Why did Ashley Darby separate from her husband?

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After nearly eight years of marriage, Ashley has confirmed the two are legally separated with intentions to divorce. A source close to the couple says the final straw for Ashley after years of cheating rumors was a breakdown in trust between her and Michael.

Are Monique and Chris Samuels still married?

Monique Samuels has no regrets. The wife, mother of three, entrepreneur and reality TV star has completed her first season of Love & Marriage: DC alongside husband of 10 years, Chris Samuels.

Are Robyn and Juan still together?

Robyn Dixon, bride to be? Seems so, as The Real Housewives of Potomac star and her longtime partner Juan Dixon obtained a marriage license on Aug. 18, E! News can confirm. The pair got engaged in 2019, with the former NBA player’s romantic proposal playing out on the Bravo show’s season five finale a year later.

How much money will Ashley Darby get?

Prenup Payout: ‘RHOP’ Star Ashley Darby Set To Receive ‘Half’ Of Michael’s $20 Million Fortune After Split.

Are Candice and Chris still together?

The RHOP cast member is celebrating a major milestone with her husband. Candiace Dillard Bassett is sharing an update on her marriage to her husband, Chis Bassett. The Real Housewives of Potomac cast member took to Instagram to celebrate a major milestone with her spouse.

Who Was Fired From Real Housewives of Potomac?

Candiace Dillard fuels rumors that she’s leaving ‘RHOP’ with a recent tweet. Shortly after a source claimed The Real Housewives of Potomac producers fired Candiace Dillard ahead of the upcoming season 7, the Mississippi native quickly responded, shooting down the rumors.

Why did Ashley and Michael divorce?

Ashley explained that she and Michael were simply at “very different stages” of their lives and had “very different goals” for their futures. “We both want the other to achieve true happiness and fulfillment and feel that we cannot do this together.”

Did Juan cheat on Robyn again?

It turns out that Juan wasn’t faithful to Robyn when they were married the first time. In one of his RHOP confessionals, Distractify reports that Juan reveals that he cheated on Robyn when he was in the NBA. Fans quickly unearthed old press about a woman named Cris Sanchez.

What is Dorothy Dillard net worth?

Dorothy Dillard: Net worth Reality Titbit believes she may have a net worth of over $4.5 million, as she helps her daughter out financially, suggesting she has a higher income. Her daughter, former Miss USA who worked on President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2012, has a net worth of $4.5 million!

Are Ashley and Michael still together?

Ashley Darby Just Shared an Empowering Message About Her Life: “I Finally Understand” “Almost eight years ago, when Michael and I said ‘I do,’ we anticipated sharing every single day together from that moment forward. Unfortunately, that is not our current reality. We have decided to separate.

What is the net worth of NeNe?

While she may be the second richest Atlanta Housewife, unlike some of her co-stars, NeNe earned the majority of her reported $14 million net worth after joining the show.

How much is Monique from Potomac worth?

Monique Evans Net Worth: Monique Evans is a Brazilian fashion model, actress, and TV personality who has a net worth of $15 million dollars.

How much do the Real Housewives of Potomac make per episode?

Samuels says she was paid for 12 episodes her first season. Yontef informed Samuels that other housewives insist newbies make an estimated $60k during their inaugural season. But Samuels says each franchise differs. After doing the math, she says she earned $42k, which rounds out to roughly $3,500 an episode.

Why did Chris sell his restaurant?

In August 2020, because of COVID-19 mandates that put a chokehold on the food service industry, Chris sold his BBQ restaurant.

Does Candiace Dillard have a baby?

She has been causing drama right and left, and we love to see it. But although many of the RHOP women have children of their own, Candiace and her husband, Chris Bassett, have yet to have kids.

Did Monique from Potomac get fired?

Monique Samuels quits One RHOP star that has confirmed she will not return for season 6 is Monique Samuels. The mother of three had a rough season after physically assaulting her co-star Candiace Dillard. Repercussions of the altercation affected the group dynamic for the remainder of the season.

Which Real Housewives was Cancelled?

The network’s execs decided that last year’s ninth season is to be its last, and it was implied that the reason behind this shocking move was due to Shahs simply reaching the end of its natural life-span – as though there were no more storylines left to showcase.

Why did Cynthia and Kenya fall out?

During filming, Cynthia felt neglected by Kenya after bonding with her other co-stars. When the supermodel confronted Kenya, the Miss U.S.A. winner seemingly brushed off the issue. Following their fallout, Cynthia declared on the show how their friendship would never be the same.

What is restoring Galveston called now?

Michael Cordray and Ashley Cordray are the stars of Restoring Galveston on Magnolia Network, a series that sees them restoring historic homes in Galveston, Texas. The show, formerly known as Big Texas Fix, became an instant success.

What does Michael Darby do?

Michael Darby is the principal and co-founder of Monument Realty in Washington, D.C. The company was founded in 1998 and has developed more than 6.5 million square feet of real estate. Darby has been involved in successful projects such as Columbia Center, Half Street, The Odyssey Condominium and Franklin Square North.

Why did Robyn divorce Juan?

As Juan revealed in a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, he started cheating on Robyn in an attempt to combat the overwhelming sense of loneliness he experienced while pursuing a career as an NBA player. “I filed [for divorce] … It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in life.

Which husband was Michael talking about?

Fans know that the event later went sideways after Michael got into a confrontation with Candiace Dillard-Bassett’s husband, Chris Bassett. Ashley addressed Michael’s altercation with Chris, explaining that it was a long time coming. “Michael, first of all, does not regret his actions.

Who stole Robins money?

According to Robyn, she trusted a close friend of the couple’s, fellow basketball player Earl Badu, to invest their money. Instead of investing the money, Badu reportedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Dixons. Badu later jumped to his death in a suicide.

Which Potomac housewife is the richest?

Karen Huger: $10 million Karen is a reality TV personality and socialite famously known for appearing on RHOP and has been a part of the show since its inception. The RHOP star is the richest housewife among the cast.

Who is askale Davis married to?

But her husband, Drè Davis — with whom she has welcomed two kids, Jonas and Ava — is kind of a big deal, too. Essence announced this June that Drè had become director of talent and influencer relations of Fanbase, a social platform that allows creators to monetize content through subscriptions.

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