When did Jon and Kate get divorced?

On December 18, 2009, it was announced that the couple’s divorce had been finalized. Kate was granted primary custody of the children and the ownership of the family home.

Who did Jon cheat on Kate?

First it was that Jon, then 31, was partying with college co-eds a few hours away from the pair’s new $1.3 million five-bedroom Berks County, Pennsylvania mansion. Then, Us Weekly alleged he was having an affair with a grade-school teacher named Deanna Hummel.

Why did Hannah Gosselin leave Kate?

Hannah Gosselin revealed the reason she chose to live with her dad following her parents Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin’s divorce. “I chose to live with my dad, I feel like I just made the choice for myself.

Who filed for divorce Jon or Kate?

After a decade together — and a year since they’d renewed their vows for their ninth anniversary — Kate, 44, filed for divorce from Jon, 42, in June 2009.

How much did John and Kate make?

Starring in Jon & Kate Plus 8, alongside her now ex-husband. Though an exact figure hasn’t been confirmed, The Sun reported that Kate and Jon were making between $25,000 and $50,000 per episode, which is certainly a pretty significant paycheck, considering how long the show ran on TLC.

What happened between John and Kate?

Jon has accused Kate of being an “absentee” mom, while Kate claims that none of their children have been “damaged” from filming their reality TV show. TLC cut their ties with Kate in 2020 after a judge found her in contempt of court for filming their underage children without Jon’s permission.

What does Kate Gosselin do now?

Kate Gosselin has gone back to her roots more than a decade after her reality TV debut on Jon & Kate Plus 8. The former television personality is a nurse again following her move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, where she has obtained a license to work in the medical field.

Where did Kate send Collin?

The following year, Kate shared she had sent her son away to a school for children with special needs. “[There’s] a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things,” she told People about her decision to send him away.

Why do Collin and Hannah live with their dad?

“It was a difficult decision leaving my siblings I did not want to be separated from them or even, like, live in a different household than them,” Hannah explained. “But I just feel like there was unfair treatment in my mom’s house and I just wanted to live with my dad.”

Does Hannah Gosselin talk to her siblings?

You know, told me she loved me and it was great. Like, an average birthday text.” “By ‘average’ she means incredible.” Jon has previously claimed that Hannah and Collin do not speak to their siblings either; however, Hannah revealed this week that she spoke to her brothers and sisters on their shared birthday.

Does Kate Gosselin talk to her brother?

NO CONTACT. In 2014, Kate’s sister Kendra was also interviewed by the Daily Mail and explained she isn’t part of her life. She said: “Kate does not speak to her family at all.

Are Jamie and Kate Gosselin still friends?

The RV trip that almost destroyed a friendship Apparently, Kate and Jamie are still friends, which is kind of miraculous considering, according to Kate, “everyone was at their worst.”

What ever happened to Jon and Kate Plus 8?

The Sextuplets Turned 18 In 2022 Kate sold the home in February 2021 for $1.1 million and relocated to North Carolina, where she has presumably returned to her pre-reality show career. On June 30, 2021, she obtained her registered nurse license from the North Carolina Board of Nursing. First day of 11th Grade!!!!

Was Kate Plus date Cancelled?

Ten years later, Kate Plus 8 was cancelled after Jon filed a petition for contempt against Kate on October 18th 2019, claiming she filmed the four minor children in her custody without his consent.

How much did Jon and Kate Plus 8 kids make?

While Jon Gosselin gets $70,000 to stay off ‘Kate Plus 8,’ his kids get $200,000 for starring in the TLC show.

Is Jon Gosselin rich?

Jon Gosselin is an American television personality who has a net worth of $150 thousand dollars. He is best known for starring in the reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” and he is the co-author of the 2008 New York Times Best Seller “Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets.”

How old are the Gosselin sextuplets now?

The sextuplets behind the show “Jon and Kate Plus 8” are now 18 years old. Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel and Leah Gosselin celebrated their 18th birthday 15 years after the TLC reality show premiered. The sextuplets were born on May 10, 2004. The family appeared on “Jon and Kate Plus 8” for 11 seasons.

When did Jon and Kate renew their vows?

This DVD collects the first half of the season-four episodes, culminating in Jon and Kate’s 2008 “wedding renewal” ceremony in Hawaii. They reaffirm their wedding commitment (they married in 1999), and write their own vows.

Is Kate Gosselin working as a nurse again?

BEING A NURSE Back in September 2021, the ex TV star had obtained her nursing license after moving to North Carolina. The Sun exclusively revealed that Kate had gained her license on June 30th, 2021, according to the North Carolina Board of Nursing.

Did Kate Plus 8 have IVF?

Kate had intrauterine insemination, which involved implantation of Jon’s sperm via a catheter. She compares the procedure with in vitro fertilization, stating “there are no eggs removed or put back, as with IVF.” She became pregnant on the second attempt, and gave birth to Cara and Madelyn on October 8, 2000.

Where do Cara and Mady go to college?

In Touch previously confirmed that Cara attends Fordham University and is a member of the school’s rowing team, while Mady is enrolled at Syracuse.

What happened to Kate’s son Collin?

Kate went public about the fact that Collin was no longer living with the rest of the Gosselins and had instead moved into a live-in special needs educational facility not far from the family’s Pennsylvania home. “Collin has special needs,” she revealed to People at the time.

Why did Jon Gosselin get custody of Collin?

According to sources, after Gosselin received the letter from his son, he “raised the money to get a lawyer and went through the courts to get joint legal custody” only to have Collin moved to another institution five hours away in Pittsburgh.

What happened to the third boy on Kate Plus 8?

Collin was sent away in 2016. Kate decided the chaos of being on a reality show was too much for Collin, but didn’t pull the plug on the show. Instead, she sent him to an unnamed facility where his needs could be addressed away from the cameras, and the family.

What special needs does Collin from Kate Plus 8 have?

Collin, who Jon says has ADHD, now lives in Pennsylvania with his dad and sister Hannah, also 16.

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