What do most West Point graduates do after graduation?

Upon graduation, you will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army. You must serve a minimum of eight years after you graduate in a combination of Active Duty and Reserve Component Service. During your senior year, you’ll find out which specialized field, or “branch,” you will enter.

What percentage of West Point graduates stay in the military?

At West Point, the proportion of graduates choosing to stay in the military after four years has dropped from more than 80 percent for the classes graduating in the 1980s to 67 percent for the class of 1994. West Point expects the percentage to be even lower for the class of 1995. At the Naval Academy, Capt.

What is the washout rate at West Point?

West Point Has One of the Best Freshman Retention Rates in the Country. With 97.0% of students staying on for a second year, United States Military Academy is one of the best in the country when it comes to freshman retention.

What percentage of West Point graduates make general?

While about 37 percent of the active Army’s 412 generals are West Point graduates, their ranks dwindle each year.

How long do you have stay in military after graduating from West Point?

Your Army Commitment After Graduation In your junior year at USMA at West Point, you commit to serve as an Officer in the Army after graduation. Your commitment will be at least five years of Active Duty and three years in Army Reserve Component, for a total of eight years.

Who is the most famous graduate of West Point?

Ulysses S. Grant, General in Chief, Armies of the United States; President of the United States, 1869-77. George Henry Thomas, The “Rock of Chickamauga.” William Tecumseh Sherman, President of Louisiana State University; “March to the Sea” Civil War campaign; commander of the Armies of the United States.

How much does a West Point cadet get paid?

Cadets are authorized a base pay of $1150.00 per month. This salary is subject to federal and state withholding taxes, social security deductions, and Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance.

What rank are you after West Point?

After Graduation at West Point Academy Graduates will attend Basic Officer Leader Course for some more training in their area of specialty. Once they finish training officers are sent to their Army Unit where they will be for the next three years.

What happens if you quit West Point?

If a cadet leaves West Point before Affirmation they owe the military nothing, but if they choose to leave after Affirmation they must reimburse the Army for the value of all of the training and education they received as a cadet: an exorbitant sum.

How many people quit West Point?

During the first summer at West Point, when the new cadets arrive for Beast Barracks, about 5 -10% of the incoming class quits. They realize West Point just isn’t the right fit for them.

Can West Point cadets drink alcohol?

With prior approval from the Brigade Tactical Officer (BTO), alcoholic beverages are authorized to be served at on-post social functions involving only First and Second-Class Cadets. Only authorized Cadets who are at least twenty-one years of age and have completed 2151 Birthday Training may consume alcohol.

What percent of Army officers went to West Point?

Supporting the mission of the Academy is a civilian workforce of approximately 5,000 personnel. The United States Military Academy at West Point graduates approximately 1,000 new officers annually, which represents approximately 25 percent of 2nd lieutenants required by the Army each year.

How many West Point graduates served as generals in the Civil War?

Fact #6: West Point contributed graduates to the Union and Confederate armies. 217 graduates of West Point attained the rank of Brigadier General or higher in the Union army during the course of the Civil War. In addition, about 146 West Point graduates became general officers in the Confederate army.

How many Army generals are West Point graduates?

While about 37 percent of the active Army’s 412 general officers are West Point graduates, their ranks dwindle each year.

Do West Point graduates see combat?

After graduating from West Point, you will be commissioned in one of several Army branches. You may want a combat arms branch such as Infantry, Field Artillery, Armor, Air Defense Artillery, Aviation or Combat Engineers.

Can you date at West Point?

b) The United States Corps of Cadets Standard Operating Procedure Card 100 – Professional and Personal Relationships – prohibits specific relationships involving cadets. (1) Cadets may not date or engage in an overly familiar relationship with United States Military Academy Preparatory School (USMAPS) Cadet Candidates.

What is a yuk at West Point?

Yearling – A member of the Sophomore/ Third class. Also known as a “Yuk.” Zoomie – One who attends the Air Force Academy.

Can you leave West Point on the weekends?

You get a few days off for Thanksgiving, about 2 weeks for Christmas, about week for Spring Break and at least 2 weeks off in the summer. As for weekends, your privileges as to where you can go on the weekends will increase with each year.

What 3 presidents went to West Point?

Three presidents have attended the United States Service academies: Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, while Jimmy Carter graduated from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland.

Is West Point the best military academy?

United States Military Academy at West Point’s 2022-2023 Rankings. United States Military Academy at West Point is ranked #9 out of 210 National Liberal Arts Colleges. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Who has the most demerits at West Point?

Custer graduated from the academy having accumulated 97 demerits in his last six months, and the lowest final examination scores in the class. His most dismal showing was in the course on cavalry tactics. After graduation on June 24, 1861, the other newly commissioned graduates left for Washington within the week.

Do West Point cadets get summers off?

All cadets receive Christmas, spring, and summer leave, along with the four-day Thanksgiving Break.

How prestigious is West Point?

West Point is one of the most prestigious universities in the country and is extremely competitive to get into. It also has an in-depth application process with some unique requirements that you won’t see at non-military colleges and universities.

How much do West Point professors make?

The estimated total pay for a Professor is $179,037 per year in the West Point, NY area, with an average salary of $154,080 per year.

Is West Point good academically?

About West Point It was founded in 1802 as America’s first college of engineering and continues today as one of our nation’s premier leader-development institutions, consistently ranked among top colleges in the country.

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