Why did Todd and Christy get divorced?

Unfortunately, Todd and Christy’s marriage began to fall apart. Christy started an online affair with a man named Gonzalo Carazo, due to Todd being “absent to her in various ways”, and other issues, which pushed her to find affection elsewhere. As of March 2020, Christy and Todd are separated or divorced.

What happened to Christy’s husband Todd?

Christy and Todd Gibel are no longer husband and wife after the judge signed off on dissolving their marriage … making them both single in the eyes of the law. She also has restored her name to Christy Lynn McGinity, her maiden name … so another W there.

Did Christy and Todd have a baby?

Unfortunately, for Christy she still has to deal with Todd for a little while longer. The couple had no children together, but they owned a dog named Elvis.

How much weight did Todd lose?

The husband-and-wife stars of Chrisley Knows Best have lost a combined 48 lbs. after deciding to tackle Nutrisystem’s Partner Plan as ambassadors for the program. Todd, 52, said that his desire to lose weight all started after getting COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic.

Are Briana and Matt still together 2020?

Renee announced her separation from Grundhoffer in November on Instagram. “After 3 years, and bringing the most handsome little boy into this world, we have come to the end of our marriage,” she said. “We rode til the wheels fell off, and now I’m only focusing on being the best mama…

What happened to Christy’s baby Violet?

Violet Eva passed away on March 20, 2020, with Christy telling her social media following the baby had gone “to play with the angels.” Christy gave birth at 33 weeks along in her pregnancy, with Violet weighing 3lbs 15oz and was only 15 inches long.

Is Lindsey Christie still married?

Although the couple seemingly repaired some of the cracks in their relationship in 2017, after a brief split, their happy marriage didn’t last. Lindsie announced in July 2021 that the pair were divorcing after more than a decade together.

Did Elena Gant have her third baby?

Elena and Preston welcomed their third child (a girl, named Aurora) in September 2021. Aurora has Pseudoachondroplasia dwarfism like her mother.

Is Gonzo Carazo a little person?

Gonzo Carazo is also a little person. He lives in New York City and he’s in his early 30s.

Is Terra and Joe still together?

Jolé resides in Los Angeles, California and is married to fellow Little Women: LA star Joe Gnoffo. On March 16, 2015, the couple had a daughter named Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo.

How much did Julie chrisley lose?

They teamed up to lose weight together. During her interview with Us Weekly, she shared the results. Once she noticed the results, she got her stubborn husband to join her. “I have been a partner with Nutrisystem for several years now, and I am down officially 30 pounds,” Julie Chrisley told Us Weekly at the time.

How much has Julie chrisley lost?

In January 2022, she hit the 30-lb weight loss mark. Her husband Todd Chrisley had also joined her and made the effort to lose weight after contracting COVID negatively impacted his metabolism. He lost 18-lbs, making their combined efforts a total of 48-lbs lost. In April 2021, Julie revealed she had lost 20-lbs!

How many kids does Matt Grundhoffer have?

(Renee is also mother to an 8-year-old daughter, Leiana, with her ex-husband Leif Manson, and Grundhoffer has a 12-year-old son from a previous relationship.)

Did Matt and Briana have baby?

People confirmed on Friday that despite having a high-risk pregnancy, Briana has safely delivered her baby. This is Briana’s first child with husband Matt Grundhoffer; she also has a daughter named Leiana. Matt already has two sons from another relationship.

How old is Briana from little ladies of LA?

However, one source tells ET that 35-year-old Renee is taking a break to focus on herself, as well as her two kids. Renee recently filed for divorce from husband Matt Grundhoffer, with whom she shares 1-year-old son Maverick Jax.

What happened to Christy on little people?

CHRISTY McGinity has announced her engagement to her boyfriend Gonzo, a year after the couple suffered the loss of their newborn child. The Little Women LA stars lost their daughter Violet two weeks after her birth in March of 2020.

Are the Chrisleys divorcing?

Lindsie Chrisley, one of the stars of the popular reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best,” recently announced that she is divorcing her husband. Chrisley and her husband, Will Campbell, have both been featured on “Chrisley Knows Best,” which follows the life of Todd Chrisley, a self-made millionaire, and his family.

How much is Todd Chrisley currently worth?

Todd Chrisley currently has a net worth of $1.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, although that might soon change. The reality star was found guilty on all counts in his fraud case along with his wife, Julie Chrisley, in July 2022.

Who turned the Chrisleys?

Todd Chrisley’s attorney, Bruce H. Morris, blamed the couple’s former employee, Mark Braddock, for impersonating Todd and committing the fraud behind the couple’s back, reportedly turning on them after he was fired in 2012.

Are Terra and Christy still friends?

We have been through the merry-go-round of Christy and I no longer being friends, and yet the girls still think there’s hope. If the girls can’t just accept that we will never be friends, they are going to continually tire us all out.

Is Kalani pregnant with 3rd baby?

In April 2021, she began her role as a Parents writer/reporter. 90 Day Fiancé stars Loren and Alexei Brovarnik are expanding their family! On Friday, the couple announced on Instagram that they are expecting their third baby together this fall. They are already parents to sons Shai Josef, 2, and Asher Noah, 8 months.

Is Jasmine’s baby a dwarf?

Jasmine Arteaga Sorge was born on December 19, 1984. The type of dwarfism that Sorge has is Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia. Before she was on Little Women: LA, Sorge was a hairstylist.

Did Elena get pregnant in Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries had established that a vampire can’t get pregnant, yet in Season 7, Caroline Forbes gives births to twins. In The Vampire Diaries, one of the prime reasons Elena Gilbert never enjoys being a vampire is the fact that her transformation has rendered her sterile.

Is Terra’s son a little person?

Terra Jolé, 39, recently addressed her son, little Grayson’s dwarfism in a candid post on Instagram.

How is Terra’s daughter Penny?

Penny was born with hydrocephalus, a condition in which excessive fluid builds up in the brain, which delayed her walking. Terra revealed: “Penny was born with hydrocephalus and we thought after having the decompression surgery that would be the end of it.”

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