Who did April Kepner end up with?

She married Jackson Avery and had two children: a son, Samuel, who died of osteogenesis imperfecta type II, and a daughter named Harriet. The character’s story concluded with the 14th season. It was revealed in season 17 that April Kepner left Seattle with Jackson Avery to run the Catherine Fox foundation.

Who does Jackson Avery end up with?

In the fourteenth season Jackson begins a relationship with Maggie Pierce. That continues to deepen during season 15, and the couple move in together.

Who does Lexie GREY end up with?

After Mark and Lexie broke up, she began a short relationship with Alex when she moved back into Meredith’s house. They hooked up that day since Alex was missing Izzie as well. The relationship did not last long, however, as Lexie soon got back together with Mark.

Does Avery get remarried?

After Maggie saved April’s life, his and Maggie’s relationship deepened, especially after April left the hospital and got remarried to Matthew.

Does Jackson marry Tatiana?

It turned out, however, that Jackson and Tatiana were not getting married after all. He was just walking her down the aisle at her wedding to some other guy.

Who does Arizona Robbins end up with?

To fans’ delight, she ended up marrying fellow board member Callie Torres (Sara Ramírez) in season seven and went on to have daughter Sofia together.

Who is Jo’s baby daddy?

Luna Wilson is the daughter of Jo Wilson, who was born to her late patient Val Ashton.

Who does Amelia Shepherd end up with?

Later, she marries Owen but expresses doubt and second thoughts before the wedding in the season 12 finale.

Does Alex Karev go to jail?

Last week, Alex had accepted a plea deal that would have sent him to jail for a couple of years for beating up DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), but turns out, DeLuca dropped the charges, meaning Alex is now a free man.

Who does Addison end up with?

In the final episode of Private Practice, Jake and Addison get married and are beginning the rest of their lives with Henry.

Why did Christina erase Bailey’s name?

Cristina erases Bailey’s name in order to cover for Burke’s hand tremor, which leads Bailey to believe that he was the one responsible for the deletion, leading her to question her talent for surgery and becoming discouraged.

Who does Bailey end up with?

Organized by. Ben and Bailey’s Wedding is the wedding between Ben Warren and Miranda Bailey.

Does April and Avery have a baby?

Harriet Kepner-Avery is the daughter of April Kepner and Jackson Avery.

Do April and Matthew get back together?

Although Jackson and April getting back together as a result of her close call would have been incredible, the show took an extremely different path when it came to April’s love life. April and Matthew reunited on Grey’s Anatomy, and fans weren’t too thrilled about the surprise match.

Do April and Avery end up together?

Thursday’s Season 18 finale of Grey’s Anatomy gave fans a real treat: the return of not just one, but two beloved characters in Dr. Jackson Avery and Dr. April Kepner — and to fans’ delight, “Japril” finally got back together!

When did Harriet get pregnant April?

Season 12, episode 24: Harriet Kepner Avery During the 2016 season finale, called “Family Affair,” Japril’s daughter, Harriet Kepner Avery, was born via a makeshift C-section.

Do Maggie and Jackson end up together?

Maggie must leave to get Richard the care he needs. Winston and Maggie become a long-distance relationship. However, eventually, he joins her in Seattle and after Covid-19 concerns dwindle some, the two get married. Jackson has several relationships.

Do Jackson and Maggie stay together?

They got stuck in the infamous fog from the finale, and Jackson had to call in reinforcements to get him, Maggie, and a group of climbers they encountered back to civilization. The two ultimately solidified their breakup and it appeared as if Jaggie was finally done.

Do penny and Callie stay together?

For Arizona’s sendoff, she moved to New York so Sofia could live with both her parents. During the season finale, viewers learned that Callie and Penny broke up, leaving hope for Calzona after all.

What is Callie’s last episode?

In the Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 finale, fans said goodbye to Callie Torres. After the custody battle with Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), Callie moved to New York with her then-girlfriend Penny (Samantha Sloyan). After the finale premiered on ABC, Sarah Ramirez released a public statement about their departure.

Why did Callie leave GREY’s?

Sara Ramirez quit ‘Grey’s’ to take “some welcome time off.” “I’m deeply grateful to have spent the last 10 years with my family at Grey’s Anatomy and ABC, but for now, I’m taking some welcome time off,” Ramirez said in a statement at the time.

Is Amelia’s baby Owens?

Amelia’s baby isn’t Owen’s son. At last, the threat of Amelia and Owen being deeply connected for the rest of their lives is over. These two people who are disastrous for each other can permanently go their separate ways.

Who answered Derek’s phone in season 11?

| Picking up right where “Don’t Dream It’s Over” left off, “With or Without You” began with Derek at his own doorstep, eager to tell Mer that the woman who answered his phone was just his research fellow, Renee.

Is Owen or link the father of Amelia’s baby?

The reason: Amelia finally got the paternity test results, and, yes, Link is the father. (Sorry not sorry, Owen.) If Grey’s had to take away everyone’s beloved Alex (and, thus, Jolex), the very least they could do is give fans a couple worthy of stan status.

Who does Meredith GREY end up with?

As the daughter of world-renowned surgeon Ellis Grey, Meredith struggles with the everyday life of being in a competitive profession, maintaining the relationship with her one-night stand and eventual husband, Derek Shepherd, her motherhood, and her friendships with her colleagues.

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