Who played Cole Porter?

His shows of the early 1940s did not contain the lasting hits of his best work of the 1920s and 1930s, but in 1948 he made a triumphant comeback with his most successful musical, Kiss Me, Kate. It won the first Tony Award for Best Musical.

How did Cole Porter become disabled?

When Cole Porter died of kidney failure at age 73 on Oct. 15, 1964, only his closest friends knew the extent of the physical and mental anguish he had endured for 27 years.

Is the movie De Lovely based on a true story?

Cole Porter was an only child; he and his wife, Linda, had no children. James Cole’s father was Cole Porter’s first cousin.)

Did Cole Porter get married?

In 1958, after a valiant battle, the germs inhabiting his bone marrow won and Porter’s right leg was amputated at midthigh. Although he was fitted for a prosthetic leg and underwent rigorous physical therapy, the man whose witty lyrics and melodies epitomized hope and joy had little to be hopeful about.

Did Cole Porter fight in the war?

De-Lovely is a 2004 American musical biopic directed by Irwin Winkler and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The screenplay by Jay Cocks is based on the life and career of Cole Porter, from his first meeting with his wife, Linda Lee Thomas, until his death.

How many songs did Cole Porter wrote in his lifetime?

In 1919 he rented an apartment in Paris, enrolled in a school specializing in music composition and studied with Vincent D’indy. On December 18, 1919, married Linda Lee Thomas, honeymooning in the south of France. This was a “professional” marriage, as Cole was, in fact, gay.

Why is Cole Porter famous in Indiana?

Composer, songwriter Fictions such as this followed Porter throughout his life. Most notorious, perhaps, was his claim that he served in the French Foreign Legion during World War I. Porter did spend part of the war in Paris—entertaining friends, writing songs, and working for a relief agency.

How many musicals did Cole Porter wrote?

He died in California in 1964, having written more than 800 songs.

What accident did Cole Porter have?

In the 1930s he wrote the scores to a number of successful Broadway productions including “Anything Goes,” “The Gay Divorce,” “Jubilee,” and “Born to Dance.” The longevity and popularity of Cole Porter’s music is a testament to this Hoosier’s talent.

What songs is Cole Porter famous for?

  • “Anything Goes,” Cole Porter (Composers at Play : Harold Arlen and Cole Porter Sing Their Own Compositions) Amazon.
  • “I Get a Kick Out of You,” Ethel Merman with Johnny Green and His Orchestra, (Cole Porter: The Ultimate Collection) Amazon.
  • “Night and Day,” Fred Astaire, (Hits of the 1930s, Vol.

Who influenced Cole Porter?

Abercrombie, as an important influence. Cole said that Abercrombie taught him about language and meter, and that, in a song, “Words and music must be so inseparably wedded to each other that they are like one.” When he graduated from the Academy in 1909, Cole was the class valedictorian.

How accurate is De-Lovely?

American composer Cole Albert Porter (1891-1964) wrote songs (both words and music) for over 30 stage and film musicals. His best work set standards of sophistication and wit seldom matched in the popular musical theater.

How many songs did Irving Berlin wrote?

Porter was horseback riding in the summer of 1937, his horse slipped, threw him and fell on top of him, breaking both his legs and damaging his nervous system. One result of Mr. Porter’s accident was chronic osteomyelitis, a bone disease.

How long did Hello Dolly run on Broadway?

Cole Porter, in full Cole Albert Porter, (born June 9, 1891, Peru, Indiana, U.S.—died October 15, 1964, Santa Monica, California), American composer and lyricist who brought a worldly élan to the American musical and who embodied in his life the sophistication of his songs.

What instrument does Cole Porter play?

“I’ve Got You Under My Skin” was written by Cole Porter in 1936 and is now one of the jazz standards par excellence. Like many other songs of the time that remain popular to this day, it was written for a movie. It was introduced in the MGM musical Born to Dance and performed by actress Virginia Bruce.

When did Irving Berlin come to America?

It was introduced in Porter’s first Broadway success, the musical Paris (1928) by French chanteuse Irène Bordoni for whom Porter had written the musical as a starring vehicle.

What made Harold Arlen famous?

As a biography, De-Lovely is not historically accurate, but as drama and a tribute to Cole Porter, a prodigious talent in musical theater, it is sublime. Kevin Kline is perfectly cast in spirit as the songwriter extraordinaire who stormed Broadway as Hollywood beckoned.

How can I watch anything goes on PBS?

He wrote more than 800 songs, many of which became classics, including “Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning,” “A Pretty Girl Is like a Melody,” “Always” (written in 1925 as a wedding present for his second wife), “Remember,” ” Cheek to Cheek,” “How Deep Is the Ocean,” “Blue Skies,” “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” the …

Who originally sang night and day?

Original Broadway production. The musical, directed and choreographed by Gower Champion and produced by David Merrick, opened on January 16, 1964, at the St. James Theatre and closed on December 27, 1970, after 2,844 performances.

Is Cole Porter jazz?

When he was 6 years old, Cole began to play the violin and piano. He became very good at both instruments, but he preferred the piano and would practice it two hours per day. By the age of 10, Cole was already composing songs. In 1902, at age 11, Cole composed a piece called The Bobolink Waltz.

What is an ostinato in music?

Harold Arlen is best remembered for the melodies to such popular tunes as “Stormy Weather,” “Get Happy,” “That Old Black Magic,” and “Over the Rainbow.” A pianist from the age of nine, Arlen formed the Snappy Trio at the age of fifteen and performed professionally in Buffalo cafes and on boats.

When was anything goes written?

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Did Cole Porter write any Christmas songs?

Fred Astaire introduced “Night and Day” on stage. His studio recording of the song with the Leo Reisman orchestra was released on Victor Records on January 13, 1933, and it became a No. 1 hit, topping the charts of the day for ten weeks.

How many songs does Cole Porter have?

Since the dawn of bebop, jazz instrumentalists have had no problem separating Porter’s music from his lyrics to create instrumental jazz standards.

Who did the music for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Matthew Strachan, the composer who co-wrote the theme music for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, has died at the age of 50. He wrote the quiz show’s theme and dramatic incidental music with his father Keith. It became well-known around the world thanks to the programme’s many international versions.

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