Where do I file for divorce in Pulaski County?

Pulaski Circuit/County Clerk.

How do I look up court cases in Arkansas?

CourtConnect is the online public access portal to case information for courts using Contexte. The public can find cases by searching for a party name or by entering the case number. There is also an Internal CourtConnect version for court use that requires a login and password.

What are public records in Arkansas?

(1) “Public records” means writings, recorded sounds, films, tapes, or data compilations in any form, required by law to be kept or otherwise kept, and which constitute a record of the performance or lack of performance of official functions which are or should be carried out by a public official or employee, a …

Who is the Pulaski County clerk?

Meet the Clerk. Terri Hollingsworth was elected on November 6, 2018, to a four-year term as the Circuit and County Clerk of Pulaski County. Sworn in on January 1, 2019, Ms. Hollingsworth is the first African American woman elected to a Pulaski County-wide executive position.

How do I look up a divorce in Arkansas?

Visit the Administrative Office of the Courts CourtConnect to access Arkansas divorce court records online. Using this access portal, anyone can search for these records by name, date, and case/docket number. Note that Arkansas puts limited divorce records online.

Are divorce filings public record in Arkansas?

Arkansas divorce records are not public and are only available to certain parties, such as the people in the record, their spouses, parents, children, legal representatives, government officials and any person with a certified court order.

What time does the Pulaski County Courthouse open?

Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

What Judicial District is Pulaski County Arkansas?

Pulaski County is one of 75 counties in Arkansas. It is located within the Sixth Circuit. The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas has jurisdiction in Pulaski County.

What circuit is Arkansas?

Arkansas Courts | Eighth Circuit | United States Court of Appeals.

How can you find out if someone is married in Arkansas?

The Arkansas Vital Records Office accepts phone requests for marriage certificates. To order one by phone, dial the toll-free number: (866) 209-9482.

How do I get a copy of my divorce decree in Arkansas?

  1. Walk-in: You may order a certified copy of the divorce record by coming into the Arkansas Department of Health’s vital records office.
  2. Telephone: You may order a copy of the divorce record via telephone toll-free at (866) 209-9482.

Are court records public?

The records of every court of justice shall be public records and shall be available for the inspection of any interested person, at all proper business hours, under the supervision of the clerk having custody of such records, unless the court shall, in any special case, have forbidden their publicity, in the interest …

How do I get married in Little Rock AR?

To obtain a marriage license in Little Rock, you must pay the marriage license fee of $60.00. You may pay the fee in cash or with a credit card. The Pulaski County Clerk’s office does not accept personal checks. You cannot receive a refund of your marriage license fee.

Are marriage records public in Arkansas?

Are Arkansas Marriage Records Public Information? State laws consider Arkansas marriage records private. As such, these records are available to only eligible persons such as the couple, immediate family members, and the legal representatives of these persons.

How do I find marriage records?

The state office for vital records, or the state equivalent, provides access to marriage license records and issues official and certified copies of marriage documents to persons authorized by law to obtain them.

What is a divorce decree?

Decree of divorce is the court order issued under the authority of the family law judge on the dissolution of marriage and related matters like division of marital assets and child custody ..etc.

How do I know if I am divorced?

You should contact the Department of Vital Records in the state where the divorce took place. This can be done in person, by phone or online. Just like at the county level, you will need to complete a request form that includes all pertinent information and pay the required fee.

What does General indignities mean in a divorce?

In the context of divorce law, the phrase “general indignities” simply means that the other spouse treated the party seeking the divorce in such a way that it made his or her life intolerable.

How do I look up someone’s criminal record in Arkansas?

If you are needing a background check, please contact Arkansas State Police at 501-618-8000 or visit their webpage.

How long does jury duty last in Arkansas?

Jury trials can last anywhere from less than one day to many weeks in length. The majority of our trials in the Eastern District of Arkansas last two to three days. If you were subject to a lengthy trial, you may advise the court that this would cause a problem for you.

How many judicial districts are in Arkansas?

There are 28 Circuit Court districts in Arkansas.

Who is the family court judge in Pulaski County KY?

The 28th Circuit has two Family Court judges, Marcus Vanover and Jane Venters, to oversee all family legal matters including adoption, divorce, custody and child support as well as juvenile delinquency, domestic violence and child abuse cases.

What are the five different types of courts in Arkansas?

  • Federal courts.
  • State supreme court.
  • State court of appeals.
  • Trial courts.

Who is the county judge of Pulaski County?

Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde.

What happens in Circuit Court?

Civil cases in the Circuit Court are tried by a judge sitting without a jury. The Circuit Court is restricted to hearing cases where the damages or compensation sought do not exceed a certain amount.

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