What happened with Lisa and Lenny Hochstein?

We made the decision to get divorced last month.” In the same statement, Lenny also confirmed his relationship with model Katharina Mazepa, 26. The pair was spotted outside a Miami club on May 7 in a TikTok video. “After the decision was made, I began seeing Katharina,” his statement continued.

Why are Lisa and Lenny divorcing?

Lenny Hochstein just wants out. After Page Six broke the news that his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein, claimed in a court filing that he was trying to “financially strangle” her in their divorce, the plastic surgeon exclusively told us that the “Real Housewives of Miami” star is the problem.

Is Lisa and Lenny still together?

It’s official: Lenny Hochstein has filed for divorce from his Real Housewives of Miami star wife, Lisa Hochstein. The pair confirmed their split on May 16.

Did Lenny and Lisa have a prenup?

MANSION FIGHT In legal documents previously exclusively revealed by The U.S. Sun, Lenny claimed that in their prenuptial agreement Lisa agreed she would vacate the home if one of them filed for divorce, which he has done.

What is Lenny Hochstein salary?

Lenny’s net worth, according to multiple sources, is approximately an impressive $50 million. He has made this by becoming a critically acclaimed plastic surgeon.

Which Miami housewife is getting divorced?

Lenny filed for divorce from Lisa on May 20 after 12 years of marriage and nearly two weeks of public feuding between the couple. “Lisa and I are getting divorced,” Lenny told Page Six on May 16. “A few weeks ago, I denied this because because I am trying my best to protect my family during this process.

Are Adriana and Frederic still together?

Adriana de Moura is no stranger to the Real Housewives of Miami. She was on the original seasons and was well known for her feisty nature with her castmates. The show also followed her love life with fiancé, Frederic Marq, who she ended up marrying in front of the cameras. Unfortunately, the two have now divorced.

How long were Lisa and Lenny married?

Lisa Hochstein ‘blindsided’ by divorce, Lenny’s ‘reckless’ new relationship. Lisa Hochstein says she was “blindsided” by husband Lenny Hochstein’s decision to divorce her after 12 years of marriage.

When did Lisa and Lenny get divorced?

May 23, 2022: Lenny Hochstein files for divorce from Lisa Hochstein. A week after the pair confirmed their breakup, Lenny filed for divorce from Lisa. The formal paperwork he filed on May 23 cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split.

Did Lisa from RHOM use a surrogate?

Lisa and Lenny expanded their family again when daughter Elle was born via surrogate. “She is an absolute angel baby and we are overflowing with joy,” she wrote via Instagram at the time.

How did Lisa and Lenny have kids?

Lisa and Lenny expanded their family again when daughter Elle was born via surrogate. “She is an absolute angel baby and we are overflowing with joy,” she wrote via Instagram at the time.

Who is the wealthiest Housewife of Miami?

1. Lisa Hochstein, 39. As a former Playboy model, reality star and the wife of prominent Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein, Lisa is officially the richest cast member.

How much is Kyle Richards Worth 2020?

3) Kyle Richards – $100M She started her career as a child actress, starring in Little House on the Prairie, The Car, The Watcher in the Woods, and the original Halloween movie. Kyle is married to successful real estate broker Mauricio Umansky. She also makes her money from her fashion lines and boutiques.

Who did Lenny cheat on Lisa with RHOM?

Earlier on Monday, Lenny, 55, confirmed that he and the reality star have decided to split after nearly 13 years of marriage. The news came after Page Six reported that the plastic surgeon was spotted partying with model Katharina Mazepa at a Miami club on May 7.

What is the highest paid plastic surgeon?

  1. Dr. Terry Dubrow – $50 Million. The 63-year-old Dr.
  2. Dr. Leonard Hochstein – $20 Million.
  3. Dr. Kevin Sands – $20 Million.
  4. Dr. Chris Moss – $20 Million.
  5. Dr. Garth Fisher – $15 Million.
  6. Dr. Robert Key – $14 Million.
  7. Dr. Paul Nassif – $14 Million.
  8. Dr. Maria Siemionow – $14 Million.

Who’s the richest on Rhobh?

1) Kathy Hilton According to Celebrity Net Worth, the former child actress turned reality star’s riches are an estimated $350million. Due to the aforementioned amount of wealth, Kathy Hilton is the richest cast member on RHOBH.

Where is the best country to get plastic surgery?

Brazil, Japan, Italy, and Mexico are among the top international destinations of choice for cosmetic surgery, with Russia, India, Turkey, Germany, and France rounding out the top ten, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

How old is Lenny from Real Housewives of Miami?

Biggest ‘Real Housewives’ Feuds of All Time “Having a wife and a girlfriend can be stressful,” Lenny, 56, quipped via Instagram after mom Mariana Hochstein asked if he was on a “starvation diet” under a photo of him in Austria. “Very interesting.

Why does Adriana look so different?

Fillers?” and Adriana explained, “Not really. I do botox, and I gained weight. I don’t believe in fillers, it makes you look like a grouper. I don’t like that.”

What did Adriana do to Lea?

While Adriana thought Lea had her back, Lea accused Adriana of using her for money and lying about her marriage to Frederic Marq. Adriana accused Lea of attacking her for a storyline and the friendship was over. When the fourth season was cast, all these years later, Lea wasn’t a part of it.

Are Lea and Adriana still friends?

And when it comes to Lea, Adriana says that their friendship never fully recovered from their epic fallout in season 3. She explained, “Lea has been spending a lot of time in LA, and unfortunately, we never really reconnected.”

Did Lenny cheat on Lisa?

He responded with a simple, “didn’t cheat.” While Lenny originally denied the claims that he and Lisa were splitting up, he quickly changed his tune. Only a few days after his denial, Lenny issued a statement. He said, “Lisa and I are getting divorced.

What’s a gestational surrogate?

A woman who carries and gives birth to a baby for a person who is not able to have children. Eggs from an egg donor are fertilized in the laboratory with sperm from a sperm donor to make an embryo. The embryo is implanted in the uterus of the gestational surrogate, who carries the baby until birth.

How do surrogates work?

It’s a woman who gets artificially inseminated with the father’s sperm. They then carry the baby and deliver it for you and your partner to raise. A traditional surrogate is the baby’s biological mother. That’s because it was their egg that was fertilized by the father’s sperm.

Does Daysy still work for Lisa?

Remember Daysy from The Real Housewives of Miami? Well, Lisa Hochstein still uses her cleaning services, but through an employee of the former cleaner. She has basically became the real-life Cinderella since her TV debut.

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