What happens to Randall and Beth on This Is Us?

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William, a recovering drug addict who is dying, eventually lives out his final months with Beth, Randall and their girls, Tess and Annie. After William dies, Beth and Randall buy the decrepit building he used to live in and adopt a teenager, Deja, who shares a special father-daughter bond with Randall.

Are Randall and Beth still together in the future?

Randall and Beth are still happily married during the flash-forward scenes.

Are Randall and Beth together in This Is Us?

The show spends most of its time in roughly our present, with significant detours back to the Big Three’s young childhood and teenage years. Beth is Randall’s wife and one of the many characters connected by blood or marriage to the Big Three, who also get their own backstory-rich flashbacks.

Do Kate and Toby get divorced?

Viewers knew the split was coming, but they may have been surprised to see how the couple worked through their differences.

Who does Randall end up with?

Randall proposes to Shanique in the finale, and she accepts. It seems like a happily ever after for the two…but then! At the reunion, the couple reveal that they actually broke up for six months after the proposal. They eventually reunited after some time apart and are back together.

Does Kate get before Rebecca dies?

But the emotional sucker-punch doesn’t come until the end. She’s arrived at the train’s caboose but insists she can’t go in because she’s waiting for someone. That someone is Kate, who in real life bursts into Rebecca’s room to say goodbye before Rebecca passes away.

Which of Randall’s daughters is pregnant?

Fans found this out in Season 6, Episode 17 (the show’s penultimate episode). In it, the Pearson extended family has all gathered to say goodbye to Rebecca (Mandy Moore), and while they’re waiting, Deja tells Randall that she’s pregnant—but the father’s identity is a mystery.

Does Deja have a baby This Is Us?

The penultimate episode of This Is Us, which aired on May 17, finally revealed who the father of Déja’s baby is. Although it seemed like new character Marcus Brooks was her boyfriend/father of her unborn child, viewers ultimately learned who it actually is: Malik.

Who does Deja end up with This Is Us?

Fogelman also explains the storyline with Kenny and Marcus, how he finally convinced thirtysomething alum Olin to do a cameo on the show he has been an EP and director for six seasons, and why Deja ultimately ended up with Malik.

Why do Randall and Beth split up?

The family decided to move to Philadelphia so that Randall could be closer to his job on the city council and Beth could finally pursue her dreams of opening her own dance studio.

Who does Kevin marry in This Is Us?

Sophie made it clear that she needed Kevin to “love me for the woman that I am now, not the woman that I was.” She added, “I want to fall in love with the man you’ve become.” Breckenridge loved that the six-season story ended with Kevin and Sophie finally together.

Do Kevin and Zoe stay together?

Zoe, played by Melanie Liburd She even helps him through his addiction, and they eventually move in together. But by the end of Season 2, the couple split because of their differing views on having children.

How many babies do Kate and Toby have?

The episode opened with Kate, five years into the future and on her second wedding day, receiving a phone call from Toby to let her know that he finally understands that splitting up was the right decision for both them and their family, which includes two children.

Who is Kate’s new husband on This Is Us?

The hit drama revealed in a flash-forward during the May 2021 season 5 finale that Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) divorced and she planned to marry her coworker Phillip (Chris Geere).

Does Kate cheat on Toby This Is Us?

Who does Kate marry in ‘This Is Us’ Season 6? As the series finale draws nearer, the future of the Pearson family becomes clearer. Although there’s no indication that Kate cheats on Toby, it’s obvious that the end is near for their relationship in Episode 12 — “Katoby” —which showrunners promise will be “intense.”

Are Randal and Shanique still together?

Shanique explained that the problems she and Randall had discussed on the show were still issues when they returned to real life. They broke up for six months as a result. Shanique referred to their separation as “the hardest time in her life.” As of the reunion, however, they’re back together.

What is Deja naming her baby on This Is Us?

As a follow-up to the news, Deja tells Randall she’s pregnant with a boy—and the baby’s name will be William, a special nod to Randall’s biological father played by Ron Cephas Jones. “Your grandson is ‘gonna be named after a man I never met,” Deja tells Randall.

Does April and Jake stay together?

During the reunion episode of Netflix’s latest reality series, which was released on April 13, April revealed that she had found love again after her breakup with Jake Cunningham on the show.

Does Rebecca see Jack when she dies?

Back at the deathbed, Randall kisses Rebecca and says, “You tell him ‘Hey. ‘” She squeezes his hand, seemingly in response, and all three kids are taken aback. On the train, Rebecca lies down on the bed, then turns and sees Jack there, lying next to her. “Hey,” she says, smiling.

Is Deja pregnant on This Is Us season 6?

Malik is overjoyed to hear that Deja is pregnant in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 17. He tells her, “I have loved you since I was 16.

What happens to Miguel on This Is Us?

We were reminded of this yet again at the devastating close of Season 6, Episode 15 when it was revealed that Miguel (Jon Huertas) died.

Are Deja and Malik pregnant?

The good news (at least if you’re Randall and Beth) is that Déjà’s not pregnant. The bad news? Déjà announces that she’ll be finishing up the school semester the following month, then moving to Boston with Malik.

Did Deja ever meet William?

Cut to William (Ron Cephas Jones) reflecting lovingly on being a grandfather to Tess and Annie and the role of a grandparent … and back to Déjà telling Randall she’s having a boy and will name him William, whom she never met. After raising only women, Randall is ecstatic for a boy to help raise.

What did Randall say at the end of This Is Us?

That’s what we’re doing, is collecting these little moments. We don’t recognize them when we’re in them because we’re too busy looking forward. Then we spend the rest of our lives looking back, trying to remember. Trying to be back inside them,” he told his sons, while walking them through their first face-shave.

What happens to Kate in This Is Us?

It’s at least 15 to 20 years in the future. For the first time in the entire series, we know Kate is alive and happily married to Phillip. (Don’t forget, she had yet to appear in any future time period which made fans think the worst.)

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