What episode does Callie divorce Arizona?

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“Bend & Break” is the fifth episode of the eleventh season of the American television medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, and is the 225th episode overall. It aired on October 23, 2014, on ABC in the United States. The episode was written by Meg Marinis and directed by Jesse Bochco.

Why do Callie and Arizona get divorced?

However, their relationship suffered when Arizona lost one of her legs during a plane crash. In season 9, Arizona cheated on Callie, and the couple separated. Although they attempted to get back together, a therapy exercise they considered splitting up for good in season 11.

Does Robbins and Torres divorce?

Callie Torres is the former head of orthopedic surgery and board member at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She was married to George O’Malley, but divorced after he cheated on her. She currently resides in New York with ex-wife Arizona Robbins, with whom she has a daughter, Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres.

Does Arizona cheat on Callie twice?

Did anyone not realize that Arizona ended up cheating twice? I didn’t realize this until I was rewatching. Season 9 finale she slept with Dr. Boswell and in season 10 she slept with Leah Murphy.

Why does Arizona get custody of Sofia?

The reason Arizona won that custody battle is because she was the better person to raise Sofia. Callie decided to run off to New York with her girlfriend of a few months and thought it would be fine to drag her child across the country, away from all her friends, away from her school, and away from her other mom.

Do Callie and Arizona break up after Arizona cheats?

The Calzona relationship reached a breaking point Though Callie initially resisted it, she eventually reached her breaking point. Callie ultimately decided to call it quits. “What Callie decides is that she doesn’t want to try and fix it or fix them anymore,” Ramirez said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Does Callie ever get custody of Sophia back?

They also insinuate that Arizona abandons her daughter to attend to official duties. However, the judge is lenient and grants Arizona full custody over Sofia despite Callie being the biological mother. Arizona is a considerate parent and allows Callie to see her daughter in a shared custody arrangement.

Why do Callie and Arizona fight for custody?

In the Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 episode “Mama Tried,” Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) take their custody battle to court after being unable to reach a settlement agreement, and one side takes the fight to an ugly and personal place.

What happens in season 7 episode 18 of GREY’s anatomy?

After a car accident sent Callie Torres through a windshield, the pregnant orthopedic surgeon spent much of her time on the operating table and floating around the hospital singing lite rock and pop as the staff fights to save her life and the life of her unborn child.

What episode does Callie and George get divorced?

“Good Mourning” is the first episode and the season premiere of the sixth season of the American television medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, and the show’s 103rd episode overall.

What happens in season 7 episode 19 of GREY’s anatomy?

Short Summary Everyone pulls together to help Callie and baby Sofia on their painstaking journeys to recovery in hopes of allowing mother and baby to finally meet. The sudden death of a clinical trial patient has Derek proceeding with more caution while Meredith makes a calculated and risky move.

Do Arizona and Callie split up?

Callie and Arizona have a five-year relationship, ultimately marrying in season 7 and divorcing in season 11.

Who does Arizona end up with in season 14?

But what some may not recall is that Arizona left Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital to move to New York City, departing the show at the end of season 14 to reunite with Callie and their daughter, Sofia, in the Big Apple.

Do Arizona and Callie get back together season 7?

Callie gives birth to a girl and takes time to recover. Callie and Arizona get married.

Do Callie and Arizona get back together season 10?

Arizona starts sleeping with Leah Murphy, but she and Callie get back together when Callie realizes during a malpractice lawsuit that everyone makes mistakes. Cristina and Owen continue to have sex after their break-up, as they’re still attracted to each other.

What episode does Arizona cheat on Callie with Lauren?

In the finale, titled “Perfect Storm,” Arizona cheated on Callie with Lauren (Hilarie Burton), which Callie found out after seeing Arizona’s engagement ring pinned on Lauren’s shirt.

Does Arizona cheat on Callie with Leah?

During last week’s episode, Arizona thought she drunkenly slept with Intern Leah (Tessa Ferrer) after the fundraising gala. It turns out, they didn’t, but that doesn’t mean Leah isn’t interested.

How did Callie lose custody of Sofia?

Even though Callie really let her lawyers rake Arizona over the coals when they were in court, Arizona emerged victorious in the custody battle over Sofia, even though she is not biologically Sofia’s mother.

Did Callie or Arizona win custody?

Ultimately, the custody battle becomes a huge issue that involves multiple doctors from the hospital testifying. At the final courtroom showdown between Callie and Arizona, Callie loses custody of her daughter — which causes a slew of problems between Callie and Penny, her new girlfriend.

Who gets sole custody of Sofia?

The verdict was in, and we only saw the result when Meredith walked Sofia to the front door. “The true mom would rather give her baby up than see her ripped into two,” the Grey Sloan surgical chief said. Meredith opened the door to Arizona, who was awarded sole custody. She and Sofia happily headed home.

Does Callie and Arizona break up in season 10?

Callie & Arizona Like Cristina and Owen, this pair started season 10 having broken up, and Callie actually temporarily moved into Meredith and Derek’s house to escape her crumbling marriage. While separated, Arizona had a brief fling with intern Leah Murphy.

Why did Callie leave Arizona?

Callie started dating Penny and wanted to move to New York with her, but after a custody battle with Arizona over their daughter, Sofia, she broke up with Penny. Arizona ended up offering her a custody agreement so she could move to New York, and so Callie left Grey’s Anatomy in season 12.

What season does Arizona cheat on Callie?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9: Arizona Cheats on Callie — Recap | TVLine.

Who does Arizona Robbins end up with?

To fans’ delight, she ended up marrying fellow board member Callie Torres (Sara Ramírez) in season seven and went on to have daughter Sofia together.

Does Lexie leave mark when Callie gets pregnant?

When Mark told Lexie at the end of the episode that he got Callie pregnant, she walked out on him after pointing out that Mark was doing this to her for a second time.

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