Why is The ACE Family broke?

Austin & Catherine McBroom Announce End of ‘The ACE Family’ On YouTube. The ACE Family YouTube channel is slowing WAY down… Austin and Catherine McBroom shared a new video on their account over the weekend, sharing that they are stepping away from the channel after 2022.

Is The ACE Family still together 2022?

The foreclosure came after the YouTuber failed to produce mortgage payments and taxes. They were also being sued for $65,000 by their former landlords as they failed to pay the rent on time, and they broke the contract.

Why ACE family is leaving their house?

The McBrooms announced plans to host a festival for fans — and that they would quit YouTube at the end of 2022. On March 19, the McBrooms posted a YouTube video titled “THE END OF THE ACE FAMILY ON YOUTUBE,” in which they revealed plans to quit YouTube at the end of 2022 to travel and spend time with family.

Is Catherine Paiz adopted?

Instagram: Austin McBroom The ACE Family have officially left their $10 million mansion after the home was foreclosed – and now a TikToker seeming to show the home is saying it was left in a state of “disarray.”

What did Shyla say about Ace family?

Catherine was born in Montreal, Canada, but her birth mother had to give her up for adoption. Her foster dad impulsively told her birth mother that they would name Catherine after her, so her real name is actually Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz. She also had to work for just about everything she wanted.

Who did Austin cheat on Catherine with?

How much is ACE Family worth?

“It’s scary how far people will take it to keep me silent”: Shyla walker accuses ACE Family of putting her daughter’s pictures on social media without her consent. Soon after, Shyla accused her ex-partner, Landon McBroom, of taking their daughter to Disneyland without informing her.

How much money does The ACE Family owe?

Despite showing off so much money on camera, the Ace family’s net worth is approximately $22 million in 2020. This is half PewDiePie’s net worth divided among more people. Still, they’re young and already earning $6.4 million per year. The ACE family is set for life based on their YouTube channel.

Did ACE Family lose their house?

Their current debt is $9.3M. The ACE Family has a long history of alleged financial woes. In June 2018, Austin and Catherine held a charity basketball event where they announced they would be donating $100K to a charity of their choice.

Who bought ACE Family mansion?

Brothers Alan and Alex Stokes — better known as the Stokes Twins — bought the property for about $9.3 million, a big discount off the $13 million asking price but still leagues more than any home in the surrounding area has ever fetched.

Are Austin and Catherine legally married?

After months of denying the reports, YouTube’s endlessly controversial ACE Family — comprised of married super-influencers Austin McBroom and Catherine McBroom (née Dolores Paiz), plus their three young children — finally admitted to losing their California mega-mansion to the hungry jaws of foreclosure.

Where does The ACE Family live after foreclosure?

While some assumed that the video title would be clickbait, Catherine and Austin did finally clear up the speculation and confirm that they got married. “We never said we weren’t married, we just didn’t say that we were married,” Catherine said about keeping things under wraps.

Did The ACE Family move to a new house?

Located in Tarzana, an upscale neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley immediately adjacent to Woodland Hills, the nearly one-acre estate includes a large motorcourt, a two-story main house, detached guesthouse, pool and volleyball court.

What race is Austin and Catherine?

On December 10 Austin and Catherine McBroom revealed their new luxury home in a YouTube video. It features two waterfalls, a boxing ring, a home movie theatre, and a piano that plays itself. The YouTubers’ previous $10 million mansion was foreclosed on earlier this year.

Are Catherine McBroom and Kylie Jenner friends?

Austin McBroom’s wife, Catherine Paiz, is of Panamanian ethnicity. However, the fitness model herself was born in Montreal, Canada, on August 24,1990. Born Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz, Paiz grew up with parents who lived separately.

What did Catherine McBroom say about Shyla Walker?

If you’ve been following Kylie Jenner for a while now, you know that she only considers a few individuals her closest friends. In addition to her BFF Stassie Karanikolaou and her other close gal pals, the Kylie Cosmetics CEO also considers YouTubers Catherine and Austin McBroom her good friends.

Does Catherine McBroom own 1212 Gateway?

Catherine McBroom has responded to accusations Shyla Walker made against The ACE Family, claiming that she is ‘spreading lies’ about them. In August, influencer Shyla Walker called out The ACE Family on social media, criticizing Austin McBroom for allegedly posting an image of her daughter, his niece, online.

How is Shyla related to Austin McBroom?

Austin and Catherine McBroom are among the biggest vloggers on YouTube with over 18.8m fans subscribed to their channel. Catherine launched her own skincare brand in 2020 called: 1212 Gateway.

Did Catherine cheat on Austin McBroom?

How much is Austin McBroom house worth?

Shyla Walker has made some serious accusations against her child’s uncle, Austin McBroom of the ACE Family. The influencer took to social media this week in anger after Austin shared a photo of her daughter on his Instagram stories against her wishes.

How rich is Logan Paul?

YouTube: The ACE Family The sprawling ACE Family mansion is valued anywhere from $10 – $16.5 million. Eventually, the couple vacated the premises and the home was foreclosed.

How much does The ACE Family make a month?

Logan Paul Net Worth (Forbes) Logan Paul’s Net Worth is $245 Million USD. Logan Paul earned over $50 Million Dollars through his Boxing matches.

Are The ACE Family millionaires?

According to SocialBlade, their YouTube channel rakes in anywhere from $21,700 to $346,600 a month — and an insane $260,000 to $4.2 million per year. Additionally, the family most likely has sponsors for their videos, which brings in additional cash flow separate from their ad revenue through views.

Why is the Ace family leaving YouTube?

While the ACE family was not born into riches, their combined net worth currently stands at a whopping $13 million. Various reports estimate Austin McBroom’s net worth at around $5 million thanks, in part, to his days as a college basketball player, which made him a social media star at a young age.

What family member did ACE Family lose?

ACE Family recently posted a YouTube video with the title, “THE END OF THE ACE FAMILY ON YOUTUBE…” where they announced their exit plans from the video streaming platform. Austin and Catherine explained that the decision was taken so they could travel and spend more time with their families.

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