Who is Jordan Larsen engaged to?

She is married to David Hunt, the head men’s volleyball coach at Pepperdine University. As a four-year player at Nebraska from 2005-08, Larson finished her career with 1,600 kills, 1,410 digs and a school-record 186 aces.

Is Jordan Larson retire?

Prior to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Jordan Larson said in numerous interviews that she will retire after the event, and not only from playing for the U.S. National Team but from playing volleyball, in general.

Why is Jordan Larson called the governor?

Volleyball player and Nebraska native was nicknamed “The Governor” by her teammates after a funny fan interaction in Thailand.

Is Jordan Larson still married?

Larson graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2008 with a degree in communications studies. She was married to Luke Burbach before getting divorced, and is currently married to Pepperdine Men’s volleyball head coach David Hunt. Larson and Hunt had their wedding in the LA area on August 21st, 2021.

How much does Jordan Larson make?

The annual salary of Jordan Quinn Burbach Larson is around $1 million making her one of the richest volleyball players in the world. Born on 16th October 1986 Jordan Larson is an American indoor volleyball player.

What happened to Jordan Larson?

Former Husker Jordan Larson has left her role as a volunteer assistant for Texas volleyball, the Austin American-Statesman reported Thursday. Larson reportedly left the position for personal reasons. The three-time Olympic medalist and three-time Nebraska volleyball All-American joined the Longhorn staff in January.

Where did Jordan Larson play club volleyball?

Jordan Larson – 2008 – Volleyball – University of Nebraska.

Which Nebraska volleyball player had back surgery?

Nebraska volleyball middle blocker Lauren Stivrins took the court after sitting out the first 11 games due to a back injury. Stivrins, a three-time All-American, battled her way back from a back injury that she struggled with for the last part of the Huskers’ 2020 season. She has had months of rehab after surgery.

Where is Jordan Larson from in Nebraska?

Hometown: Hooper, Neb. Personal: Jordan Larson-Burbach played multiple sports growing up, including soccer, basketball, and softball… Tried different positions on the volleyball court… Played club volleyball for the Nebraska Juniors, earning All-America honors at the USA Volleyball Junior Olympics from 2003 to 2005…

What is Jordan Larson known for?

Professional Volleyball Player. A 2012 Silver Medalist, 2016 Bronze Medalist, 2020 Gold Medalist & 2014 World Champion.

When did Jordan Larson start playing volleyball?

I was 12 years old when I started volleyball, but I still played basketball and ran track in high school. But I was playing more volleyball outside high school.” By not specializing in a volleyball position as a young player has helped her game.

What division is Pepperdine University volleyball?

Pepperdine University is located in Mailbu, CA and the Volleyball program competes in the West Coast Conference (WCC) conference.

Who is the richest volleyball player in the world?

Wilfredo Leon is the highest-paid volleyball player in the world as of September 2022. With a salary of $1.4 million every season, he tops the list. Wilfredo Leon is a Cuban–Polish volleyball player. He now plays for Sir Safety Perugia and the Polish national team.

How much does Kim Yeon Koung get paid?

Moving to Turkey An article published in a sports magazine during London Olympics stated that Kim was the highest-paid female volleyball player globally. It was received that she earned around $1 million.

How much do AVP players make?

Avg. Base Salary (USD) Avp Pro Beach Volleyball Tour pays an average salary of $790,274 and salaries range from a low of $685,486 to a high of $910,218.

Who left Texas volleyball?

A team spokesperson confirmed Thursday that Jordan Larson will no longer serve as a volunteer coach for the UT volleyball program. According to the spokesperson, Larson left for personal reasons. No further explanation was given. Texas, the No.

Where is Lexi Sun now?

Lexi Sun – 2021 – Volleyball – University of Nebraska.

What happened to Callie Schwarzenbach?

Former Nebraska volleyball player Callie Schwarzenbach will finish her college playing career at Long Beach State, she announced on social media Tuesday. That news comes about two weeks after she entered her name in the NCAA transfer portal.

Where does Amber Stivrins play volleyball?

Amber Stivrins – 2021 – Volleyball – University of Georgia Athletics.

Is Pepperdine University an elite school?

You will find Pepperdine ranks among the top elite national universities from academics to value, yet an important distinction from our peers is our faculty mentorship, our 13:1 student-faculty ratio, and our commitment to students’ spiritual as well as academic development.

Who is Pepperdine’s rival?

Pepperdine’s chief athletic rival is the Loyola Marymount Lions, who are also in the WCC.

What’s the highest paid volleyball position?

Pepperdine was the “Waves” from the beginning, as shown from the first Pepperdine-student newspaper in September of 1937 (see below). “Yet another element of school identification was the adoption of the name ‘Waves’ for the athletic teams.

How much do liberos get paid?

In the US, the pay rates of volleyball players range from $19,910 to $187,200, with an average salary of $44,680. The top 75℅ professional volleyball players acquire $187,200, with the center-half procuring $28,000.

What is the salary of a volleyball player?

The receivers get between 15 and 25 million rubles per year (225,000 Eur – 375,000 Eur), the middle blockers 10 – 20 million rubles (150,000 Eur – 300,000), the opposites 20-30 million (300,000 – 450,000 Eur), the setters receive 10-30 million rubles (150,000 – 450,000), while the liberos have between 5 to 10 million …

How much do club volleyball coaches make in California?

Entry level professional volleyball players can expect to make between $12k-$55k per year, whereas seasoned professionals usually field salaries over $100k. The best players in the world earn north of $1m per year.

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