Was Kelly Preston married before John Travolta?

Preston had been married to actor Kevin Gage when she met Travolta, but the former pair divorced in 1987. The Jerry Maguire actress then dated George Clooney in 1989 and was briefly engaged to Charlie Sheen in 1990. Travolta and Preston got engaged on New Year’s Eve in 1990 and tied the knot twice the following year.

Are Kelly Preston and John Travolta still together?

Preston died in July 2020 after a two-year battle with breast cancer at age 57. The couple were married for just shy of 30 years and had three children together: Ella, Jett and Ben. Travolta’s late son, Jett, died in January 2009 at age 16 after suffering a seizure during a family vacation in the Bahamas.

What happened to John Travolta’s first son?

John Travolta remembered his late son, Jett, on what would’ve been his 30th birthday Thursday. Jett died in 2009 at 16 years old after having a seizure and hitting his head in a bathtub. “My dearest Jetty, I miss you more than words can say. I think about you everyday.

Did John Travolta lose his first wife?

Last year, when Kelly Preston died at 57 after battling breast cancer for two years, John Travolta lost his wife. And their two kids, Ben, 10, and Ella, 21, lost their mother.

How rich is Travolta?

John Travolta is an American actor and singer who has a net worth $250 million. Let’s talk about some money. Only 2 homes of John Travolta are worth around $25 million. Not only this, he has an aviation state where there is a runway on which his jumbo jet lands.

Did Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta date?

But Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta never got physical while filming the movie musical, and instead went on to share a 44-year friendship that remained strictly platonic.

What religion is John Travolta?

Travolta has been a member of the Church of Scientology since 1975.

What family members has John Travolta lost?

Jett died in 2009 after he suffered a seizure on a family vacation to Grand Bahama Island. He was 16 years old.

What did John Travolta say about the death of Olivia Newton-John?

Kelly passed away aged 57 due to breast cancer John and Kelly had been married since 1991 and shared three children together. Tragically, they lost their eldest son Jett in January 2009 at the age of just 16. He had a history of seizures from the age of two and had to be hospitalized at 15 months with Kawasaki disease.

Who did John Travolta lose?

Her Grease co-star John Travolta led the tributes, saying she “made all of our lives so much better”. Olivia Newton-John died peacefully at her California ranch, surrounded by family and friends. John Travolta posted on social media: “My dearest Olivia, you made all of our lives so much better.

How did John Travolta lose his daughter?

John Travolta is mourning the death of Olivia Newton-John, 73, who succumbed to breast cancer on Monday after battling the disease for 30 years. Travolta, 68, has now lost three women to breast cancer, including his wife of 28 years Kelly Preston, with whom he shares three children.

Who is the wealthiest actor in the world?

JETT TRAVOLTA Kelly’s death came 11 years after the couple’s eldest son, 16-year-old Jett died in 2009 after a seizure at the family’s Bahamas holiday home.

What is Jennifer Aniston worth?

Aniston has been included in numerous magazines’ lists of the world’s most beautiful women. Her net worth is estimated as $300 million. With a box office gross of over $1.6 billion worldwide, Aniston has been referred as one of few performers to have influenced several generations of viewers.

How many planes does Travolta own?

Travolta owns at least seven jets According to Belfast Telegraph, Travolta has at least seven jets in his collection. His private stable is home to a Bombardier Challenger 601, Boeing 727, Eclipse 500, Dassault Falcon 900, and three Gulfstream jets.

Are John Travolta and Olivia Newton still friends?

In 2022, Jerry Seinfeld is the richest actor in the world with a net worth of $950 million.

Who was the youngest cast member of Grease?

Kelly Ward was the youngest of the main cast members at 20. Ward was only two or three years older than his character, making for the most realistic portrayal of a high school student among the main cast.

How old was Travolta in Saturday Night Fever?

Millions of Americans did, however, make it through the film that made a movie star out of 23-year-old John Travolta and propelled the already famous Mr. Gibb, along with his brothers Maurice and Barry, to a level of superstardom rarely achieved before or since.

How much older was Diana Hyland than John Travolta?

The Grease co-stars were still very close up until Olivia’s death in August 2022, and even famously reunited in LA in 2002 to sing their classic hit ‘You’re The One That I Want’. John Travolta was a huge support to Olivia Newton-John as she underwent treatment for breast cancer.

Did John Travolta have a crush on Olivia Newton John?

In 1977, actress Diana Hyland, whom the actor had been seriously dating for a year, died of the very same cause. At 41, she was 18 years older than 23-year-old Travolta, and somewhat scandalously played his mother in the TV movie “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.”

Is John Travolta in a relationship?

Travolta Appears To Be Single Currently.

Is Travolta Italian?

‘The chemistry between them was so vibrant, so real. I think they did the scene in the drive in. Who could not have a crush on John Travolta? He right away had a crush on her which was great,’ she shared.

Why did Travolta move to Ocala?

Travolta’s father was a second-generation Italian American and his mother was Irish American; he grew up in an Irish-American neighborhood and has said that his household was predominantly Irish in culture. His family was Roman Catholic. Travolta married actress Kelly Preston in 1991.

What car does Travolta drive?

The Saturday Night Fever actor’s home is located in Ocala, Florida in the Jumbolair Aviation Estate. The community itself overs 550 acres and was built just for wealthy residents who want to fly in and out without having to go to a public airport.

Is John Travolta selling his house in Maine?

The Saturday Night Fever star is known for his love of vintage cars. As well as his latest vintage Mercedes his collection is said to include a Rolls-Royce, Jaguar XJ6 and his beloved classic Thunderbirds.

What happened to Travolta’s family?

In February of 2021, superstar actor John Travolta made international headlines when he listed his Islesboro, Maine, home for sale. Despite the attention, the $5 million dollar price tag proved to be too pricey for potential buyers during the pandemic.

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