What is Harry Macklowe worth?

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Harry Macklowe is often reported to be a billionaire, but in 2019, Forbes estimated the couple had a net worth of between $900 million and $1.1 billion before the divorce–a figure that included their massive art collection.

Why are macklowes divorcing?

The divorce played out in the media mainly because the parties were wealthy, high-profile litigants, and Harry Macklowe, who was almost 80, was leaving his longtime wife for a younger woman.

Why was the Macklowe collection sold?

In 2018, after the Harry and Linda Macklowe disagreed on the value of the art during their contentious divorce proceedings, a judge ordered the trove be sold off. The haul from the second portion of their collection, auctioned at Sotheby’s on May 16, made it all the most valuable ever sold at auction.

Who is Kent Swig?

Swig is an Owner and Principal of The Swig Company, a family-owned real estate and hotel company based in San Francisco and New York that was founded in 1936.

How long were Harry and Linda Macklowe married?

But the Macklowes, who were married for 57 years, did not exactly celebrate in tandem. An insider told Page Six that Linda Macklowe (who is said to have had the real eye for art) was ensconced in a skybox at the auction, while Harry “worked the floor like a pro . . . He was having the time of his life.”

Who bought the Macklowe collection?

The long-undervalued artist’s white-striped canvas Every Morning Happiness (2001) made 4 times its low estimate of $2.5 million, finding a buyer on the phone with New York specialist Bame Fierro March for $9.9 million (with buyer’s premium). He triumphed over a bidder in the room for it.

What is in Paul Allen’s art collection?

Allen Family Collection in 2016, included pieces by Vincent van Gogh, Edward Hopper and Gustav Klimt. Among the highlights was Jan Brueghel the Younger’s 17th-century allegorical paintings of the five senses. “To live with these pieces of art is truly amazing,” Allen told Bloomberg in 2015.

Who owns the Swig Company?

Sotheby’s, in full Sotheby’s Holdings, Inc., also called (1864–1924) Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge and (1924–83) Sotheby and Company, one of the world’s leading auction firms, founded in London in 1744.

What is swig module?

Benjamin Swig acquired the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel shortly after World War II and established the Fairmont brand in several cities. Subsequently the company turned its attention to urban office and later to multi-family, hospitality remains in our DNA. Our focus is on serving people.

Did Paul Allen have a will?

SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written in C and C++ with a variety of high-level programming languages. SWIG is used with different types of target languages including common scripting languages such as Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl and Ruby.

What is the commission at Sotheby’s?

His last will and testament was a simple six-page document, according to an article from The Seattle Times, “Paul Allen’s will sheds little light on what will happen to estate.” The will was filed with King County on October 24—the same day his sister Jody announced she was named the executor and trustee of his estate.

What is the world’s largest auction company?

For most auctions, including those in our Fine Arts division, Sotheby’s standard seller’s commission is 10% of the hammer price.

How many Swig locations are there?

It’s well-known that Christie’s is the world’s top auction house in various respects. It has 85 offices in 43 countries and its main auction room in South Kensington is the busiest in the world.

What was the first soda shop in Utah?

Today, we have a total of 41 locations across Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Is Sodalicious a franchise?

The first dirty soda location ever, opened in April of 2010 by Dixie State University, in St. George, Utah, according to internet research. When another dirty soda shop, Swig, opened in St. George a few years ago, high school senior Savannah Weber, 18, remembers being intrigued by the menu.

What states have SWIG?

All of its locations are company-owned, as will be its new locations. None is franchised.

What is a SWIG binding?

The fast-expanding chain has 43 locations in Arizona, Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah, with plans to have 55 locations in six states by the end of 2022. “We’re incredibly excited to be growing and sparkling with a second location in Texas,” said Swig Founder Nicole Tanner in a press release.

Is SWIG a franchise?

Abstract. I present SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator), a program development tool that automatically generates the bindings between C/C++ code and common scripting languages including Tcl, Python, Perl and Guile. SWIG supports most C/C++ datatypes including pointers, structures, and classes.

What is Paul Allen’s IQ?

Jody Allen is the executor of the Microsoft co-founder’s will as trustee of the Paul G. Allen Trust, which was started in 1993. As an executor, Allen is legally obligated to fulfill her brother’s wishes, which include selling the two most popular assets of his estate, with proceeds going to philanthropic efforts.

What did Paul Allen do with his money?

By 2017, the brand had 16 locations and was fielding franchise requests from all over the country. Rather than embark on a traditional franchising route, however, Turner decided to sell the brand to restaurant development company Four Foods Group. It’s been three years since the deal and Swig is now a 22-unit chain.

Who owns the Paul Allen trust?

Stockholms Auktionsverk (Swedish for “Stockholm’s Auction House”), founded in 1674 in Sweden, is the world’s oldest auction house. High quality items are sold on auctions several times each year at the Nybrogatan showrooms in central Stockholm.

How much of Microsoft Does Bill Gates Own?

Allen’s will gives most of his estate to a living trust he established in 1993, with Jody Allen as trustee. Its provisions would spell out any specific philanthropic plans Allen made and could also potentially create additional trusts, direct any distributions to individuals and handle taxation.

Does Jody Allen have to sell the Blazers?

Bill Gates still owns more than 1% of Microsoft’s shares, worth around twenty billion dollars. Gates has a lot of his financial investments held by a family office known as Cascade Investments. He also has substantial real estate holdings and an extensive collection of collectibles.

Which is better Sothebys or Christies?

According to her statement, Jody eventually will turn her brother’s wealth into philanthropy, but there is no current intentions to sell the Blazers or the Seattle Seahawks, to which she also holds a stake in ownership.

Does Sotheby’s do free appraisals?

Christie’s’s brand is ranked #571 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Christie’s. Sotheby’s’s brand is ranked #279 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Sotheby’s.

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