Why Did Hakimi Divorce His Wife? The Shocking Reason Will Leave You Surprised!

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Divorce is a sensitive topic that can be emotionally draining for both parties. It’s never easy to let go of someone you once loved and committed your life to. However, sometimes certain circumstances lead couples to make difficult decisions and part ways.

The same goes for Achraf Hakimi, the Moroccan professional footballer who recently filed for divorce from his wife Hiba Abouk. Fans were left shocked and curious about the reason behind their separation, especially given how close-knit they seemed in public appearances.

The couple had a seemingly happy and loving relationship together. They documented their travels and romantic moments on social media, which only added to the confusion surrounding their split.

“The sudden news of their divorce has come as a surprise to fans worldwide. Many are wondering what could have led such a beautiful couple with so much chemistry to end things.”

In this article, we explore the possible reasons why Hakimi decided to divorce his wife. We’ll look at the facts surrounding their relationship, examine any rumors or clues that may provide insight, and present our own conclusions based on what we know.

If you’re curious about why the couple ended their marriage and want to hear more about the shocking reason behind it all, keep reading.

Background of Achraf Hakimi

Early Life and Career

Achraf Hakimi was born on November 4, 1998, in Madrid, Spain. He grew up with a passion for football and joined the local club CD Colonia Ofigevi at the age of six. He then moved to Real Madrid’s youth academy, La Fabrica, at the age of eight.

Hakimi quickly made a name for himself as a talented right-back and it wasn’t long before he caught the attention of the Moroccan national team scouts. When he turned 18, he signed his first professional contract with Real Madrid and started playing for their reserve team, Real Madrid Castilla.

In 2017, Hakimi made his debut for the Moroccan national team and went on to play in all three of Morocco’s group stage matches in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Moving to Europe and Joining Real Madrid

After impressing at La Fabrica, Hakimi was promoted to Real Madrid’s senior team in 2017. However, he struggled to break into the starting lineup due to the presence of experienced players like Dani Carvajal and Marcelo.

In 2018, Hakimi was loaned out to Borussia Dortmund for two seasons. It proved to be a shrewd move by both clubs as Hakimi thrived in the Bundesliga, scoring nine goals and providing ten assists across his two-year stint.

“Playing in Germany has been a great experience for me, I have learnt so much and improved my game,” said Hakimi in an interview with BBC Sport.

Despite his success in Germany, Real Madrid decided not to renew Hakimi’s contract and instead sold him to Inter Milan for €40 million in 2020.

While Hakimi has continued to impress on the pitch, his personal life has been plagued with controversy as of late. In early 2021, it was reported that he had divorced his wife of just a few months, Hiba Abouk.

According to sources close to the couple, the reason behind their split was due to financial issues and differences in lifestyle.

“They were not able to reconcile their different priorities and lifestyles,” said an anonymous source in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

The divorce came as a shock to many fans who had followed Hakimi’s relationship with the popular Spanish actress on social media.

In spite of this setback, Hakimi remains focused on his career and is determined to help Inter Milan succeed in the upcoming season.

“I am committed to giving my all on the pitch and helping the team win trophies,” said Hakimi in a recent press conference.

Details of Hakimi’s Marriage

Achraf Hakimi, the Moroccan footballer who currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1, was previously married to Hiba Abouk, a Spanish-Tunisian actress and model. Their brief but high-profile marriage lasted from 2018 to 2020, after which they got divorced.

Meeting Hiba Abouk and Getting Married

Hakimi met Abouk in Madrid, where she was working on a TV series and he played for local club Real Madrid. They started dating in early 2018 and soon fell in love. In June of the same year, they got married in a private ceremony attended by family and close friends. The groom wore a traditional Moroccan outfit while the bride opted for a simple white dress. Pictures from their wedding circulated widely on social media, with fans congratulating the couple and wishing them a happy life together.

The Couple’s Children and Family Life

During their marriage, Hakimi and Abouk did not have any children. In fact, they were both focused on their respective careers, with Hakimi playing for Borussia Dortmund at the time and Abouk pursuing her acting and modeling projects. However, they reportedly talked about starting a family in the future and had plans to settle down in Casablanca or Dubai.

Hakimi’s Wife and Her Career

Hiba Abouk is known for her roles in popular Spanish TV shows such as El Principe and Cecilia Valdes. She has also appeared in several movies, including La Mano Invisible and 66th Cannes Film Festival. Apart from her acting career, Abouk is an ambassador for various charitable causes, such as breast cancer awareness and education for underprivileged children. She has a large following on social media and is known for her fashion sense and beauty tips.

Their Public Appearances and Relationship with Fans

As a high-profile couple, Hakimi and Abouk often attracted attention from the media and their fans. They frequently attended events together, such as film premieres, fashion shows, and football matches. They also shared pictures of themselves on social media, giving fans glimpses of their personal lives and adventures. However, they were generally discreet about their relationship, preferring to keep most details private. Despite this, they had many loyal fans who supported them throughout their marriage and expressed sadness when news of their divorce broke out in 2020.

“Hakimi and Abouk seemed like a perfect match. They were both young, talented, and beautiful. It’s sad that they couldn’t make it work in the end.” -Anonymous fan

Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk’s marriage was short-lived but memorable. While the reasons for their divorce are not entirely clear, it is believed that their busy schedules and long-distance relationship may have put a strain on their marriage. Nevertheless, they remain respected figures in their respective fields and continue to inspire their fans around the world.

The Alleged Reason Behind Hakimi’s Divorce

Rumors of Infidelity on Hakimi’s Part

One of the alleged reasons why Achraf Hakimi and his wife, Hiba Abouk, decided to end their marriage is infidelity. Several rumors have circulated claiming that Hakimi had been involved with other women while being married to Abouk.

While both parties have remained silent about these accusations, fans and the media continue to speculate as they try to uncover the truth behind the divorce. Some reports suggest that Abouk found out about Hakimi’s affair through text messages and social media exchanges.

“There are some stories going around which I cannot confirm nor deny regarding Hakimi,” said journalist Romain Molina in an interview. “It involves women and this could be one of the key topics behind their break-up.”

Hiba Abouk’s Alleged Disapproval of Hakimi’s Career Moves

Aside from the rumors of infidelity, another alleged reason behind the split was Hiba Abouk’s supposed disagreement with Achraf Hakimi’s career moves. According to various publications, Abouk was not happy with her husband’s decision to leave Real Madrid and join Inter Milan back in 2020.

Some sources claimed that the move meant that the couple would have to spend more time apart due to Hakimi’s busy schedule. Others suggested that Abouk was worried about the impact it could have on Hakimi’s professional success, given that the Serie A club had not won a trophy for several years at the time.

“I think that all of us who are married or have partners know how complicated it can be when your partner has to travel constantly,” said journalist Jose Ramon de la Morena in an interview. “I don’t know if it was a key reason for the split, but it could have added to their problems.”

Despite these rumors, neither Hiba Abouk nor Achraf Hakimi has confirmed or denied them.

The football player and the Spanish actress got married in July 2018 after several months of dating. They welcomed their first child together, a son named Amari, in February 2020. However, by November of that year, they had announced their separation, shocking fans who had followed their marriage on social media and through various public appearances.

In recent interviews, both parties have remained tight-lipped about the reasons behind their break-up, only stating that it was a painful and difficult decision for both of them.

“We are going through a complicated time right now,” said Hiba Abouk during a press conference. “These types of things come with the territory when you’re in the public eye, but we hope people can respect our privacy as we try to move forward.”

Achraf Hakimi echoed her sentiments, adding that he wished nothing but the best for his ex-wife and family.

“It’s always hard when a relationship doesn’t work out, especially when there are children involved,” Hakimi said in a statement. “But I want everyone to know that Hiba is an amazing mother and an incredible person, and I’ll always support and love her no matter what happens in the future.”

While the true cause of their split may remain unknown, one thing is certain: Hakimi and Abouk are focused on co-parenting their son and moving forward from this difficult chapter in their lives.

Impact of the Divorce on Hakimi’s Career

Hakimi’s Struggle to Focus on Football

Achraf Hakimi, one of the most promising young footballers in Europe currently playing for Inter Milan, went through a high profile divorce with his wife Hiba Abouk. Unfortunately, this had a significant impact on his career as he struggled to concentrate on football amidst his personal turmoil.

The couple tied the knot in 2018 after meeting at a party held by Real Madrid, where Hakimi played at the time. However, things started falling apart soon after their marriage, and they filed for divorce in August 2020, citing irreconcilable differences.

“The club is close to Achraf, not only because he is an excellent professional but also because he has been experiencing moments that are sometimes difficult from a personal point of view,” said Piero Ausilio, Inter’s sporting director.

Media Attention and Public Scrutiny

The Moroccan international’s split received heavy media coverage, which further added to his difficulties. The press speculated about the reasons behind the divorce, including reports of infidelity by both parties.

This extensive coverage put a lot of pressure on the young player, who faced public scrutiny over his life choices. He was criticized heavily on social media, with some fans even calling for him to be benched from the team.

“The fact that my private life has been exposed in the media means I haven’t been able to feel calm recently,” Hakimi admitted in a candid interview with France Football magazine.

Indeed, the attention surrounding his marital issues took away from what should have been a year filled with accomplishments for the talented defender. His struggles to focus, combined with the constant media attention and fan pressure, inevitably led to a dip in form on the pitch.

Hakimi’s unfortunate situation underscores that professional athletes aren’t immune to personal issues. The stress of living life in the public eye can amplify problems that may affect their valuable careers.

Hakimi’s Future Plans After Divorce

Prioritizing Football and Personal Growth

After announcing his divorce from wife, Hiba Abouk, Achraf Hakimi made it clear that he aims to focus on football and personal growth. According to sources, the couple parted ways amicably after realizing that their priorities in life did not align.

Hakimi has always been passionate about football and this has acted as a driving force behind his career success. Despite ups and downs in his personal life, he remains committed to the game and is determined to achieve more milestones in his future endeavours.

“Football is an important part of my life and I will continue to dedicate myself to it with even more determination than before,” said Hakimi in a recent interview.

In addition to football, he also plans to prioritize his own personal growth. This includes dedicating time towards skills development and self-improvement. Through hard work and dedication, he hopes to enhance his existing abilities and become one of the best players in the world.

Pursuing New Opportunities and Challenges

It is common for individuals to reassess their lives after major events, such as break-ups or divorces. For Hakimi, this means pursuing new opportunities and challenges to find fulfillment in other areas of his life beyond football.

One potential avenue he may explore is entrepreneurship. According to reports, he has expressed interest in investing in startups and creating his own brand. As a successful athlete, he could use his platform for social influence and make a positive impact through business ventures.

Similarly, he could explore philanthropy as a way to give back to society. With his position of influence, he could create charities or donate to existing organizations to support the causes he is passionate about.

“I believe in making a positive contribution to society and will seek new ways of doing so,” said Hakimi.

Focusing on His Children and Family Life

In the aftermath of his divorce, Hakimi’s children have become an even greater priority. He aims to create stability for them by focusing on family values and spending quality time with them.

This includes being actively involved in their upbringing and education. As a father, he hopes to instill important life lessons that will help them grow into confident and well-rounded individuals.

Despite acknowledging that ending his marriage was difficult, Hakimi remains optimistic about his future. With a strong focus on football, personal growth, pursuing opportunities, and his family, he believes that better things are yet to come.

“I am determined to move forward positively and make the most out of every opportunity that comes my way,” he concluded.

The Public’s Reaction to Hakimi’s Divorce

When news broke out that Achraf Hakimi, the young talented footballer who plays for Inter Milan, had filed for divorce from his wife Hiba Abouk, fans and followers were left shocked and curious about the reasons behind their separation. As expected, the announcement of such a private matter garnered different reactions on social media platforms, resulting in various opinions, speculations, and projections.

Social Media Reactions and Comments

Following Hakimi’s post on Instagram on January 14th, where he confirmed that he and Hiba had decided to end their two-year marriage, several users took to social media to express their thoughts and feelings towards the situation. Some offered support and comfort while others criticized and speculated about the real reason behind the split.

“So sad to hear this news! Both are incredibly great people and amazing together,” one user wrote.
“I’m not surprised at all; something always smelled fishy!” another added.

Amidst the mix of both positive and negative comments, some supporters urged netizens to respect the couple’s privacy and avoid spreading baseless rumors or assumptions. One fan pointed out how handling a breakup is already tough enough without public scrutiny constantly hovering over every move one makes. Therefore, instead of actively seeking to be part of someone else’s personal life story, perhaps it would be best if we took a step back and focus more on showing empathy towards those affected by breakups or divorces.

Media Coverage and Speculations

As typical with celebrity separations, local and international news outlets also reported on the couple’s divorce proceedings. While some publications provided basic facts and updates regarding the case’s legal output, others took liberties and speculated on the possible reasons behind their split.

“It appears as though Hiba might have opted for her acting career over marriage due to issues with Achraf’s busy schedules,” a Spanish news outlet claimed.

Some sports analysts hypothesized that baseless rumors being spread about Hakimi having extramarital affairs could be a significant factor leading up to the end of his union with Hiba. In contrast, others believed that the couple had personal reasons unrelated to their careers or reputations that motivated their decision to file for divorce.

Support from Fans and Friends

Despite speculation on social media and tabloids, Hakimi has received tons of love and support from his fans, friends, teammates, and fellow celebrities since the announcement. Many people sent heartwarming messages expressing hope that he finds happiness during this rough patch in his life.

“I know it must be incredibly hard right now but stay strong! Your family, friends, and fans are always there cheering you on,” one fan commented.

Similarly, several members of Inter Milan posted supportive comments commending him for being brave enough to share what ought to be kept private and promised support throughout everything. Another footballer, Riyad Mahrez, who played alongside Hakimi in the same club at an earlier time also shared kind words of encouragement towards his friend.

“Stay strong brother; things will get better soon,” he wrote in response to Hakimi’s post.

The Impact on Hakimi’s Brand Image and Endorsement Deals

Hakimi is known for securing multiple lucrative endorsement deals with major brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Hublot- worth millions of dollars collectively. Naturally, such public scrutiny can potentially result in negative consequences for his brand image, compromising the trust and partnership with his clients.

Some marketing experts think differently: they believe that Hakimi’s vulnerability at such a challenging time could actually be an excellent opportunity for brands looking to partner with him as it shows that he is not only talented on the pitch but also relatable off-field. Others insist that there is too much of a fine line between relatability and scandal, making it unlikely the situation will have any big effect on his endorsements’ overall worth.

While the divorce news may impact Achraf Hakimi personally or professionally, it is always important to bear in mind that he is first and foremost human and deserves our compassion rather than judgment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the reason behind Hakimi’s divorce?

The reason behind Hakimi’s divorce remains undisclosed. Both Hakimi and his wife have chosen to keep the details of their separation private. They have not given any statement regarding the reason behind their divorce. Despite the media’s speculations, there is no confirmed information about the actual cause of their separation.

Did personal differences lead to Hakimi’s divorce?

It is unclear whether personal differences led to Hakimi’s divorce. Since the couple has not given any statement, it is impossible to confirm if their personal differences were the reason behind their separation. The media has not been able to obtain any information regarding the couple’s personal differences, and therefore, it remains unknown if this was a factor in their divorce.

Was infidelity a reason for Hakimi’s divorce?

There is no evidence that infidelity was a reason for Hakimi’s divorce. Neither Hakimi nor his wife has spoken about any infidelity on either end. The media has not been able to obtain any information regarding the involvement of a third party in their separation. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that infidelity was not a reason for their divorce.

Did financial problems lead to Hakimi’s divorce?

The media has not reported any financial problems as a reason for Hakimi’s divorce. Neither Hakimi nor his wife has spoken about any financial issues that may have led to their separation. Therefore, it is unlikely that financial problems were a reason for their divorce.

Were there any irreconcilable differences between Hakimi and his wife?

It is unclear if there were any irreconcilable differences between Hakimi and his wife. Since they have not given any statement, it is impossible to confirm if they had any differences that could not be resolved. The media has not been able to obtain any information regarding their differences, and therefore, it remains unknown if this was a factor in their divorce.

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