Who does Tom end up with in Parks and Rec?

Tom and Wendy get a divorce shortly after she gets her citizenship. Although he initially appears fine, Tom realizes he did in fact harbor feelings for Wendy and regrets the parting. At the end of Season 2, Tom meets Lucy, a bartender at the Snake Hole Lounge. As of the finale, the two are dating.

Why do Ron and Leslie fall out?

The problem at the base of their feud is simple: His Parks coworkers outgrew their jobs, and Ron missed them. And when Mr. Swanson came to ask for a job to join his friends, Leslie stood him up. He hurt her by taking down “the nurse’s old house,” but it came to that because he felt left behind and cast aside.

Do April and Andy ever get divorced?

In the season finale, it is revealed that April and Andy are still happily married in 2017, with April working for Leslie.

Who does Ann Perkins end up with?

Ann and Chris, now married, return for a guest appearance in the series finale in order to advise Leslie in 2025. It is revealed that after Oliver, the couple had a second child, a daughter named Leslie.

Why did Rashida Jones leave Parks and Rec?

As it turns out, Jones wants to move away from acting after years on Parks and Recreation and focus more on the writing and production side of entertainment. She had received several offers on the production side of the industry at the time, but she didn’t have time to pursue them all while filming the show.

Why did Ron quit Parks and Rec?

With Leslie being so busy however with her job, she stood him up. This blow made Ron realize that his time in government work was over, so he quit his long-time role as Director of the Parks and Recreation Department and did not feel the need to explain his decision to anyone.

Does Andy become a cop?

However, with some help from Leslie, he manages to get a job and get back on his feet. He is later in a relationship with April Ludgate and tries to get his life together by becoming a policeman. He passes the written exam with 100% but fails the personality test.

Who does April Ludgate end up with?

April remained at the Parks Department for much of the series, which is where she got to know Andy Dwyer. After dating for a brief time, the two got married in season 3. Even after being happily married, April never lost her deadpan dialogue.

Does Ann and Andy get back together?

Eventually, after Andy’s leg casts are removed, Ann learns he could have taken them off two weeks prior, but did not because he enjoyed being pampered and spoiled by Ann. This leads to an angry confrontation, and eventually the two break up.

Why did Chris Pratt leave Parks and Rec in season 6?

Chris Pratt was absent for much of the early part of the season, due to him filming Guardians of the Galaxy in London. Executive producer Michael Schur stated the show went to London for the first two episodes in order for Pratt’s character Andy to make an appearance.

Who does Leslie end up with?

Ben and Leslie have a happy marriage throughout Season Five and Six. In One in 8,000, Leslie discovers that she is pregnant with triplets. She notifies Ben, and both are elated with the news. During the time skip, Leslie gives birth to three children, Sonia Knope-Wyatt, Wesley Knope-Wyatt, and Stephen Knope-Wyatt.

Who does Chris Traeger end up with?

Chris and Ann, now married, return for a guest appearance in the series finale in order to advise Leslie in 2025. It is revealed that after Oliver, the couple had a second child, a daughter named Leslie.

Does Leslie and Mark get together?

They start dating only after Leslie assures Ann she is fine with the pairing and appears to have moved on from her long-standing infatuation with Mark.

Does Aziz Ansari leave Parks and Rec?

His character was fired to write Ansari off the show as he was filming Parks and Recreation.

Why was Paul Schneider removed from Parks and Rec?

In an interview with ScreenCrush back in 2014, Schneider said his exit was down to creative differences. When asked why he left Parks and Recreation, he explained: “That experience was very strange for me. “You know, I signed up for a specific character that was changed in mid-season.

Was Anne really pregnant on Parks and Rec?

Also, Knope’s pregnancy was written in years after Poehler herself was pregnant. So, Poehler’s real-life pregnancy during the filming of Parks and Recreation Season 3 had to be hidden.

Why is Diane not in last season of Parks and Rec?

However, the reason why Diane didn’t appear in the Parks & Recreation finale was that Lawless’ schedule didn’t line up with the series’, so she had to be left out.

What happens to Ron Swanson at the end?

In a series of flash-forwards in the final episode, it is shown that Ron decides to leave his now-successful construction company. He is shown talking to Ben Wyatt about having diversified his funds by selling half his gold. The flash-forward reveals that Ron purchased 51% interest in the Lagavulin distillery.

Did Leslie shoots Ron?

The others discuss who shot Ron, and Tom creates a minor panic when he suggests perhaps an outsider is hunting them. Ann takes Leslie aside and says she knows who shot Ron, and a few minutes later Leslie admits to the group that she was the shooter, even though Ann knows this is not the case.

Did Lot 48 ever become a park?

Leslie did get to build the park in Lot 48, but in season 7 she fought for another park, although a much bigger one. Now the Midwest Regional Parks Director, Leslie fought Ron and the tech company Gryzzl for land from the wealthy Newport family. In the end, she got the land and gave Pawnee its National Park.

Are Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt still friends?

As “Parks and Rec” came to an end, Aubrey Plaza told Nylon, “Gonna miss Chris Pratt in my life because he’s my TV husband, and sometimes I forget that he’s not my real husband.” Despite not seeing each other as much due to different projects, Pratt and Plaza are still friends.

Is Andy in season 7 of Parks and Rec?

Parks and Recreation Season 7 – Andy & April Get Crazy and Spontaneous. In the Season 7 premiere, airing January 13th, Andy (Chris Pratt) and April (Aubrey Plaza) try and prove they haven’t changed.

Do Andy and April actually marry?

In April and Andy’s Fancy Party, April and Andy invite their coworkers and friends over to their house for a dinner party which turned into a wedding. To the chagrin of Leslie Knope, they proceed with their wedding and get married.

Does Ann stay with Mark?

8 Ann And Mark She and Mark date casually but break up when she realizes how much more he cares for her than she for him. Since Mark’s time on the show was relatively short, things obviously didn’t last between the two. Ann later marries Chris and they move away together, leaving the show during the same season.

Does Leslie really have triplets?

Wesley Knope-Wyatt is one of two sons to Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt, and one of their triplets. He was born on December 20th, 2014 with his brother and sister, Stephen Knope-Wyatt and Sonia Knope-Wyatt, respectively. He was born on December 20th, 2014.

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