the mornings real name?

PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT: Slim on the radio, Producer Rachel, Mojo In The Morning, Shannon Murphy (Mojo In The Morning), Spike (Mojo In The Morning) … follow their personal facebook pages!

How old is Mojo in the Morning?

MOJO in the Morning is a popular iHeart Radio show in Michigan that first premiered in February 2000. On July 27, 2022, the show announced that one of its producers would be signing off for the last time.

How tall is Spike from Mojo in the Morning?

For now, he’s 6-feet-3 and 279. In one of the show’s fearlessly goofy moments, Spike went back-to-back with studio guest Kevin Hart, the comedian and actor who claims to be 5-feet-4. Spike towered over him by a good two inches. He and Mojo are different in other ways, too.

What station is Mojo in the Morning moving to?

Paul Corvino, regional president for iHeartMedia, said Wednesday that shows like Mojo in the Morning (95.5), and personalities like Jay Towers (100.3), Bush Man and Dr. Darrius (97.9), Ya Girl Cheron (92.3), and Doug Podell and Trudi Daniels (106.7) will all work and broadcast out of the building at 2529 Orleans St.

What is radio Spike’s real name?

William (Spike) O’Dell (born May 21, 1953) a native of East Moline, Illinois, is an American former radio host for WGN Radio in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Why did Joey leave Mojo in the Morning?

After 8 years with Mojo in the Morning, I have decided to hang up my jersey. This decision was not easy and I want to start by saying THANK YOU to all of the amazing Channel 955 listeners I have met over the years. Mojo in the Morning will always be my family.

How much is Mojo in the Morning worth?

According to Forbes, Gilbert has a real-time net worth of $6.8 billion, which puts him at No. 71 on the Forbes 400. We spoke with Mojo in the Morning about the list. Check out the video in the player above.

Where is Mojo in the Morning located?

Mojo In The Morning’s Studio – General Entertainment in Farmington.

How much does a radio talk show host make?

How much does a Radio Talk Show Host make? As of Sep 20, 2022, the average annual pay for a Radio Talk Show Host in the United States is $108,005 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $51.93 an hour. This is the equivalent of $2,077/week or $9,000/month.

How tall is Mike from Mojo in the Morning?

Mojo In The Morning He’s 5 ft 4in.

What happened to Bob Collins?

Collins died in the afternoon of February 8, 2000 after his and a student pilot’s plane collided upon approach to the runway at the Waukegan Regional Airport in Waukegan, Illinois. The student pilot, Sharon Hock, was directly below him, and they were unaware of each other’s presence until the collision.

What is Spike O’Dell doing now?

Now retired, he and his family live in Nashville.

Who started Woodward network?

The network launched with its morning show “The Morning Woodward Show” hosted by Woodward Sports co-creators Sam “Stick” Day and Joey Namou.

How do I text a 955 channel?

  1. Email. [email protected].
  2. Call. Studio Line: 1-844-MOJO-LIVE.
  3. Text. Studio Line: 95500. Reply STOP to cancel. Standard text message and data rates apply.

Who is the highest paid radio talk show host?

Audie Murphy, in full Audie Leon Murphy, (born June 20, 1925, near Kingston, Texas, U.S.—died May 28, 1971, near Roanoke, Virginia), American war hero and actor who was one of the most-decorated U.S. soldiers of World War II.

Do radio guests get paid?

Howard Stern is the highest-paid radio host in the world in 2022, according to Forbes. Stern has held the role for five consecutive years. He has been broadcasting for more than 30 years, and his current deal with SiriusXM is worth $500 million.

How did Mojo lose weight?

Like radio talk shows, TV news talk shows usually won’t pay guests for showing up. In both cases, the financial results – if there are any – are generally longer term.

What happened to Kathy and Judy on WGN radio?

Using all-natural supplements and a structured food list, Mike and Ali were finally able to succeed on a weight loss program. Mike actually lost so much weight that he had to get his ring resized! Of course, Mike wasn’t the only Mojo in the Morning team member who lost weight with Ideal You.

Who was at fault in the Bob Collins plane crash?

that WGN was “discontinuing the ‘Kathy & Judy Show. ‘ ” In the station’s own press release dated May 22, 2009 (here is the link), Tom Langmyer, vice president and general manager, was quoted as saying: “This was a business decision,” and “This is the time to move in a new direction.”

What station is Woodward sports on?

More than seven years after the plane crash that killed WGN’s Bob Collins and two other people, a federal judge ruled late Friday that Collins was only 5 percent at fault for the crash, leaving the Federal Aviation Administration and the air traffic controller mostly at fault.

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