What happened between Devon and Raven?

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Devon kept in touch with Raven after moving and they even eventually got married, which resulted in having a son named Booker and a daughter named Nia (who’re also fraternal twins). However, Raven and Devon didn’t work out and the two ultimately got divorced.

Are Raven and Devon together in Raven’s home?

It’s later revealed that Raven and Devon got married (yay!) and had two kids, Booker & Nia. But, my friends, thanks to the premise of Raven’s Home, the couple are now officially divorced and Raven is living as a single parent raising her kids in the same house as her best friend Chelsea and her son, Levi.

Who does Raven Baxter end up with?

Sometime between the end of That’s So Raven and the beginning of Raven’s Home, Raven and Devon got married and had two children (a pair of boy-girl fraternal twins named Booker and Nia).

Did Devon know Raven was psychic?

Sometime after the events of That’s So Raven and Cory in the House, Raven finally tells Devon about her psychic power, and the two get married, and have fraternal twins they named Booker and Nia – but the marriage apparently didn’t last and Raven and Devon ultimately got divorced, sharing custody of the twins.

Did Chelsea leave Raven’s home?

Raven’s dad, Victor Baxter, has a mild heart attack, and Raven springs into action to take care of him. Along with Booker, she moves back to her hometown of San Francisco and lives with her dad, leaving Chelsea behind in Chicago, while her daughter Nia moves in with her dad.

Why is Nia not in Raven’s Home season 5?

Then, of course, Raven’s directing, and it’s just so amazing to see her blossom, and to be a part of something that’s meant so much to so many people, not just myself.” The actress departed the series ahead of season 5 after the show underwent a soft reboot with new characters in a new city.

Do Raven and Chelsea get together?

They had an adventure onboard a submarine. They both got married and had children.

Why didn’t That’s So Raven have a finale?

Their joint company Brookwell McNamara Entertainment produced That’s So Raven, which premiered on January 17, 2003. The series concluded on November 10, 2007, after becoming the network’s first program to reach 100 episodes, ending due to the actors aging beyond the teenage demographic of the show.

Why is Annalise not on Raven’s Home?

As far as fans know, Anneliese Van Der Pol is not in season five of “Raven’s Home” simply due to a change in the show’s storyline.

Who is Raven’s true love?

Unlike the series where Raven’s feelings for Beast boy are debatable, in the TV show, Teen Titans Go it is most clear that Raven likes Beast Boy. The two eventually become a couple.

Who did Chelsea marry in Raven’s home?

History. Sometime after high school, Chelsea met a man named Garrett who she fell in love with and eventually married. Chelsea’s mother and Raven both disapproved of Garrett.

Who is Raven’s main love interest?

Damian Wayne is the love interest of Raven in the New 52 DC Animated Universe and Mar’i Grayson in the comic book series Kingdom Come.

Is Raven a full demon?

Raven, being half-demon, has used her demonic appearances on several occasions, though often the use of her demon form causes her to lose control.

Why did the mom leave That’s So Raven?

She last appeared on That’s So Raven as Raven’s mother in a season 3 episode that aired in 2005, leaving the series to care for her grandmother. At the time, it was revealed that Tanya had left for London to attend law school.

Why was Chelsea not in the first episode of That’s So Raven?

Anneliese van der Pol didn’t get the part of Chelsea Daniels at the very beginning back when it was still named ‘Absolutely Psychic’. While in the audition room for the pilot, Raven stated she would rather play best friends with her than the other actress the producers picked, helping Anneliese get the part.

Where did Nia go in Raven’s home?

Raven Baxter and her son Booker are moving back to San Francisco to help take care of her dad, Victor Baxter, after he suffers a minor heart attack. Booker’s twin Nia is staying back in Chicago along with much of the original “Raven’s Home” cast.

Where did Tess go in Raven’s home?

Tess lives with her parents in Chicago in the apartment opposite Raven’s. She spends most of her time in Raven’s apartment. She is best friends with Nia Baxter and also best friends with Booker and Levi. She goes to George Washington Carver Community School with them.

Did sky Katz leave Raven’s home?

| On October 1, 2021, it was announced by Disney Channel that the series was renewed for a fifth season. Raven Symoné and Isaac Ryan Brown would return for the season; however, Navia Robinson, Jason Maybaum, Sky Katz, and Anneliese van der Pol would not return.

Is Nia Raven’s real daughter?

Nia is the daughter of Raven Baxter and Devon Carter. She is Booker’s older twin sister. She lives in Chicago.

What happened to Navia Robinson?

Navia Robinson Played Nia Baxter-Carter The actress went on to voice the role of Dora in Dora the Explorer and will star in We Are Gathered Here Today. She was cast in The CW series Gotham Knights in March 2022.

Does Nia ever get her own visions?

This is the second part of a trilogy which reunites Raven Baxter with Dr. Sleevemore. This marked the first and only episode that Nia has psychic visions.

Did Disney cancel Raven’s home?

Disney Channel confirmed in October 2021 that the show was officially renewed for more episodes. The fan-favorite series premiered in July 2017 as a spinoff to That’s So Raven, which aired on the network from 2003 to 2007.

Is Raven’s home getting a season 5?

In season five of “Raven’s Home,” Raven and Booker move back to San Francisco to help take care of her dad after a mild heart attack. Now Raven finds herself parenting her parent, raising her young cousin, and settling into life in her old hometown.

Do they mention Cory in Raven’s home?

He and Victor are the main characters in the TSR spin-off series Cory in the House. He is mentioned, not by name, in Raven’s Home by Raven in the episode American Torah Story.

Why does Disney keep cancel good shows?

“The aim was to limit production costs so they could continue to make more shows while keeping costs low,” the outlet shared. “This rule is no longer enforced, but Disney will still cancel most shows after their fourth season.” This happens to be one of the reasons why Lizzie McGuire ended a lot sooner than we thought.

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