What happened to Bill Michaels?

The reason it was dropped: According to Michaels, Audacy — the radio chain that owns WSSP-AM (1250) in Milwaukee and Michaels’ employer before he left at the beginning of 2021 during a programming shakeup — “sent a cease-and-desist to iHeart,” the conglomerate that owns WOKY, asserting Michaels couldn’t bring his show …

Did Bill Michaels retire?

After more than two decades on air, Bill is taking “a brief break from the airwaves” as he leaves WSSP at Milwaukee, Wis. — otherwise known as 1250 AM The Fan — and announces the end of The Bill Michaels Show.

How can I listen to Michaels bill?

The Bill Michaels Show on Apple Podcasts. A podcast of Bill Michaels’ daily radio show, which airs live 10am-2pm Monday–Friday across the state of Wisconsin. Join Bill each day for the latest news and opinion on the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks and Wisconsin Badgers.

What happened to 1250 AM The Fan Milwaukee?

The cancellation of a Milwaukee sports-talk radio show hosted by LeRoy Butler and Gary Ellerson — as well as the other local programs on WSSP-AM (1250 “The Fan”) — resulted from the financial challenges facing the station’s parent company and the heavy competition among Milwaukee stations for sports-talk listeners and …

What station is Bill Michaels on in Milwaukee?

The Bill Michaels Show – 96.7FM 1670AM The Zone | WOZN – Madison, WI.

What happened to the Bart Winkler show?

But that abruptly ended on Tuesday of last week when WSSP 1250 AM The Fan in Milwaukee stopped all local broadcasting and flipped to CBS national programming. The Bart Winkler Show was no longer on the air.

Where is Ramie Makhlouf going?

KHTK Becomes Sactown Sports, Adds Ramie Makhlouf To Afternoons | Barrett Media.

What radio channel is Bill Michaels?

The Bill Michaels Show | ESPN Radio AM1590 WPVL – Platteville.

What station is the fan Milwaukee?

1250AM The Fan – Milwaukee’s Sports Talk Leader – LISTEN LIVE | Audacy.

Who owns WTMJ?

WTMJ (620 kHz) is a commercial AM radio station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Owned by Good Karma Brands, the station has a news/talk radio format. Its sign-on dates back to 1922 and for most of its history it was owned by The Milwaukee Journal newspaper.

Who left TMJ4 weather?

The TMJ4 News Today crew spent Friday morning saying goodbye to Meteorologist Brian Niznansky.

Who is leaving WTMJ?

Jane Matenaer, who has been a major presence on Milwaukee morning radio shows for nearly four decades, worked her last day Friday at WTMJ-AM (620) and told the Milwaukee Business Journal she’s not planning to retire.

Who left WTMJ?

Brian Gotter retiring as chief meteorologist at WTMJ-TV (Channel 4)

Who recently left Fox 6 Milwaukee?

Angelica Duria says goodbye on Real Milwaukee. Angelica Duria says goodbye to FOX6 News after 12 years.

Is Brian Gotter married?

He spends his free time with his wife Tina, daughter Alexis, “Ali,” who was born on July 29, 2005, and son Austin, who was born on September 22, 2010. “My girls and my boy are my life!

Who is Brian Niznansky married to?

While home visiting friends and family, Brian met his wife Julie at Bastille Days in downtown Milwaukee, and they eventually married in Green Bay. Julie and Brian now live in Grafton with their two young daughters, Olivia and Riley. Most of Brian’s family remains in Racine, and Julie’s family in Mequon.

Why is Vince Vitrano leaving WTMJ?

This morning Vince Vitrano announced on air that he will leave WTMJ-TV to replace Gene Mueller as the host of ‘Wisconsin’s Morning News’ on WTMJ 620-AM radio. This morning Vince Vitrano announced on air that he will leave WTMJ-TV to replace Gene Mueller as the host of “Wisconsin’s Morning News” on WTMJ 620-AM radio.

Where is Vince condella now?

I am a retired meteorologist living in Wisconsin. I still enjoy watching the sky, but now I often do it with camera in hand.

How old is Jane matenaer WTMJ?

While she deflected questions on the air about what she’ll do next — she said she’s “exploring some options” — Matenaer, 62, told the Milwaukee Business Journal Friday that isn’t retiring and plans to stay in the media business.

Is Brian Gotter leaving Channel 4?

Brian has accepted a job with the MACC Fund, an organization near and dear to his heart. Today, we are saying goodbye to Brian Gotter. He is leaving television news to take a new job with the MACC Fund. MILWAUKEE — After 26 years in broadcast news and 16 years with TMJ4, we are saying goodbye to Brian Gotter.

Who is the chief meteorologist on Channel 4 Milwaukee?

About Marisa Marisa Woloszyn joined Storm Team 4 in January 2021. She is a two-time Emmy-award winning meteorologist. Before coming to Milwaukee, she spent nine years in Oregon.

Where is Jane matenaer now?

Radio veteran Jane Matenaer takes new role at progressive talk station with Kristin Brey. Jane Matenaer has joined progressive-talk station WAUK. Longtime Milwaukee radio personality Jane Matenaer’s new gig is with progressive-talk radio station WAUK producing Kristin Brey’s new show and providing news reports.

Why did Nicole Koglin leave Fox six?

Nicole Koglin, who has been on the morning news show at WITI-TV (Channel 6) for more than 15 years, announced this week that she’s leaving the show, the station and TV news “altogether.” “It’s now time for me now to be with my own family when they wake up and start their day,” Koglin said on “FOX6 WakeUp” Tuesday.

Why did Nicole leave Channel 6?

It has been an absolute joy and honor to wake up this great city for the past 15+ years. Now it is time for me to be with my own family when they wake up and start their day. This summer I am leaving FOX6 and saying goodbye to television news. This difficult decision weighs heavy on my heart.

Is Jessob reisbeck still married?

Jessob and his wife may have grown up in California, but this is now where they, and their kids, call “home.” They are so happy to be “home!”

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