What happens to Don and Betty Draper?

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For the first three seasons, Don was married to Betty Draper (née Hofstadt; January Jones). At the end of the third season, she divorced him and married Henry Francis (Christopher Stanley), an aide to then-New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller.

Who did Don Draper end up with?

With that gesture being the start of their relationship, Betty and Don were soon married. The couple later has their first child, Sally, soon followed by a son, Bobby. In Season 3, the Drapers have another son, Gene, named after Betty’s recently deceased father.

Does Betty cheat on Don?

And victimhood requires a sort of innocence, which is destroyed when she cheats on Don with an anonymous man at a bar and sets up an affair between her married friend and another man. Betty is no longer a victim of infidelity, by the end of the second season, but a believer in it.

Do Megan and Don get divorced?

The moment Don realizes Megan can no longer serve this purpose for him, the decision to divorce happens to be mutual. Inevitable, even. Mad Men (TV series): Why does Megan divorce Don Draper? Jon Negroni’s answer: It makes sense that their divorce finally happened in Season 7, because this is the season of replacement.

What episode does Don and Betty get divorced?

Don and Betty’s divorce occurred in the third season’s finale, “Shut the Door, Have a Seat.” Following putting up with years of Don’s infidelity and ultimately learning his true identity, Betty begins a flirtation with Henry Francis, an aide to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller.

Why do Don and Betty get divorced?

Roger Sterling, whose daughter was a friend of Francis’ daughter, unwittingly revealed to Don that Betty was having an affair. An incensed Don confronted Betty. After calling her a whore, he assured her that she “won’t get a nickel” in the ensuing divorce and that he intended to seek sole custody of the children.

Who does Peggy Olson marry?

However, by the end of the series, Peggy finally finds her man. He just happens to be Stan, who has been right in front of her the whole time. The two finally get romantic at the very end, and it’s what she deserves.

What is Don Draper’s mental illness?

He’s an escapist in a lot of ways.” The diagnosis: A deep-down narcissist who may never change. “Don definitely meets the clinical description of narcissistic personality disorder — grandiosity, lack of empathy, and obsession with one’s own power. It’s an extreme form of egocentrism.

Who does Joan Harris end up with?

In the interim between Seasons 2 and 3, Joan and Greg have married. In Season 3’s third episode, “My Old Kentucky Home”, it is revealed that Greg is not the accomplished surgeon that Joan had hoped he would be, and is seen as a danger to patients.

What happens to Betty in Mad Men?

The single most tragic thing about Betty is that she died of lung cancer when she was less than fifty years old. It didn’t come as much of a surprise, considering she was a chain smoker, but so was Don, Roger, and most other characters on the show.

Does Peggy sleep with Don?

Her colleagues often assumed that she built her career by sleeping with Don, but they’ve never had that kind of relationship — thank goodness. And thank goodness that Matthew Weiner has stated they don’t have intentions of turning Don and Peggy’s relationship into a sexual one.

What episode does Don divorce Megan?

“Far Away Places” is the sixth episode of the fifth season of the American television drama series Mad Men and the 58th episode of the series overall.

Who is the father of Joan Harris baby?

Joan needs one man in that office to see her for her skills and not her, um, considerable assets. Which brings us to Roger, the father of Joan’s son and a man who appears to have no idea that his former lover went ahead and gave birth to the child she told him she had aborted.

What happens to Megan Draper?

5) “Time Zones” (S7, Ep 1) – In the season 7 premiere, Megan is now an actress living alone in the Hollywood Hills, trying a long distance relationship with Don in New York.

Do Peter and Trudy get divorced?

Instead of getting a divorce since she doesn’t want to be a “failure”, Trudy tells Pete that he can stay in his apartment and only come home when she allows it.

Is Peggy in love with Don?

Peggy tries to persuade him that he is not the bad person he thinks he is and tries to convince him to come home. After Don hangs up, she calls Stan and expresses concern. He comforts her and they finally admit they’re in love with each other.

Who does Roger Sterling end up with?

Roger Sterling He was always civilized and generous when it came to the end of his first two marriages, and fortunately, his benevolence hasn’t run out. After Marie spits at him in French that he’s going to leave her for his secretary — clearly she hasn’t met Caroline — Roger decides to marry her.

Why did Don give Megan a million dollars?

Don then writes Megan a check for $1,000,000 dollars because he “wants her to have the life she deserves” and “[doesn’t] want to fight anymore”. Megan sets up a lunch with Harry, who she hopes will help her to find a new agent and book new jobs.

Why is Betty fat in season 5?

During the filming of the show, Jones became pregnant before season five. According to People, the show’s creative team got around this in an inventive way. They put Jones in a fat suit and had a subplot revolving around Betty gaining weight.

Does Megan find out about Don and Sylvia?

Megan Tells Sylvia She Had a Miscarriage It didn’t seem out of the ordinary to Megan, but for the viewers (who knew that her friend and neighbor, Sylvia Rosen, was having an affair with Don), watching Mrs. Draper confide in her husband’s mistress that she had a miscarriage was painfully awkward.

What happens to Joan at the end of Mad Men?

It was simply what the society of the time — pushed by the very ad agencies for whom she worked — had told her she desired. And after years of being doubted, pushed around, and sexually harassed by the men in her life, Joan ultimately decides to be her own woman, charting her own course to succeed or fail on her own.

Does Pete find out about Peggy baby?

He tells Peggy to forget it ever happened, the significance of which is clarified when Peggy finally confronts Pete at the end of season 2. She informs Pete of their baby’s existence, telling him she gave the child up for adoption.

What happens to Peter in Mad Men?

At the end of Mad Men, Pete Campbell finally won at life. Trudy gave their marriage another chance. Despite their numerous ups and downs, these two had one of the most successful relationships on Mad Men. Duck Phillips offered Pete a new job.

Why does Don Draper cheat on Betty?

The one factor that stands out in Don’s escapades is that like many powerful men pictured at the time he loves a domineering woman. You can see a similar tendency in Roger Sterling’s behavior. Betty of course does not fit this mold and this is one of the reasons he looked elsewhere.

Is Don Draper a womanizer?

His haughty, arrogant and aloof facade was easily mistaken for genuine confidence. We soon found out, however, that Don was a man with flaws. An alcoholic, a womanizer and an adulterer, he lied about things, not the least of which was his fake identity.

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