What is happening with The Little Couple?

Jen, 47, Bill, 47, and their children Will, 12, Zoey, 10, have been off the small screen since 2019. The Sun can exclusively reveal Discovery Communications renewed the trademark for The Little Couple on March 14, 2022, despite the show being off the air. The trademark was first filed in September 2010.

Is The Little Couple suing TLC?

LEGAL MATTERS The show’s delay is likely due to the couple’s expensive lawsuit with producers. Back in July 2020, Jen and Bill finally settled their three-year lawsuit against the reality show’s producer to reclaim intellectual property rights.

Where are Bill and Jen from The Little Couple?

Jen, 47, Bill, 47, and their children, William and Zoey, moved to Massachusetts for her new job at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital earlier this year.

Did The Little Couple sell their Florida home?

THE LITTLE Couple stars Dr. Jen Arnold and her husband, Bill Klein, have sold their massive Florida mansion featuring an elevator and spa for $3.6million. Jen, 47, Bill, 47, and their children William, 11, and Zoey, 10, have moved from Florida to Boston for her new job.

Where do Jen and Bill live now?

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein have dropped $2.1million on a massive Boston mansion featuring six bedrooms and an outdoor kitchen. Jen, 47, Bill, 47, and their children, William and Zoey, moved to Massachusetts for her new job at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital earlier this year.

How much is Jen from The Little Couple worth?

Jen Arnold net worth: Jen Arnold is an American neonatologist and reality television star who has a net worth of $3.5 million dollars.

Why did The Little Couple sue the producers?

Following an FBI search of its Los Angeles offices earlier on Thursday, production company LMNO has filed a lawsuit against its former accountant for fraud and embezzlement. The company is behind reality series “The Little Couple,” which it recently accused longtime partner Discovery Communications of stealing.

Where does Jen Arnold work now?

Jen Arnold of ” The Little Couple ” fame is moving back home to Florida with her husband, Bill Klein, and two children. The reality TV star accepted a position at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg as medical director of the hospital’s expanding Simulation Center.

How old are Jen and Bill kids?

The reality star – who shares Will, 12, and Zoey, 10, with husband Bill Klein – notes that the kids have made the most of their move to Boston.

Why is Jen Arnold moving?

As we reported, Jen and Bill moved their kids, Will and Zoey, from Florida to Massachusetts. This is because Jen accepted a couple of new jobs. From social media, it looks like the whole family is doing well. Jen is staying busy at work but still makes time for her kiddos.

How much was The Little Couple’s house in Florida?

Jen and Bill purchased their Florida home in 2017 for $2.1 million, according to Realtor.com, making their sale a $1.54 million profit. Their former St. Petersburg property is located in the Snell Isle neighborhood of the city, is 5,441 square feet and is situated right on the waterfront.

How much money does Dr Jen Arnold make?

How much do Jen Arnold and Ben Klein make per episode? According to Cheatsheet.com, the couple earns between $25,000-$40,000 per episode. They reportedly bring in a much higher sum in comparison to their TLC network counterparts.

How much do The Little Couple make per episode?

According to Cheatsheet.com, Bill and Jen earn between $25,000-$40,000 per episode. They reportedly rake in a much higher sum in comparison to other TLC stars on the network. A report from Business Insider also suggests that the couple could be bringing in even more, based on the show’s popularity.

Why did Bill and Jen move to Florida?

Petersburg,” the neonatologist wrote via Instagram at the time. Jen updated her social media followers about another tropical storm they faced, which moved up the Florida coast after strengthening to a hurricane, per CNN.

What did Jen Arnold have surgery for?

Jen, 48, went under the knife in February 2022 to fix her left hip, which wasn’t the first time she needed intervention. “I wore my hips to the ground, and I actually had them originally replaced during residency. So, that was about 20 years ago now.

What hospital does Jen from The Little Couple work at?

The Little Couple star Dr. Jen Arnold details her rewarding career at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard University in an exclusive video interview with In Touch. The accomplished neonatologist, 48, is the program director for the facility’s simulation program.

Is The Little Couple moving to Boston?

The Little Couple star Jen Arnold and husband Bill Klein are officially moved into their new Boston area home and “finally have everything in the house from the apartment and the storage unit,” she told fans in an Instagram Live on Saturday, August 13.

What is Bill and Jen’s net worth?

What Is Jen and Bill Klein’s Combined Net Worth? The pair has an estimated $3.5 million net worth due to their filming revenue and work outside of the show, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Do The Little Couple have a nanny?

‘The Little Couple’s Nanny Kate Made the Move to Florida With the Klein Family! If you’re a fan of the TLC series The Little Couple, you know nanny Kate is an honorary member of the Klein family.

How old is will on The Little Couple?

“He’s in middle school, which is crazy here. Fifth grade is in middle school,” Jen, 48, tells In Touch about Will, 12.

Why did The Little Couple stop filming?

Previously, fans speculated The Little Couple had been canceled, as it has been two years since any new episodes were aired. However, it is believed the lack of a new season is likely due to the pair’s expensive lawsuit with producers.

What type of dwarfism do Jen and Bill have?

Bill has a rare variation of a skeletal dysplasia called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia (or SED) and has had more than 20 surgeries in his lifetime, while Jen stands at just 3′ 2″ and has a similar, and also rare, type of dwarfism called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Type Strudwick.

What type of dwarfism does Jen have?

I have a rare type of dwarfism called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia, Type Strudwick. This type of dwarfism often, as it did with me, requires many orthopedic surgeries. I am also a cancer survivor, after being diagnosed and treated for a choriocarcinoma in 2013/14.

What does the dad on the little couple do for a living?

The Little Couple is an American reality television series on TLC that debuted May 26, 2009. The series features Bill Klein, a businessman, and Dr. Jennifer Arnold a neonatologist, who both have skeletal dysplasia.

What happened to Bill Klein’s mother?

and Bill’s mom, Barbara, are divorced and remarried, the two seem to be very present in their oldest son’s life. Both of Bill’s parents, along with their new spouses and Bill’s younger brothers attended Bill and Jen’s vow renewal ceremony back in 2014.

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